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Therefore, Bangkok refers to the area by the river where olives grow. Khanom Jee, or Chinese Noodles, is another popular name. The reason is that in old Thai bang means ‘area by the river’, then it is followed by the name of each area. The current Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, is known by friends and associates by her nickname “Crab” (Pu). Not only Thais’ names, but the places’ names as well might sound funny or dirty to foreigners. Do not feel offended if someone refers to you as kăo. There are Thai nicknames that may sound funny or vulgar to an English speaker. Deng = Red

Unfortunately, it is likely to be pronounced like cock in English. You can find this word in one of the areas iof Bangkok, called Mor Chit. Another very common dish in a Thai restaurant is khao pad, as you can see there are many kinds of khao pad on a Thai menu.

Pad means ‘stir’, so it could be referred to ‘stir prick’ even though you may know that prick is chili, but the sound is tempting to think dirty, isn’t it? Though rare, sometimes Thai children are given nicknames after the order in which they were born into the family (i.e. Tim = Ruby Indian food this weekend, or perhaps a spicy Thai dish? Sometimes these names seem a bit silly, but the person can be known by this name all through adulthood, regardless of how prestigious a level they have reached.

A nickname in Thai is a ‘chue len’. Submitted by Daryl Stevenson .

Russian Jet Carrying 233 People Crash-lands in a Cornfield – Birds... Andrew Stocks – “Interviewing a Dream Maker”, A Fresh, French Hotel Manager at the Amari Hua Hin. Pom = Chubby

Cow shit basically. Bang-on –.

While some are taken straight from English names, like Jack ( jàek ), others take inspiration from more unconventional sources. From monk blessings to Buddhist blessings and more, there is enough porn to go around. Popular Thai Girl Names. We asked for your help on Facebook in creating the best Thai restaurant names and you didn’t disappoint!

One common source of names is from your how you are at birth, including your appearance, size or whether you’re the first child. Once you've tested the name and asked you're closest friends for their approval, you're officially ready to Thai the knot. I got bullied because of the name when I was in primary and high school, no one appreciated when someone makes fun of your name.

Pad prick is a funny example. Aouk in Thai means vomit in English. Many Thai girls are named after cute or cuddly little animals or the sweetest fruits; names like Cat (Maew), Mouse (Noo), Deer (Kwang), Rabbit (Taay), Frog (Kop), Orange (Som), Pomelo (Som-O), Rose Apple (Chompoo), Marian Plum (Ma-prang), Watermelon (Taeng-mo), Grape (A-ngun). But don’t laugh too much if you know someone with this name. Tossaporn therefore means ‘having many blessings’, but again, the English is different.

© Courtesy of Juan Antonio F. Segal/Flickr. Maybe he planned on having his kid grow up to be a pilot or at least do a lot of traveling. Maybe this is for an extra skinny kid.

All the Thai people will break up, because ‘Jim’ (or Gym) translates to a slang word for Vagina. Oun = Fat Say, food or technology…. Pui = Plump or Sleepy Maybe the funniest name is our capital city, Bangkok, as it sounds like bang cock. Jum But in his slow speaking way, he would shout: Q U A I- Y E T.                         Unfortunately quai (kwai) translates to buffalo and yet translates to a four letter word for fornication. Most of you know that prick is chili pepper in Thai and nothing to do with a penis. Kraichid means close up.

The owners of these restaurants clearly saw an opportuni-thai to spread joy through their local communi-thai with their hilarious names. Thai people, contrary to what many people think of when they hear this word, are not constantly speaking about their slender undergarments. Bua = Lotus Bum = Blossom The reason is that in old Thai bang means ‘area by the river’, then it is followed by the name of each area. Also, Thai names were based by combining monosyllables that indicated … Gaen = Naughty Visitors of Thailand who hear this particular word muttered may find themselves taken aback a bit. Pair = Raft

Do you know what Thittiporn translates to? Ow means want in Thai, and Thai people ow a lot of stuff. A nickname in Thai is a ‘chue len’. Nong = Younger Muang = Mango A popular word that is put in the names of places is Bang. List RulesVote up the puns that most curry your favor.

Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Thai – Fly, Peach, Lsd, pang, Arthit (boy), Siam. I must say, Donald Duck has not aged gracefully.. POST A STORY. Tuk (ta) = Doll/Cuddly toy

Wun = Day

Naughty Naughty – Thai words with unfortunate English meanings.

This is a common word that you may all have heard. Parents give their children a chue len in addition to a formal given name. Below are further examples of names that are either gender specific, or much more commonly used for that gender compared to the other. So you may be called jimEEE or julEEE!

However in Thai this is really about a more wholesome blessing!

A popular word that is put in the names of places is Bang. Mali = Jasmine Som = Orange Palm (the sturdy tropical plant) and Mint (with the fragrant leaves) are pretty common, but the girl’s name Bird (Nok) must be the most popular Thai nickname of all. Guest turdsak tittiporn 07-07-2007, 11:52 PM #3. stroller. 2020-04-27T10:52:27+07:00 Poom – Lovable The paper is distributed throughout the Provinces of Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan with a focus on the towns of Hua Hin, Cha-Am and Pranburi. Hua Hin Today is a monthly, principally English language newspaper, published in Hua Hin, Thailand. Porn in Thai translates to blessings.

Thong literally means metal that has a beautiful color in Thai, it mostly refers to gold. If some of the above seem unlikely choices for a name, others can be even more eccentric. Pla = Fish Dee = Good Visitors might think that the Thai word moo means cow in English. For instance, every Expat in Thailand knows a few girls with the popular name of Porn, which in English is about a very naughty form of adult entertainment.