KEEP READING: My Hero Academia: How Tenya's Fallen Brother Shaped His Hero Identity. Is she evil? After Shinra defeats Hibana, Iris cradles her sister in her arms. Maybe disagree? Hinawa comes upon an abandoned subway station, where he gets into a shootout with Arrow. Vulcan gets settled in at the 8th, while Captain Obi meets with Hibana, Konro, and Karim to exchange data on the White-Clad matter. Platonically, romantically, however you see it, they have an established bond from day one, just like the others individually with Shinra. Shinra joins Iris on a mission to the Baptism Church, where they baptize all their weapons for use on Infernals. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Shinra was recovered 12. I’d say with all the interactions between Tamaki and Shinra it’s probably gonna be Tamaki. Iris and the others eavesdrop on the discussion between Giovanni and Vulcan before the Captain leaves. Later, at the force's headquarters, Shinra formally meets all the members and introduces himeself. Huo Yan reveals that even some of the more devout followers are becoming disenchanted with the Holy Sol Temple, prompting Shinra to ask his thoughts on the Evangelist's involvement. He encased her in a container and delivered her to Raffles Smith’s group leading to them using her as a power source for Amaterasu. My purpose for this post was not only to just get my thoughts out there, but to here others' as well. But so far as it seems Tamaki and Hibana are the ones who seem most likely and they’re the ones I’d like the most to end up Shinra if anyone did. Shielding her little sister's eyes, Hibana decides they should run away together. Unbeknownst to Iris, her sister has planted a wire on her. Taking them outside, Vulcan uses the spherical device to project images of all the animal life driven to extinction by the Great Disaster, a sight so moving it brings Iris to tears. We're gonna talk about that murderous pyromaniac demon that dwells in Shinra's brain that suspiciously looks like Iris, that totally doesn't remind me of Oni and Soul! .Being a sister, Iris has a strong belief in religious faith. Since Iris is not aware of the fact that she is a doppelganger, it means that she is not consciously evil. However, he realizes that the woman is not Iris but the First Pillar, Hitohashi-rame. Rate. While they're left with no other option when someone becomes an Infernal, Shinra knows that until recently, they were human too, and it's a part of his job he can't grow accustomed to. My art brain and ship brain want to mention that they have the same eye shape, so you got that symbolism there. Initially, Iris did not possess any pyrokinetic powers. Akitaru asks Shinra to bring Arthur and Iris long to try to recruit him.

While Iris remains inside, Arthur goes out to confront the army and learns in is simply two Knights creating a massive illusion. Huo Yan emphasizes that the sun and its fire are what the Holy Sol Temple reveres, not the Evangelist, but he also recognizes the danger of that same worship some aim at the Evangelist. Before arguments can break out, the Workshop is visited by Doctor Giovanni. However, he realizes that the woman is not Iris but the First Pillar, Hitohashi-rame. When asked how Company 5 and 8 are meant to cover up or explain this whole conflict, Iris recommends is hosting a dinner party between the two groups. Iris is also able to quickly treat a bullet wound[6], proving she has a degree of skill in first aid and medical knowledge.