Have a Paramilitary 2 and Manix 2 in CPM S110V, and another Manix 2 with the Maxamet blade. }if ( quads_screen_width < 768 ) {document.write(''); This warranty covers the owner of a genuine Spyderco product for the life of the product. I wonder if cops here will believe my warrior hawk is mounted in the car within reach for safety/emergency use? It’s a paramilitary 2 with a bunch of cardboard stuck in the sharpening notch the owner added. Loving these PM2 v.17.2 scales! Not easy. shines is Spyderco Endura 4 Plain Black R2,137.50. Comfortable handle scales meet a graceful leaf-shaped blade in an organic union. Hi there, I know from experience how well VHB tape bonds, and while heat will certainly help to get it loose, I can imagine damaging the plate or the plastic paddle during the removal process. Spyderco Matriarch 2 Emerson Opening BLACK R3,150.00.

Luckily, Spyderco released a left hand PM2. Below are some of our favorite Blade HQ exclusive and sprint run Paramilitary 2s from the last ten years. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v.6.6.1) February 2, 2018. Search Advanced search. Spyderco, Inc. conducts its business in an honest, fair, and proper manner. Some of the most popular regular production models include digi-camo, black G-10 and blue G-10. Mar 3, 2013. Wow I had no idea the orange hammer tool I keep in my car is basically useless for it's intended purpose! for PM2 exact colors on pic. All the little details are well thought out. The Paramilitary 2 (middle) is a perfect size for general EDC tasks, but you’re also in luck if you’re looking for something a little bigger or smaller. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v.4.8) January … The Para 3 (bottom) is the perfect knife for smaller handed folks or people that can’t legally carry a knife with a blade over 3”. In light of the popularity of Spyderco knives, and that their Paramilitary 2 is one of their best sellers, perhaps Wicked Edge should consider changing to thicker metal plates so us customers don’t have to modify the paddles. 22 posts 1; 2; Next; Eagleknives Member Posts: 1 Joined: Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:59 am. Mine are 14″. Laminated side-window glass is definitely becoming more prevalent. Since the interference only happens at the start or end of the stroke, you only need to remove a short segment at the top and bottom.

will this work with the left handed version? Paramilitary 2 mod with glass breaker. Since its release, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has been one of our best selling Spyderco knives.

How does this classic stand up to lofty expectations?

This changes the whole look of the knife in a good way.

So I’ve managed to acquire some nice Spyderco folders. Sign up for the wishlist to get your hands on one before they’re gone for good! Fits Spyderco Paramilitary 2 • BLACK Titanium Pocket Clip • 1x clip$31.45 Spyderco Manix 2 Big BOY Pocket Clip Screws$11.80 Fits Spyderco Lai Amalgam Models • Titanium Gladiator Pocket Clip • Silver$31.45 Spyderco Para 3 Models • Rianbow Splash Titanium Pocket Clip$39.32 Recent › Forums › Main Forum › Sharpener and Accessory Maintenance › Paddle Mods for Syderco Paramilitary 2. Maxamet,

So I’ve managed to acquire some nice Spyderco folders. Check out the Spyderco custom knife modifications we do in-house. Check out our Best Knife Steel Guide to learn more.

but now it's time to make it mine, what custom mods coukd i do to it? See more ideas about Spyderco, Spyderco knives, Folding knives. Rock the simple PM2 as it ships or deck yours out on the mod scene. Re: Paramilitary 2 mod with glass breaker Post by bbturbodad » Mon Feb 24, 2020 5:56 am Sal, can you confirm that the glass breaker on the Assist is effective for use with laminated windows? S45VN steel. Escrow: Nope Description: Grade (C) for mods.

Use of our products outside the scope of their intended purpose is considered abuse and is not covered by warranty. This ultra-limited variant of the Paramilitary 2 is one of our all-time favorites. When a new knife is brought to market, it will invariably be compared to the performance of a Paramilitary 2—if it’s lucky! The pocket clips have black paint that must be removed then the acid stonewash and/or heat coloring can be applied. I love the distinctive quality of the PM2 that stands out even when compared to other products in the Spyderco line. Spyderco is known for radical designs and unique color ways and this is no exception. One of the most popular and in demand folding knives ever created, the Para Military 2 distills the performance and reliability of the Military Model into a more compact, pocket-friendly format. From natural G-10 to the highly anticipated PM2 tanto, Blade HQ has offered a variety of exclusive para 2 models and limited sprint runs over the years and will most likely offer several more in the future. }, Black Micarta Canvas with Orange G10 backspacer (mod), var quads_screen_width = document.body.clientWidth; Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge. Through over a month of consistent I’m a big fan of the Paramilitary 2 in hand. For anyone who was able to snag one of these, it is one of those knives that will age well and spark conversation.

