There’s a lot to answer in this twisted story and a guide to keep it all straight is a total necessity as the hunt continues. Ruth only makes a brief appearance in this series but she’s perhaps the most important character. She then brings this before the team as they decide to travel to Europe to continue their desire to find and kill high-ranking Nazis. Unfortunately, in reality, Travis was a high functioning psychopath who had an urge to kill and was good hiding it. Hunters is a kind of onscreen retribution to the horrors unleashed by Nazism, but the Hunters also become the hunted, as the series goes back and forth between the past and the present; one questions – … While you may not be able to detect it from watching his character in Hunters, Austin was actually born in Englandthe Bournemouth area, specifically. agent investigates a suspected Third Reich doctor, she opens the top drawer of the man’s desk to discover an Iron Cross, a stethoscope decorated with a swastika, and a box filled with human teeth, right there, where you might expect the Scotch tape to be. He's a threat to any character he comes in contact with, and the stakes immediately feel raised when he enters a scene. She has her eyes and ears on everything, and is aware that someone is taking down Nazis, which angers her on the eve of what she refers to as a Final War. What’s his skill? He found old letters in his grandmother’s cookbook, which revealed the information as well as recounting the meeting of Meyer and Ruth again after the liberation. High Ranking


This Jewish Brooklynite played by Logan Lerman (of Percy Jackson fame) serves as the audience surrogate in the world of The Hunters. He based his character on both real-life and fictional serial killers. Anybody else petrified they’re going to find Travis Leich /Jonah Heidelbaum slashfic on AO3? happilyshanghaied . Travis finds out Jonah works at a comic book shop, and goes to find him, but finds his friend Arthur manning the counter instead, in place of a tardy Jonah.

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It doesn’t help that Jonah, in his grief, begins seeing visions of his grandmother as a young woman.

The final episode opened on a flashback to a year prior when Ruth (played by Jeannie Berlin) went to see Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino) for the first time since their concentration camp was liberated. You may have seen Austin in a few other series and films before. She ceremoniously initiates Travis into the inner circle of the Fourth Reich. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Hunters season 1. How many episodes? Oskar Hauptman |

Travis has a swastika tattoo on his right shoulder blade. Little is known about Travis' early life, though his parents fill in some gaps, saying he was a good kid, and that they treated him well and praised him often, and that they were always proud of him. However, Meyer sent Jonah away as he had been unable to kill neo-Nazi Travis Leich (Greg Austin) under the guidance of Millie Morris (Jerrika Hinton). Travis attempts to sway the inmates to his ideology but is met instead with violence, getting beaten badly enough that he needs a nose splint. His fellow hunters are shocked to hear his story about who Meyer really was with some deciding to leave this world behind. Hunters on Amazon: Al Pacino joined show to play ‘unpredictable’ role [INTERVIEW]Hunters showrunner explains real-life connection to protagonist [INSIGHT]Hunters streaming: How to watch online and download [GUIDE]. As a result, Jonah began to piece together the true story and work out the Meyer is actually the Wolf himself. You have successfully subscribed to receive the newsletter, 'Hunters' Star Greg Austin Is the Show's Breakout, Don't miss a thing, get the latest updates to fuel your conversation daily. He struggles with wanting to honor Ruth’s wish to keep Jonah away from The Hunters and allowing Jonah to make his own decision about joining. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Hunters season 1. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. He's also very manipulative, shown especially when his parents see him in jail, and has them believe that he's truly remorseful of his actions. He is not insane or simply "following orders" from The Colonel; he revels in the suffering of others and knows what he does is evil, referring to himself as both a monster and villain, even claiming that he's better at being one than the Nazis. After the tense conversation, Jonah attempted to find the real Wolf to prove to Meyer he could be a hunter. Travis (Greg Austin) is basically a Nazi foot solider who cleans crime scenes, viciously murderers people, and violently blackmails officials into doing whatever he wants them to do. The show then skipped forward to modern day as it was revealed Meyer had survived being shot by the Colonel (Lena Olin) and crashing his car off of a bridge.

He sends Travis Leich to do his mission work and clean up any messes that he makes to ensure The Colonel is happy. On the flight, he orates to a mother and her peanut-allergic son about how allergies are how nature's eliminating the weak/those unfit for survival, implying that the boy should die with an offer of airplane peanuts. Played by Greg Austin, Travis Leich is one of the most chilling characters in Hunters. He sends Travis Leich to do his mission work and clean up any messes that he makes to ensure The Colonel is happy. Mindy and Murray are handy with weapons and able to build, create, and detonate just about anything. Occupation

She’s sent away to Cape Canaveral, Florida, to investigate former NASA scientist Gretel Fischer’s murder; this leads to a deeper discovery about what’s really going down in America. However, what was most revealing was how he did not say the prayer which he had vowed to do to Jonah’s grandmother. He takes pleasure in committing such acts, smiling and joking about them, and singing songs while murdering others and mutilating corpses. He breaks down, and his mother promises to get him a lawyer, and Travis specifically requests a Jewish lawyer. Anybody else petrified they’re going to find Travis Leich /Jonah Heidelbaum slashfic on AO3? At this point, Travis reveals to Tobias that it was he who killed his brothers. Serial homicideAnimal crueltyAssaultStalkingBatteryAssassinationHate crimesConspiracyArsonTorturePolice impersonationBlackmailTampering with evidenceIncriminationBreaking and enteringTerrorismDismemberment Travis is in jail, arrested by Millie on the pretense of having murdered Arthur. the color of illumination in Buddhism, signifying nobility in Elizabethan England). Thinking he had found the Wolf working as a cosmetic surgeon, Jonah kidnapped him and brought him to Meyer. Noteworthy as well is that both Travis' and Jack's characters were majorly inspired by Ted Bundy. Jonah then becomes determined to join The Hunters to avenge Ruth, but he discovers that their methods make him uncomfortable. She then warned him how she would never allow their grandson Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman) to lose his light as Meyer had done. It’s implied that they knew one (or both) of Jonah’s parents. He may (or may not) be flying under the radar now, but it’s going to take a lot of legwork to take this terrible boss down. The character almost feels like Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) in Fargo or Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) in No Country for Old Menwhen he comes on screen, you may end up blocking your eyes from seeing what happens next. Millie brings her case about the Nazis living in the US in front of her superiors, who quickly dismiss it. This is all culminates in a shocking ending, which saw deaths and as well as some massive twists. Travis yells out and leads the inmates in an anti-Semitic chant, and is restrained and dragged away by a prison guard. Travis Leich Unfollow. happilyshanghaied . Travis, disguised as a police officer, follows her into the toy shop and discovers Jonah's jacket with his name on the tag.