She is working in a dead end job for 12.00 an hour and will lose the child support she has gotten in August because the son will be 19. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by my suggestions, ask your husband to help you research additional services to help your family during this time of crisis.

Lo and behold you are wondering about an update! If she has anything like a car, cell phone whatever that you pay for, take them away until she changes her attitude. If he has chosen to leave there isn't much you can do about it either. They are suffering just as much if not more than you. than the attention and shower presents make up for.You set yourself up for 18+ years of commitment with little to no thought of what that's going to consist of, then act all hurt and shocked when things go badly.

I must be the invisible person, and my words are even more so. You don’t mention if you’re married to your kids’ father or if not, if you’re in a different relationship. I've tried everything and nothing is working.

She's everything you described about your daughter. I don’t.

Her advice is not intended to replace that of professional counsellor or psychologist. I had to be in constant contact with his teachers.

emma b(1288) Posted on 15-12-2011 at 3.11PM ... You sound like a wonderful mum who has had some very difficult times in your life. This didn’t happen with my other children.

So, turn all of your Olympic level self-motivation and initiative on this new project of accepting him how he is, refusing to solve his problems, and living your own life. I am so, so exhausted by it all. The problem is he has become addicted to the XBOX. CPS and other case workers have been out to the house and of course there is no evidence whatsoever.

Social media and just society is torn. He must become his own person, or for his whole life, he will feel like half a person, waiting for his mother to give him direction, approval, ideas, suggestions, and a life path. (and if it were my kid, I’m not gonna lie, I’d give serious consideration to “here’s your child support, it was worth not asking for custody, this is a small price to pay.” I am a pretty terrible human being in general, but having to make the Devil’s choice between freedom-at-a-price and my own flesh and blood...ODD might be enough to push that choice into the evil column on the moral ledger by even my standards. We have three boys and one little girl. They are a******* and suck! But when I think about my son, this is how I think. It's simply exasperating! So many others out there going through horrendous situations, i could be much worse off than i am.

Why should I be? i think thats my fear. We might have 3500 square feet here with just the two of us, but you made your bed.) He and OW are just about to have their 2nd child … How dare you speak to anyone that way, much less someone you’ve never met? You also need to have something to focus on besides your son. Or even if you KNOW the difference, can you still stop yourself from jumping in? Although you son is now 16 yrs & should be taking some responsibility for his behaviour it would appear that he still needs some support & encoragrment. Your son is 16 so he is old enough to live by himself, you don't have to put up with this behaviour or support him any more.

I love my daughter but I do not like her and cannot continue living like this another moment. All rights reserved. But imagine what it may be like for your son, on a deep level, to know that his mother is only proud of him when he is doing what she thinks he ought to do? You resent the fact that nothing is easy.” She sighs.

And I’m not. He got much worse in highschool and was eventually placed in alternative education after they became sick of him truanting and his general attitude. “We are too worn out to even care enough to get divorced.” Another mom with a behaviorally challenging child, Hannah, told me that she fantasizes about divorce just so she could get a regular break from the kids.

im at the end of my rope, he says he doesnt want to do anything, just sit in bed all day and live off me and my partner who he has only ever known as dad.

One centering dynamic is to be each other’s ‘coaches,’ and to offer each other feedback and support in managing the kid with the behavior problem.” Dealing with your distress, your kid’s distress, and your partner’s distress might be a little easier if you visualize yourself as a coach and approach it as team effort.

At some point, they have to go out on their own, make mistakes and figure it out alone. She is spoiled, selfish, and a product of a single mom. It's quite healing to laugh at someone who dismissed you for years. i have another son nearly 13 who is an angel. I don’t trust him!

You insensitive a******!!!

She has trashed her brand new carpet in doing so. "Gee, I wonder how she got that way.

And now I listen more.

Punishment, grounding, taking things away like phone, tv, even her privacy(like her bedroom door) privileges, calling police, having her committed to a psychiatric hospital at least three times in the past 4 years. It’s also common to feel isolated, alone, and helpless.

im so scared of him messing up his life and having nothing. I am a single mum, working all the hours I can to raise her and her sister. Son has also given notice at his apartment for Jan.1 and is looking for a new place with his girlfriend.

A mother is concerned that her teenage son’s acne is making him withdraw from social activities. I tell her about Hannah’s comment that she fantasizes about divorce just for the break from the kids, and she agrees, except for one thing: She’s not sure her husband can handle the kids. he said he wanted to make me aware of the situation and gave me his stations phone number and name if i had concerns. I love the self-righteous! ), still has a job and a girlfriend. My husband has no contact with him whatsoever and seems to be perfectly fine with it. My Son is Ruining His Life.

he was always challenging, difficult, misbehaving in school. even a teenager should feel some kind of shame for being a b****. I truly believe he will be the death of me and possibly his little sister if I continue to let him live with us, so he has to go. This sounds like a nightmare. Son has given up full time job with pension and health benefits. I just feel like such a failure because I’ve done everything I possibly can think of and more and things are still a nightmare in my house. I can only read these comments believing the kids are completely out of control and targeted many times from all directions. She is selfish, rude, spoilt, ungrateful, hateful, narcisistic, messy, lazy and unkind.

We have tried grounding her, taking everything away, taking privileges away, limiting access to friends taking computer away anything I can think of.

Dealing with a child with mental issues is so draining and exhausting. You are so h****** yourself. But we do know that your son needs, desperately, to start living his own life.

What you are going through would break the strongest of us.

She has a global delay, so is both mentally and emotionally under developed. Wow, you are judgmental, self righteous b**** yourself for making such comments to this lady. And you should try to limit your judgments of his girlfriend.

Since you already have a relationship with your son’s therapist, he or she may be an excellent referral source for additional support services.

I have loved him more than any human being possible. He is almost certainly not doing any of this to hurt you Emma - he is almost certainly doing this because he wants to be independent and do things his own way. Apparently she is delightful to everyone else, ha! Have a baby.

If you can swing it, time alone without the kids can help you remember why you liked this person in the first place. All for what?

You know what would make my life so much sweeter? Tried of fighting it.

I am a single immigrant mom.

We brought our children into the world and did our best.

Ever since I've been aware, ) 4 years old) I have been ignored. My teenage DD is literally ruining my life (24 Posts) Add message | Report. Go and tell your daughter you disagree with her behavior want better for her don’t appreciate the stress you still love her and that this risky behavior will only make the way she feels about herself even worse .Do not give up on your children you do not have to enable their bad behavior but you need to still love them unconditionally! QUESTION: When my son turned 14, he developed really bad acne. Where has my little girl gone?

The testosterone is surging round their body and they act instinctively and often without thought.

I don’t suggest anyone use Facebook as their GP, but I do see benefits in being part of a parenting chat group where you’re able to ask what other mothers have done in similar circumstances.

So take your superior self-righteous bullshit and shove it! And I guess that is the way it is supposed to be right now.

So many others out there going through horrendous situations, i could be much worse off than i am.

Perhaps because he is banking on his old bedroom as a default? CPS gets involved, and YOU are the one whom gets in trouble.

Emma please consider speaking to your doctor about your son's behaviour. I’m No longer sure what was true or false anymore.