To accommodate all the mourners, her service was held at one of the city’s larger funeral homes instead of at Crossroads Baptist, the small church where her husband, Matt, preached. The affidavit said she believed Matt Baker was having an affair and that she told her counselor she found crushed pills in his briefcase and was afraid he was going to poison her because he was having an affair. Jesus takes us into his family.”. Johnston brought in another expert, Tom Bevel, who specialized in homicide crime scenes. Possible, but never once did I solicit sex from them.". Linda and Jim Dulin are convinced that their daughter, Kari, was murdered by the man they once embraced as a son-in-law: Baptist preacher Matt Baker. In her most explosive accusation, Linda says that in the months just before Kari’s death, Matt had set his sights on a new target: a 24-year-old single mother who attended his church and who happened to be the daughter of a minister of music who had once worked at Crossroads Baptist. "Kari was a very good minister's wife. Matt paused for a long time before finally saying, almost in a whisper, “My call will never change. The case remained a suicide until local authorities reopened the investigation after the victim's family hired an attorney and private investigators. “I kept telling her how much Matt loved her and that the idea of an affair was impossible,” Hotz said. Gray nodded again. Murder? Or is he a murderous deviant cloaked in preacher’s garb? Undecided: When we'll know more about the presidency, key states and Senate races, 751,000 seek US jobless benefits as virus hobbles economy, Connecticut election worker tests positive for coronavirus, The Latest: China suspends entry for residents of Britain, JIM AVILA, JOANNE NAPOLITANO and TRACIE HUNTE. Join us at the quiet end today for Ungodly: The Murder of Kari Baker. Matt, Kari, and their daughters were seen late that afternoon at the YMCA, where Kensi had swim practice. They both worked in the athletic department as trainers where she said Baker assaulted her in the locker room at Floyd Casey Stadium. “I need to feel her again.”, In his eulogy, Sadler asked the mourners to care for Kari’s other two daughters: Kensi, who was nine, and Grace, who was six. Matt told Hewitt police officers that Kari had been talking about suicide for the past two weeks. Linda grew more suspicious when she discovered that there were numerous phone calls between Matt and a young parishioner named Vanessa Bulls. In truth, the lawsuit was thin: Johnston had little evidence to indicate that Matt had murdered Kari. In the days to come, people would compare the earnest pastor to Job, the Old Testament figure who had remained true to God despite enduring one trial after another.