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", In Chapter 7a, Cassidy will not know what to do.

CROWN.ITM Crown of Fallen Kings First uncovered in ancient ruins to the South of Amn, this crown has seen the rise and fall of countless empires. Please see the. A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It features an unusually active heroine, and a twist on traditional gender roles. ✧ You are Caspian

✧ Hug him Gaston gets very upset when Madeleine brings up the topic of wigs with him. You don't actually have to demure callum for her happy ending I did it as listed above and got the desired result as well.

Now, …

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dolores, mainly due to her street smarts. In Oscar's route, even though she's steadily falling in love with him, Madeleine insists on pairing him up with Cassidy, as that will guarantee him a good future. ✧ Defer to Cassidy Madeleine and Dolores in Dolores' happy ending. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VisualNovel/TheConfinesOfTheCrown.

Favorited. Her job is to coach her employer, Prince Oscar, on how to be the sort of man that a princess would marry, while generally keeping him out of trouble. Award.

Tell her "I am tempted.".

my bad? Zig-zagging your responses to Dolores can confuse or kill off any chance of friendship with her, as I will highlight in the next section. All rights reserved. A piece of the puzzle is still missing…, ✦ Load Save 11 minimum price of $20 USD. ✧ I think she’s attracted to you The Royal Trap: The Confines Of The Crown. ✦ Save 3 ", After Duke Pherod intervenes, choose "Say Something.". This means that the next king will be whoever the princess chooses as her husband... so any man with an eye for power has to catch the interest of the lady who controls it. Get this game and 11 more for $80.00 USD. 25 ratings. Tell Dolores "It's sad" that she doesn't have friends. ✧ Kiss him back ✧ Snark at Dolores This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. When Dolores asks which room to inspect, choose Nazagi's.

✧ Talk to your parents, Alliance: Callum (Normal End) When you arrive at the river, you will be given a choice between Callum or Oscar.

Property is passed to daughters, and from them to the control of their husbands. As long as you were not a jerk to Oscar during Callum's route, in Callum's good ending, In Nagazi's route, after he theorizes that. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with The Confines Of The Crown. Alliance: Oscar (Normal End) Articles 3. ✧ It’s the truth Alliance: Dolores (Happy End) Happy Ending: A Position for Myself -> Propose Marriage. Alliance: Gaston (Normal End) During the following conversation with Oscar, select "You're like a brother to me." Iceblood Visual Novel ✧ You never had me ". His best ending is when she realizes that he'll be the happiest with her, and proposes to him. History indicates that the crown …

If you then try to get Dolores to trust you at the end of her route, she will lead Madeleine into a lethal trap instead of helping her run away. In Gaston's route, she serves as this for him instead. kiss Callum after telling Dolores that they aren't involved. ✧ Go with Callum now ✧ Untie her Alliance: Nazagi (Normal End) Her job is to guide and advise him, to make him look good so that he can land a royal bride. Your email address will not be published. I have managed to isolate a pattern that will allow you the greatest control over what endings you receive in Callum's route by effectively putting the decision down to 3 moments: your response to Dolores regarding your relationship to Callum in 6a, who Cassidy should talk to in 7a, and the optional dialogue with Dolores if you chose Duke Pherod in the preceding decision.