The term vaper’s tongue emerged because vapers who temporarily lose the possibility to taste the flavor, feel like their tongue is insensitive to it. Pingback: Shiny and new. I identified with this one the most, Thank you so much for your story Kim (I was looking for a case study to go along with this blog, and I think you have provided it! The Priming Process & Its Benefits, Why Do My Coils Keep Burning Out? When I started it was WONDERFUL and I NEVER want to go back to stinkies again. First, don’t panic, as it is usually NOT serious and NOT permanent.

The strong flavors in these help your nose regain the lost smell and also reactivate your tongue by overwhelming it with a stronger taste.

But when researchers told people the name of the drink, people preferred coke by a margin of 4:1. Unfortunately, taste buds can get damaged and could lead to vaper’s tongue. ). I tried putting the cooling drops in and it did help very slightly. It’s the only thing I found that made a huge difference so far.

The battery says e-Go-C twist on it. Is this vapers tongue? So, I think that (for me)doing less, accomplished more. 9 Ways to Cure Vapers Tongue I have tried most suggestions to cure vapers tongue, from vaping menthol flavored eliquid to sniffing coffee beans. As the day progressed, I was finding that the juices weren’t satisfying me – either due to the absence of nicotine or the fact that my taste buds were being overloaded. Dark Vaper on Twitter believes that Vaper’s Tongue is caused by dirty atomiser contacts. If you can’t feel the flavor, you don’t need any. Try to go without your vape a day or two more if you are a heavy vaper. In fact, many vapers have reported coming down in the morning a couple of weeks after their last cigarette and being hit by the fresh smell of coffee brewing.

Even if doing these doesn’t relieve you of your condition, they sure are safe, hygienic practices with other benefits! While this is something that happens regularly, this is also the most basic cause of a vaper’s tongue. In fact, researchers in one study asked tea tasters to block their noses.

Sigh. © 2020 Vaping Advisor. Chewing spearmint 5 gym for an hour while it was charging brought my e juice flavor back about %90. Feedback from this tip has been predominantly positive.

Stay hydrated at all times, especially when you experience vaper’s tongue syndrome.

Many vapers swear by this quick and fun fix. Vaporama, I have to tell you that the unflavored juice tip is one that I have been passing on. One moment they realize that they can hardly feel the flavor. Wow!

I’m mentioning this cause for the sake of completeness.

Even though the process of flavor diminishment is gradual, a vaper usually feels it only when it gets too obvious. Give your body a week or two to get things back to normal without any extra help. I think it’s simply #1.

I’m on a two-week spree of unflavored base (my choice, not a vaper’s tonque thing) and when I add 10% of eliquid to spice things up, I sense the aroma and the flavors almost better than when I was vaping my normal e-liquid. Using over-the-counter nasal-wash solutions to clean your nose once every week would not only help you breathe more easily but could also help fix your loss of smell. Similarly, use medicinal solutions or cold-pressed oils to gargle and ease your throat. I have been vaping for almost 4 years now & was still smoking.

Your email address will not be published. Just give them some time. This condition, when one cannot feel the taste and the flavor of the vapor as well as usually, usually lasts from one to three days.

Knows almost everything about vaping.

Vape enthusiast with 3 years of experience. Some vapers think mouth wash helps to resolve vaper’s tongue, others think that it causes it! For this reason, there is no need to spend money on new flavors you will most likely be disappointed with.

However, we understand that it is not a pleasant state.

I know how annoying and depressing it could feel, but with the tips and fixes that I’m going to share in this article, you’ll be able to remedy your vape tongue easily.

7 Culprits for Your Loss of Taste 1. For a week now I have almost lost my taste on everything, food, drinks abe my ecig. Reason #2: You’re attempting to inhale vapor too quickly. Drinking water addresses two potential problems of vaping: it clears the palette, and also helps to rehydrate you.

(I am a bit worried here that I am going to panic thousands of vapers into thinking they have Alzheimers!

E-juice shoots into your mouth and you cringe. 2010;148(2):107–118.

Your tongue will be covered with anything from 2000 to 8000 taste buds (or, if you want to get fancy, gustatory calyculi).

6 Common Causes & Fixes, What is Sub Ohm Vaping? Douglas R,  Heckman G, Drug-related taste disturbance, A contributing factor in geriatric syndromes, Can Fam Physician. So unless the issue persists there should be no reason to worry – although if it does persist, it might just be worth pursuing the issue with a doctor.).

