Owatrol is more expensive, but no lead!

First prime new steel with a mix of 1 part Owatrol Oil to 3 parts primer. Even better, perhaps you would send me a copy of your catalogue via e-mail. Easy Flow is a water based acrylic, check out our instagram page Owatrolusa for all our fantastic reviews, posts and pictures of Easy Flow in action Saturation is indicated by a uniform glossy appearance to the surface when Owatrol Oil is dry. Thank you, 11) I’m 35 and never knew this stuff existed, I wish I’d discovered it decades ago, it would have saved me so much grief over the years.

Brush or roller : add between 7-15% per litre of paint; HVLP & Cup Gun Spray : Add 5-10% per litre of paint to achieve the desired consistency and flow. I was thinking maybe the Floetrol separated, what would have went to the top or would the hot & cold temperatures in Australia have changed something.

It does the same job. Add 5-10% per liter of paint. Easy Flow is lightweight and I’ve never had cracking or crazing, no matter what I am painting.

Karl. Our finest hour was on the HMS Belfast decking project when the iron oxide (on the ship) reacted with the tannic acid (in the timber and so we used Netrol to neutralise the reaction and now we have fine looking timber… However, we have had many artists asking us lots of questions regarding the use of Easy Flow in their art projects, so we thought we would let you all know the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Due to the ingredients of Easy Flow, we don’t believe there is an alternative product as good as it.

), and the results are just amazing. We’d heard so many good things about Owatrol Oil that we wanted to see if the hype was deserved. I own a 26 year old MK2 Golf GTI 16v and it has acres of plastic and rubber around the body that is supposed to be black and not grey, so this stuff is my new favourite thing. Firstly, it gives the paint rust inhibiting properties and helps prevent rust on painted surfaces (even when rust is already present). By viewing this website you accept complete responsibility for how and where you use such information. Added to a water-based gloss, Floetrol comes into its own by leaving a perfect finish without roller or brush marks. Owatrol for oil paint For instance, when painting kitchen cabinets with oil based eggshell, myself and the rest of the kitchen painters associated with the site would automatically add Owatrol oil to the paint and know that the paint will flow smoothly, the wet edge will stay open longer and the brush marks will level out.

It helps to improve paint flow and workability and allows the paint to adjust to more difficult conditions such as hot, cold and windy environments. I have read and agree to the visitor agreement and privacy policy. Then follow with normal paint system adding Owatrol Oil to subsequent coats as directed under ‘Mixing instructions’ below. If paint the pulls, sets too fast, does not level or flow properly, add Easy Flow until the paint spreads smoothly, easily and provides sufficient ‘wet-edge’. Surfaces exposed to chemicals (acids, alkalis or salt deposits) should be washed using copious amounts of water or steam cleaned.

Easy Flow has a shelf life of one year in its original unopened packaging, once opened it is not possible for us to give it a definite shelf life as there are too many variables, however assuming that the Easy Flow is kept in the right storage conditions then you should find it still good to use after 12 months. The Owatrol Masters in Exterior Metal Treatment & Protection range includes rust-inhibiting primers for both single and 2-pack paints, a high-gloss all-in-one multi-surface paint and primer, rust inhibitors and a range of finishes. Now I’m just waiting for some dry weather to paint them…. Tony Robinson – August 15, 2018Verified Owner.

3) The oil actually dries, as compared to cavity waxes which generally don’t. Unbelievable!!!

Take a look at these beautiful examples; These beautiful pieces made by Caren Goodrich were created with the helping hand of Easy Flow. Added to any solvent based paint, it opens the wet edge to allow a smoother application which is perfect for cutting in. Do not remove firm rust or clean the metal back to a bright finish. – for these type of paints use Owatrol CIP instead. I’ll keep this short, chassis of coach/bus very badly pitted with rust, chunks flaking off when struck with ball pin hammer.Removed all loose /flaking rust with air chisel. Owatrol presents a large range of premium products dedicated to yachting. Cover everything you do not wish to paint, Always mix a small amount with Easy Flow first to test compatibility. The wood has been pressure washed already and looks like bare clean wood, but it is Verda decking wood , which in the small sheltered area still retains its original coating. After you have thoroughly vacuumed the area and wiped everything down with tack rags, all surfaces are now ready for painting with oil eggshell or as you wish. Unlike damaging thinners, it will maintain the inherent quality of the paint without affecting its appearance or drying times, allowing you to achieve a more professional finish. I felt compelled to write and tell you about my experience with the Owatrol products I used when painting my dining room.

Don’t hesitate give it a go, good price goes along way and is easy to apply, rejuvenate your beloved “oldie” collection…you won’t be disappointed. I’ve struggled with the fight against rust on the rear crossmember of my 2012 land rover (all owners will irrespective of age) and this does the job with ease. that sounds like a saver from Owatrol. Hi Donald, ESP is for shiny (laminate) surfaces. This is an excellent product.

