[30], Yasha moved to the Dwendalian Empire from southern Xhorhas midway through 834 P.D.,[31] where she joined The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities as security. [49] Jester also once gave Yasha a piggyback ride, much to Yasha's quiet delight.

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He touched her shoulder and said, "Very good. FANON When Caleb asked her questions in Celestial, Yasha stated that she was "not exactly" an angel.


She was scared. C16 Just prior to the party's battle against Vokodo, Yasha had a dream in which she saw a blue glow from an abyss before her filled with broken chains. Obann reached out to touch Yasha and she flinched away from him. Some fans became disillusioned with the ship after Ashley's absenteeism became more and more prominent. The scene helped influence some fans to return to the ship as more artwork was posted online. C15 C10 The storm clouds grew darker and began to encircle the space. In later episodes, Yasha would compliment Beau and, in a fluster, would compliment everyone else in the room.

Yasha quietly replied "never" before falling under his influence.

", "Show me why you're the fucking champion! 7

In the battle after the Laughing Hand was brought back to life by Obann, Yasha fell under Obann's control as he died.

Level 10

She says that Beau should keep her money as she places her on the ground, and Beau calls that fair.

", "I don't know where she was buried, but I have so many flowers to bring to her." Type (?) Tropes


[art 14]. [art 2]

She moved her hand away in fear.

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When obliged, she will let him lay across her neck and shoulders. Yasha also aided him in starting a rooftop garden for the Xhorhaus. [32] There she was referred to as "The Brute" due to her large size and strength, similar to the carnival's other security member: Bo "The Breaker".

It is also the second most written ship for Campaign 2 and the third most written in the Critical Role tag overall. He told her that he'd like to talk to her in the future. She is often blunt or abrupt when talking to strangers, and has shown to be uncomfortable and fidgety when too much attention is brought on her. Current: Mighty Nein (party member) The Stormlord (worshipper)Former: The Angel of Irons Cult (former member via domination)The Revelry (former member)Mollymauk Tealeaf (deceased friend)Traveling Carnival of Curiosities (former foster family)Dolorav tribe (former member)

When Yasha asked Beauregard to hand Yasha all of her weapons she asked if she could keep her walking stick.

Caleb looks to Yasha for advice about being part of a group because he knows she also struggles with such things but seems to have had some success.

Beau thinks that Yasha is allowed to go through personal issues. Now, this has been one fine reunion. Yasha killed the first monster in the campaign (the old man who became a husk), though she did not get a. They did not speak to each other and Fjord's powers eventually came back. In the middle of the meeting, the Bright Queen asked her if she is worthy of redemption, despite being mind controlled.

Over time they formed a quiet friendship, with him being one of the first members of the Nein she told openly about her past life as a member of the Dolotav Tribe. The other members of the Mighty Nein did not seem bothered by her transformation but wondered after the fight if there was a deeper meaning to it. Yasha is shown to be very socially awkward and will rarely speak unless spoken to. Beau asks if Yasha sleeps, which Molly says she does.

A book received from Molly with a four-leafed clover and Nott's flowers pressed between the pages, A harp made from a humanoid spine; it was constructed by.

Everyone knows the massive crush that Beau has on Yasha.• Interspecies Romance - Human and an Aasimar.• Love at First Sight - Or at least attraction on Beau's end.• One Head Taller - A Barbarian Aasimar is bound to be taller than a monk human.• Unresolved Sexual Tension• Will They or Won't TheyMOMENTS• Fighting Your Friend - When Yasha become mind controlled.• Longing Look - Beau blushes when she looks at Yasha in the intro.• Please Don't Leave Me - While high, Beau loudly asks where Yasha goes when she disappears.

Int Yasha declined but instead carried Beau to her seat.

When the Mighty Nein encountered Yasha again after she was taken by Obann, Caleb was the most insistent that they save her. [40] They were very close; when Molly kissed her forehead after he saw her in the bathhouse in Zadash, Yasha seemed used to it and did not react. Character The two characters have been ostracized by their families after finding out about their partners — Beau and her partner in crime Tori, Yasha and her late wife Zuala.

[27] "Upon joining the tribe, members go through a dangerous ritual.

Like “I killed my family”– “I’ll throw you under a bridge.” I’m learning how to people. Yasha suggests that she take the staff and then just carry Beau to her seat.

She reunited with the rest of the party at their trial before the town's Lawmaster.

While Scrying, Jester saw Yasha and Obann sitting by a fire. "The Threads Converge" (2x85)

As these periods of absence grew longer and more frequent, critiques started to arise. "The Cathedral" (2x86)

Being a monk and a barbarian, Beau and Yasha were always paired up to fight in the front lines.