But if you’re interested, the ABS was machined to final dimensions with my DeWalt planer.

From the pocket clip to the Spydie Hole and their usage of the finest, cutting edge steels in the world, Spyderco has never been afraid to break the mold. experience. The cost increase would be very small. The addition of a black coated CPM M4 blade increase the already amazing performance of this knife and give it a sinister look compared to plain satin colored blades. Slicey at the tip with a utilitarian thickness at the edge, this knife can do it all. Like all tools, Spyderco knives require proper maintenance to function properly and are subject to normal wear and tear. The PM2 features Spyderco’s standard 3-hole pocket clip.

All fields are required. Use gloves, because the sideways force applied, when combined with the heat will contribute to nasty blisters on your thumb for sure. The Compression Lock is extremely reliable and secure. I’m a righty, but if you happen to rock the southpaw you may have some difficulty closing the knife one-handed with the Compression Lock. The front of the blade is incredibly slicey and thin at the edge. I've even seen some companies use broker carbide router bits and try to pass them off as glass breakers. This is only the most popular highest selling knife of all time with nearly 50 different versions and the wicked edge cant sharpen it as is? 2x In Stock • Spyderco Paramilitary 2 CUSTOM Titanium CNC Scale / SP2#RE - One Set $136.94 Shop Now Featured Item Fits Spyderco Para 3 • CUSTOM High Grade Titanium Backspacer • Blue $46.17 Shop Now Featured Item Fits Spyderco Para 3 • CUSTOM High Grade Titanium Backspacer • … He had to take the muzzle of his rifle and make a bunch of holes in order to kick it out. Its unique natural G10 scales have an awesome translucent green color making this knife a standout in any collection. Your email address and location will not be published. That said, my one quibble is that the edge grind on my PM2 was not completely even.

Roodepoort Yes I am in the same state as one of the reasons I got the WE is for my Spydercos including the PM2. Home Accessories/Mods. He uses the spike side to punch through an upper corner of the window, spidering the glass and hooking the spike through the laminate layer so he can pull the window out. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); And what the hell is a sharpening notch and why is their cardboard stuck in it in the picture above lol? I'm trying to put together a build for some LEO family members. Few things are as satisfying as shiny copper and super steel. The PM2 is built from the edge up to be the ultimate EDC performer. It features grippy G-10 scales and Spyderco’s convenient Compression lock. Can I get a price on this. Mr. Meyer has said he uses a hotplate to heat the metal abrasive plate to soften the VHB adhesive tape in order to remove the metal plate from the plastic paddle. Knife Life is all about representing your personality and passion through the knife you carry in your pocket every day. Spyderco stands for innovation. The PM2 scores major points in this category, because it is without a doubt the most iconic product within their product line. Teased at a recent SHOT Show, the Paramilitary 2 Tanto is the stuff of dreams.

I am glad I saw this topic before I started the PM2 on the WE. }if ( quads_screen_width >= 768 && quads_screen_width < 1024 ) {document.write(''); }if ( quads_screen_width >= 1024 && quads_screen_width < 1140 ) {document.write(''); If you want something that will really get your edge screaming, check out the Edge Pro Apex. Would love a set of these (with maybe a blue liner) Price and availability, please. Also is there a reason for the spacer? }. Introduced in 2010, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has quickly become one of the most popular knives ever. Or maybe you call it a leaf shaped blade? Wow.

Shop 18, Florida Junction Centre We will all need shaped charges to escape a wreck. Sale! THORN M2 (For Spyderco PARAMILITARY 2 and MILITARY ) $ 15.00 $ 10.00 $ 15.00 $ 10.00 Add to cart. By using this site, you accept our, G-10 Handle Scales with Stainless Steel Liners. I tend to prefer a deep carry clip for EDC, and luckily there are a variety of aftermarket options available on that front. The bore was drilled with a long 3/8″ bit and the bushings were thumb-pressed into position. Thanks for understanding! This knife can be easily deployed with a traditional thumb opening, 2 handed, or with the famous Spydie Flick. So cars are now shipping with laminated side glass? These special knives have helped to solidify the PM2 as a must-have knife, and have fueled a community obsession for unique and rare Spyderco knives.