[33], The Thirteen Society was founded February 13, 1889. When spotted in public, the members of the SDL can be easily identified by their clothes. Historically, the publication has always been published anonymously though throughout the 1980s and 1990s the nature of the paper and its members were not secretive. In April 2012 the SDL gifted the Jefferson Society with a cake containing a whole, uncooked fish. We have a group and chat, if you’d like to meet us for online gaming, chatting, support, and art, we are here for you. is similar in that it contributes to the community of the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Members do not ever reveal their affiliation with the Order.

[1] Student society activity for the first period of the University appears to have been confined to similar literary societies, including the Patrick Henry Society, Philomathean Society, Parthenon Society, Columbian, and Washington Society, which were not secret societies; only the last is still active.[2].

The lawn room belonged to a member of the Jefferson Society, and the act was sternly looked down upon by members of The University, prompting an apology from the SDL. The P.U.M.P.K.I.N. The Shadows leave notecards for first year students during Convocation to formally welcome them to the Honor System; present the James Hay Jr. award for contributions to the honor system; and send letters in defense of the honor system when the existing single sanction system is challenged. Short explanations accompany the list of Tyrants, and the Jefferson Society is always listed as a Tyrant, along with its president, who is listed as the "Head Court Jester." Members are drawn from all undergraduate schools at the University, and are tapped for demonstrating Honor, Courage, and Vision. # This subreddit it dedicated to anything and everything having to do with Mr. Jefferson's favorite town: bands, shows, restaurants, politics, UVA, crime, sightings on the downtown mall, wars with Richmond, etc. The Society has publicly supported Dean Jenkins' initiatives, and has called on her new administration to solicit community feedback, form a committee of students and faculty on extending McIntire's two-year program, expand Commerce courses available to underclassmen, and formalize a distinguished majors program within McIntire. Society." The earliest societies, Eli and Tilka, functioned as social clubs; the Zs, IMPs, and Sevens have built a record of philanthropy and contribution to the University; and some of the later societies have focused on recognition or disapprobation of positive and negative contributions to the University.