When Beau confided in Yasha about her own ex-girlfriend and asked Yasha about any other past lovers, Yasha said Zuala was the only person she'd ever been with. She is played by Ashley Johnson.

This is referencing Beau's gauntlets dealing lightning damage, Beau's catchphrase "pop-pop", and Yasha being a follower of Kord the Stormlord.

[art 5], Yasha grew up in southern Xhorhas. Fans draw on these themes and create headcanons of them bonding and overcoming these struggles together.

When the Mighty Nein told her about everything they had learned, Yasha stated that perhaps Obann took her because she is easier than other people to bring back from the dead, referencing her Path of the Zealot feature Warrior of the Gods.

Yasha, Obann, and The Laughing Hand then held hands and vanished. 12 Ashley Johnson and Marisha Ray were more open to discussing the pairing on Talks Machina and liking artwork of the two on their personal Twitter accounts. He established that they had been present during the attack on the Zauberspire, and Yasha admitted she was from Xhorhas and had only been in the Dwendalian Empire about eight months.

Fan art of Yasha's wings, by Linda Lithén.

The path ahead might be long, but he would not let Yasha stray from it. CANON

Yasha took a running leap and flew up into the sky.

When she joined the Mighty Nein, her matted hair was black fading to white as it reached the tips, and was styled with various dreads and braids. https://shipping.fandom.com/wiki/Beauyasha?oldid=251196.


The tattoo is a two-toned green color, the deep verdant hue of emerald dust and the lighter shade of residuum, that features various vines and flowers woven around large runes spelling out "Orphanmaker".

Specials Yasha strode through cutting down more.

Wis This helped coin the "Disaster Lesbian" nickname for Beau, referencing her initial failures to woo women early in the campaign.

She treats her fellows fairly and with compassion, speaking to them with patience and a general willingness to make them feel at ease despite her size and strength. Critical Role Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Yasha has heterochromia, with one eye being light greenish-blue and the other violet. "Curious Beginnings" (2x01) Jester saw Obann looking through books, reading that Jourrael's remains were bisected, with the heart buried in the Lotusden Greenwood and the skull given to the elves within the Veluthil.

Yasha tried to make a run for it after the incident at the Traveling Tent of Curiosities. C2 At one point he appeared to be using an illusion to cover a spell cast, and Yasha failed a wisdom save for it. Besides having shown great dexterity in shaving Caleb's beard, she also regularly shaves her arms,[25] removed a large patch of hair from the side of Gluzzo for tattoo access, and has groomed women's bikini lines. When Fjord lost his powers in Rosohna and attempted to walk away from the party, he said that he wanted to go talk to Wursh.

Character Information Obann's charm effect indirectly restored Yasha's memories: her life from when she fled her former tribe to present-day.

C14 She has shown a fear of small and enclosed spaces and gave this as the reason why she ran off in Episode One, not wanting to end up in a cell.

Yasha gladly obliged, with Ashley Johnson adding that she was excited to see fanart of the moment. Be strong.

", "I really think that cleanliness and hygiene is very important." Nott was initially scared of Yasha, and upon learning she was from Xhorhas thought she might be a spy.

Caduceus eventually cast Dispel Magic at her, which shattered the seal on her neck and freed her from Obann's control.

wecantseeyou . "Duplicity" (2x55) [17], After a series of visions from the Stormlord, Yasha's formerly skeletal black wings became full and feathered, and capable of brief flight.

Late, the group arrives at the carnival and see Molly and Yasha.

This meant that scenes of the pairing were few and far between, but were substantial enough to keep shippers engaged. The group tabled the issue until after TravelerCon. He took her to the Angel of Irons, and recruited Yasha to join him in serving her with offers to help avenge Zuala.

Beau and Yasha did form a friendship, outside of Beau's flirtations.

2019 Official full body portrait of Yasha], by Ari.

In it, she calls Yasha cute by accident.


"Fleeting Memories" (2x14)

Yasha is the first party member to be separated from the party due to magical control rather than by choice.

The most notable was their night watch talk in "Chasing Trees". i compiled some of it for you! As she did, Zuala's voice said, "I'm proud of you. Finally, she saw a single figure in the dark center of a swirling storm cloud, the same figure as the ruined statue.

Official 2019 portrait of Yasha (current), by, Official 2018 portrait of Yasha (debut), by, Fan art of Yasha's necrotic shroud transformation, by, Fan art of Yasha battling the lightning creature, by, Fan art of Yasha and Beau in formalwear, by. 16[14]


She is rarely seen without her dark-blue shawl, which she never takes off.

I feel like I'm either very unlucky or cursed.