You get a lot of cool stuff... Super Easy Fix for ‘Bluestacks could not start the engine’ issue. He is also a cultist so you get a clue annd a identity. I’m Loyal to myself – He will agree with you and he said he is not happy with your decisions. Still, unfortunately, it has one drawback, and that is, it gets stuck in... Hi! If you miss the quest or successfully stop the villagers from escaping the disease will not be spread and this can lead to a good ending. You will be faced with the choices only after you have defeated the Minotaur and you can lie to the kid about his father’s death but you will have to make the right decision to get to the happy ending. – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (, Blood in the Water | Investigate Swordfish’s whereabouts in Octopus Bay | AC Odyssey (, Assassins Creed Odyssey – How to defeat The Minotaur (, Guide to every important choice in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Choice 1: you can ask her to grow up, you can encourage her to be an Odysseus, you can call her cute when she is determined, Choice 2: you can encourage her to be great, you can tell her that being great is not easy or you can simply say that you do not give advice, She will tell you that she does not like to be called cute and if you want her to be mad at you then you can just call her ugly, If you ask her to grow up then it will show you the end options and she will probably get mad at you, If you encourage her to a great Odysseus then she will be happy about the fact that you support her, You can explain to her what it means to be great and why she should think about it but that is not what she is expecting from you, If you convince her and explain that being great is not easy then she will just leave for now and you can always bring her back, If you simply say that you do not give advice then she will get mad at you and leave you at once, If you kill all of them there will be no one to report back to the cyclops and you will not have to face any consequences at all, If you are looking for more EXP points then you can just let them live but you will be ambushed down the road with two other allies of theirs and you will also get a bit of a loot, You can request her to give the information that you require, Alexios can grab her neck and threaten to kill her if she lies about the information and she will tell you everything that you need to know but she will also warn you that Apollo will harm you for what you have done and you can spare her life, Or you can ask her politely to please give you the information and you will get all the information you need plus she will tell you that Apollo will protect you, You can tell the guard that Perikles sent you which would mean that you are Phidias’s friend or you can just kill the guard but then you will have to fight the next guard, You can just claim to be Phidias’s lover and let yourself in but the guard might be a little shocked with that, If you directly say that Phidias is your friend then you will have to pay 500 to the guard as he will not let you in, Force him to reveal information and beat him down, You can directly tell that the person does not deserve citizenship, If you choose to threaten him then you will have to beat him down as he tries to escape and use your fists to beat him or else he will die, You can offer him some money in exchange for the information and you will get your information, If you directly say that Sophanes does not deserve citizenship you will still be rewarded, You can tell him that you are not a cultist, Since Swordfish has lost his mind due to the Labyrinth it will not matter to him if you say you are not a cultist. This is the site where I share all the gaming and technical knowledge I have gained till now.

You will have a choice to kill him or make him join your crew.