Y'know, this is my special place where I do all my terrible and unspeakable shit. Spoilers. While the first installment of this multi-game project leaves off precisely where most long-time fans had expected, a massive ending twist is sure to leave players gobsmacked.

"A statement that at face value means one thing, but in its declaration, manifests only more questions. Were you confused by Final Fantasy 7 Remake's ending? Well, to get to Sephiroth in Remake you have to first beat the Whisper Harbinger, who's kind of like the king of all Whispers. So you can either devote the rest of your life to … "We decided it had to be more than just, 'Kicks her into the oven.'". "We decided it had to be more than just, Gretel kicks her into the oven and runs away," Perkins says. Series like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, and M.A.S.H. Doubt that the sun doth move. Cloud's also far more powerful at this point in his journey. Gretel stays behind in the woods, alone, to master her new abilities. Inspired by Archer's own revelation, Saber chooses to forsake her wish for the Grail of her own will. Much later, it's revealed that Cloud never actually made the cut to be a member of SOLDIER, but was was just an ordinary soldier. Outside of this, it's not 100% clear what Zack's survival means. In the final moments of Final Fantasy VII Remake, we see a flashback Cloud and Zack leaning on each other as they make their way to Midgar, suggesting an alternate reality in which Zack did not die of his wounds as he did in the 1997 game. Arguably, the biggest change in Gretel & Hansel is its title, which reflects the ending centered all on Gretel. By defeating these "arbiters of fate," as Red XIII calls them, the events of the original game are no longer guaranteed to transpire the same way as in the original FF7. This prompts Cloud and the gang to go out into the world to stop Sephiroth from killing everyone/everything. Cynically, how the story plays out from here will likely depend on how fans react to the first installment of FF7 Remake. For now, it certainly seems that way. Zack died after the infamous Nibelheim incident, where Sephiroth lost his wits and burnt the city to ash after learning about his genetic ties to Jenova. The events of the original Final Fantasy 7, in which Sephiroth was ultimately defeated, occurred in an earlier timeline. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. No mini stories for each Servant like the last game? Aerith, in the same spot overlooking Midgar but in 7 Remake's timeline, seems to sense Zack.

In the original game, he wasn't able to go toe-to-toe with Sephiroth until the endgame events at the Northern Crater. The courage to walk - where is the pharmacist? We see a shot of a chip packet with Shinra's Stamp mascot on it but, unlike the helmet-wearing Beagle Stamp we saw throughout 7 Remake, it's a Border Terrier wearing a green hat. He never wanted them to romanticize the life the way he did. As complications stemming from COVID-19 spread caused physical copies of the game to be sold in Australia and parts of Europe early, some fans managed to beat the game before Remake's April 10 launch.