When your taste buds give up all of a sudden and you can’t taste the flavor of your favorite e-juice anymore, it could be a frightening and alarming experience. I thought I was the only one with this problem until I stumbled on this tonight now I have another problem – which solution should I try!! Try it and see, you can't hurt yourself.

FREE Mystery CBD Oil & Capsules. He then told his TV audience to turn up the volume and expect the sound to trigger the taste, and tweet the hashtag #derrensmells. There’s mixed thoughts on this. As we’ve seen, it can take up to two weeks for taste buds to regrow, so it could be a little time before you fully regain your sense of taste. Try using a strong alcohol-based mouthwash to help you regain your sense of taste. The Mt Bakers website (page since removed) recommends using steeped eliquid, on the basis that you’ll get more taste. I did a decongestant nose spray, rinsed my sinuses with a sinus rinse kit you can buy from most sores in the pharmacy section, and brushed my tongue really good when I brushed my teeth. A number of medicines can also lead to a loss of taste.

Hope you all find your solution or vapers tongue. It is a widely popular misconception that the tongue is the core of the problem. While vaping, if you lose the sensation of taste all of a sudden either partially or completely, that condition is referred to as vape tongue or vaper’s tongue. Would highly recommend breaks in use as it’s made it much nicer when I do pick it up.

If so, what solutions have worked for you?

This happen to anyone else? Or, even worse, found you can’t taste anything or that your tongue is a bit numb? Original image via Fine Art America. I faced it myself couple of times. After almost 10 days, I think I’m seeing the light at the end of this long, flavorless tunnel. I tell them to treat the flavored juice as they would a dessert or candy, as a treat here and there during their day and use the unflavored like water!

Once I switch for a while, I go back and taste it, but I get used to it quickly.

Take a look at your coils and clean them if there is any residue on them. Not sure I want to try any new ones anymore though…. In case nothing helps in several days, it could be that you damaged your senses with hot vapor or hot food. Favorite flavors - VaporFi Joosylicious, Space Jam Astro, Wild Watermelon Lemonade. Weird. Take a drink of tea or juice, and then repeat the action while holding your nose.

I have had the dreaded vapors tongue a few different times & it didn’t matter what brand of juice or where I purchased it from. It has a pleasant, ever so slightly sweet taste to it that I don’t get tired of. One way that does not work is a change of the flavor.

These include: If you have vaper’s tongue and are taking one of these drugs, that might just be the reasons. That raises intriguing questions for vapers. No matter which CBD option you choose, make sure it doesn’t *just* contain hemp seed oil. Can You Bring a Vape / Vape Juice on a Plane. Keep in mind that it could take a week or two for your taste buds to start functioning again—without you having to do anything about it—but meanwhile, you can follow the following tips to speed up your recovery process. Works at I’ve been off cigarettes and only vaporizing for about 2 weeks now!

These cells in your taste buds are on a constant cycle, dying away and then regrowing.

I’m in love with coconut right now but I have my array so to speak of implements of nicotinedeliveryness loaded up with different flavours and I do like the ol’ spearmint as a daily.

I only have 2 menthol flavors and 2 cream/fruity flavors, with more juice coming I hope it’s less of a problem.

6 days now not one cigarette. Happy Elections Day. Seriously need some answers, I am at my wits end ? And don't worry about the crackling.

When i’m ready to go back to my vape after a rest, i will make a nice strong coffee, unsweetened & i will enjoy that before my vape. Ok I need some help. Thank you, Ian!

Try vaping an e-liquid with stronger flavor and taste. Required fields are marked *. I am currently under the tongue myself as I have gone off my nigh on a year love affair with spearmint and discovered a nice coconut as well as a red raspberry which is a nice change.

Let me know in the comments! Thank You!

Anyway, yesterday evening I got my first bout of vapers tongue. I have a belief that humans, when presented with a situation will always try to DO something about it but in certain instances it is better to do nothing. Dark Vaper on Twitter believes that Vaper’s Tongue is caused by dirty atomiser contacts.

So please do not drink vape juice, do not put any in friends drink when you are drunk and for god’s sake keep vape juice out of the reach of children.

If you’re a dual vaper (you both smoke and vape) then, if you can, it might be an idea to try just vaping for a couple of weeks and seeing if that makes a difference. quit smoking after picking up again when I had been cigarette free for 5+ years. Careful oral hygiene is recommended when dealing with the vaper’s tongue.