Used alone it provides a tough, flexible finish, driving out excess moisture and air; displacing it from Unlike damaging paint thinners it does all this without altering the inherent qualities or the finish of the paint. Easy to apply and quick drying. Do not use Easy Flow in oil-based paints – instead use. Do not add FLOETROL to alkyd or oil based paints, including glycerophtalic paints. We will report back.

If paint seems to thicken, add a tablespoon of water per litre of paint to thin. It sinks into the surface and gives a more dense coat than varnish – less like an applied skin. Easy Flow can be used with any water or acrylic based paints. Easy to apply. Owatrol has proved to be extremely versatile – and a splendid addition to the range products, which can be used in the making of sculpture for both inside and outside purposes. Hurry, only available whilst stock lasts. When added as a paint conditioner to any oil or alkyd based coatings it will give increased wet edge time, improved flow and greater adhesion. It’s a bit difficult to get out of the tin but a big thumbs up from me! Across the board, their specialist products greatly improve the outcome of many painting and decorating projects whether you are trade or DIY. I’m wondering whether you produce a similar product. Fantastic help over the phone from the Owatrol team too ! Many thanks Conditions of application, porosity of surface etc. If a product works in a marine environment it will be more than good for residential applications. Clean all tools and equipment with soap and water. Owatrol Floetrol is the same product as Owatrol Easy Flow, it just has a different name in the UK to the US. Perfect Is this product the same as Floetol, but with a different name? We are committed to supporting all entities in achieving the best results from their work and offer training, specification writing, on-site support and other services to ensure this happens. Thank you. I used this for a pouring medium in flip cup painting. Dave D. Great Blog site, We use Owatrol products – have done for years. The paint with Easy Flow mixed in also never crazes as it dries. Prepare the surface as recommended on the product label. I put an old Victorian Fireplace over the cat flap at the back of our house for fun ! It dries matte, so it’s definitely not a gloss medium, but it comes up well under varnish or resin. Stir your paint thoroughly and begin to apply in the normal manner. Fast delivery, with free shipping, was great too. When E-B is added to paint, it draws the paint into the substrate and binds it there, so that it provides a lasting finish for many years. No. Improves paint flow and workability. A micro-porous bonding primer that can be added to any water-based paint. Rags, steel wool etc must be saturated with water after use or placed in a sealed, water filled metal container, before disposing with household waste. Additve for waterborne coatings : emulsions, acrylics, vinyls Loved how well this levels out when doing fluid pours!!! I used this to improve flow of littlegreene traditional oil eggshell and Littlegreene Tom’s oil eggshell, it certainly improves flow and slightly increases drying time, but strangely as another reviewer has mentioned it did significantly increase the sheen level of the traditional oil eggshell (no longer available) but not noticably for tom’s oil eggshell! Please note, all information on this website is presented in good faith.

Do not allow Owatrol Oil to dry between applications. I would really love to switch to something new but I need to hear some testimonials first. Huge sale, save up to 40% on a range of products. It is the only product I’ve ever tried that actually genuinly stops existing rust in vehichles from getting any worse. This is quickly becoming the Professional Decorators best mate especially as the latest low VOC water-based paints are not performing as they used to. In vulnerable areas I’ve overcoated it with underseal to avoid this. I used it to preserve a 1910 petrol can.

We are just starting to get a few distributors now and have one in Florida for Marine care and one in Canada for decorating supplies. Even the best waxes I’ve trialed simply don’t soak that far into the rust, and in my experience allow the rust to carry on doing its thing underneath them. This was a good price. Our team are ready and willing to support you with your requirements whether it is protecting your newly laid deck or renovating a luxury yacht, whatever the application Owatrol US has the solution you are looking for. When most people think of essential tools for their toolbox, they may think, “measuring tape, hammer and a level”. We have a stockist in Australia and their details are as follows: Owatrol Asia-Pacific​ Great product.

As mentioned in the previous review, could we please ask how much Owatrol Oil you used? I live on a farm in the west coat of Scotland, which is wet/mud all year round and salty all winter. Owatrol is supposed to improve paint flow and it says ‘ will maintain the inherent quality of the paint without affecting its appearance or drying times allowing you to achieve a more professional finish.’. On any previously painted surfaces, clean down and degrease and sand. 10) Its not very impact resistant, so is vulnerable to stone strikes sprayed up by my wheels. Thought our Red composite door had seen better day’s, brought 3 years ago but the sun had fadded the colour. Great product for use with acrylic paint!

The Owatrol brand is built on reputation and one that has grown continuously, by ensuring that our products perform at the highest level and achieve outstanding results for the user time and time again.