The player has the option of earning all the stars in the Protector Trials before playing Minerva's Den, not only for the 480 ADAM boost the Master Protector Tonic offers, but also as it provides the player with training on how to deal with waves of enemies during a gathering session. Cindy Meltzer, who had been kidnapped from the surface and transformed into a Little Sister, is heard speaking in.

While not a threat on their own, Little Sisters are enemies to be avoided while he wanders the halls of of the deep-sea city. Here's the basic breakdown you need to keep in mind when making your decision: Harvesting = 160 ADAM; Rescuing = 80 ADAM; While harvesting seems to be the obvious way to go, there's a twist. Despite the tests and trials, through the hands of a third party, the final key to the bond was found to be quid pro quo, as both discover that one could not survive without the other. The best form of weaponry when dealing with multiple waves of Splicers, besides traps, is ordnance and Plasmids capable of dealing very quickly with several enemies, for example the, After every fourth Little Sister is rescued or harvested a. Game has now warned me twice that I don't have enough adam to survive, or that I will find it very very difficult to survive, if I don't get more adam from the remaining little sisters. 10 Little Sisters can be seen with Eleanor Lamb in the final 'Good Ending' cut scene. The Tonics and Plasmids the player receives are among the most powerful in the game and cannot be obtained otherwise. Walking over to it will then give you the choice to either rescue them – freeing them of their somewhat possessed state and allowing them to be a normal little girl again, or you can harvest them, killing them and reaping the rewards for yourself. There are two types of Big Daddies in the game: Bouncers and Rosies, each in two versions: standard and elite. ^^ Absolutely correct. The developers originally allowed the Multiplayer characters the option to harvest or adopt the Little Sister. I suppose I could be wrong on this, but I'm reasonably sure. For those looking for the bad ending, or simply don’t care, you’ll want to harvest them. Yeh ziegd is right I just hypnotised them and dragged them around hoping once the hypnosis wore off they might actually summon one. Harvesting represents the short-term solution: Not only will the player end up with more ADAM than if they had saved the Little Sisters, but the first few levels of the game will be much easier to achieve. Also, forget about using pistol (even with anti-armor ammo) and wrench.

There are 19 Little Sisters in Tenenbaum's safe house (14 downstairs and 5 at the top of the stairs) which have already been saved. [2] Naturally, the children were unwilling to cooperate. [1] The only problem was that, for various reasons, the host needed to be a child, specifically a young girl. 2 Little Sisters are seen in a flashback when Subject Delta is captured by Sofia Lamb inside the quarantine chamber where her daughter Eleanor is held. Little Sisters move around the map as you progress in the game, and rarely stay in one spot for too long. Outside the elevator window to High Street, Booker DeWitt sees a large billboard advertising the facility, with a banner reading "Attention!

Anyhow, I was able to get her. that's what i meant by the vents; which are holes in the least I think they've vents of some sort. Delta finds the dimly lit area foreboding what with the Spider Splicer corpse gruesomely pinned to the wall. If one exploits the Extra Little Sister Bug at every occasion, this total extends to 25. Closed by order of the Council". He did that because, the vents they were knocking on didn't produce any Sisters, so he basically 'dragged' them to another location to make sure the Sisters weren't hiding in a different vent. You are rewarded for your good deeds, though. Once the player comes across a Little Sister, Subject Delta can either Harvest her or Adopt her. In particular, the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid and Armored Shell 2 tonics are crucial to survival in that most difficult setting. The orphanages were founded by Frank Fontaine and located in several areas of the city, including Hestia and Plaza Hedone. Beware of the Spider Splicers that still roam the rooms and Brute Splicer ambush awaiting. A little more common way to eliminate Big Daddies is to use "classical" heavyweight arms, such as grenades, proximity mines and other types of explosive ammo. How Can you open Sander Cohen's "box" right next to the medical expert 2? I don't think anyone else addressed this, so: I don't think the big Daddies will ever call out a little sister while they are hypnotized.

This "dream world" persisted in the girls' day-to-day experience, except for occasional lapses where their senses were brought abruptly back to the grim, twisted reality of Rapture's decay whenever they were frightened or startled. To be set right, they would have to be broken repeatedly due to the almost instant healing process. In that scene, the Sisters stay underwater for a prolonged period as they boil the water.

Delta enters the main dormitory where the girls slept. Each Alpha Series was created with an unbreakable physiological bond to a single Little Sister.

The ADAM coursing through their bodies made them virtually indestructible, immediately repairing any damaged tissue. Although Tenenbaum hoped to be able to keep the children in a vegetative state, it was found they had to be fully functional to produce the ADAM. What You Need to Know. Coupled with the potential for sampling many different Plasmids and Tonics at once, this is the ideal strategy for someone playing BioShock for the first time. The living conditions were abhorrent with the kitchen and toilet facilities located alongside each other exposing the kids to cross-contamination and sickness. BioShock Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Additionally, in BioShock 2 the Little Sisters have an added ability. Promotional Image of a lonely Little Sister. When the Little Sister starts harvesting, a progress bar will appear, showing how much time the player has left before the Little Sister will have finished extracting ADAM from the corpse (thus ending the waves of Splicers). An extra Little Sister can sometimes be found. Here's a breakdown of each gift you get for rescuing three Little Sisters, including the area in which you need to save them. A reward is hidden in a teddy bear at a nearby Gatherer's Garden for every four Little Sisters rescued. Near the end of the game, Delta is captured by Sofia Lamb and is immobilized. Have you tried killing the current Big Daddies and seeing if the new ones respawn with Little Sisters? Afterward she stalls for a few seconds before recognizing and greeting Delta (if he is a rescuer), or reacting with fear to his presence (if he is a harvester). As you progress through BioShock, however, you’ll eventually come across Big Daddy’s, massive metallic guardians of Little Sisters.

Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum developed a procedure whereby a Sea Slug was implanted in a human host's stomach, and a symbiotic interaction between host and slug yielded up to thirty times the quantity of usable ADAM. You’ll get 160 ADAM for harvesting each Little Sister. At one point, McClendon Robotics was tasked with creating a line of Robotic Little Sisters to supplement the human Little Sisters. He shut down those false orphanages, and continued to use the Little Wonders Educational Facility to house the existing ADAM hosts. Removal of the Sea Slug from the host under normal circumstances is fatal. At the beginning of the game you may want to accumulate some Electric Bucks for the shotgun especially for Big Daddy fights. However, they still had the stature and strength of small girls (not to mention their constant hallucinatory state); thus, they were a constant target for abduction and exploitation. During Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum's research work on ADAM, it was discovered that implanting the Sea Slug in the stomach lining of a host subject would enable the mass production of the genetic substance. Advertisement for the Little Sister's Orphanage. The Alpha Series Big Daddies were a failed line of prototype protectors developed first by Dr. Yi Suchong. If so, be sure to explore them...maybe the Sister is already spawned there and roaming around. From the Medical Pavilion area, there’s at least one Big Daddy and Little Sister combo, so make sure you’re thorough in your exploration. Their bodies were induced by Sea Slugs which give them virtual immortality. Additionally, there's 200 ADAM in each reward. Sorry for the triple post, but I just had ANOTHER thought. However, these rewards may or may not suit one's play-style, so it is recommended to either look up the rewards individually or play the game as a Harvester first.