For questions or comments about this website, send mail to Who was the presiding officer at the convention. He must make more direct, concrete change this term.

What was the program developed by the Freshmen Committee? Scholarship was to be advanced, character to be built and no brother was to be allowed to fall by the way if his fraternity brothers could help him.

Alpha Lambda, April 11, 1911, Louisville, Kentucky. Research from R. C. Giles on Ethiopia and JBB H. A. Callis' consultation on Greeks. In fact, I am the college of friendship, the university of brotherly love,the school for the better making of men.

To a few, I am the castle of dreams - ambitious, successful, hopeful dreams.To many I am the poetic palace where human feeling is rhymed to celestial motives;To the great majority I am the treasury of good fellowship. "The majority of the members of the convention were more anxious to perfect the organization of the fraternity at its present stage, than to secure a vast, unwieldy and loosely organized membership." Brother's Keeper improves the lives of brothers, spouses, and widows who are retired, are elders, have disabilities and are ailing. What chapter came up with the journal idea? Phone: (607) 255-3530.

To realize the wealth of personal satisfaction, from knowing you've given your all.

When he might have won had he stuck it out. The purpose of Alpha Phi Alpha were not to only provide for social occasions but also for mutual and co-operative endeavors Scholarship was to be advanced, character to be built and no brother was allowed to fall by the way if his fraternity brothers could help him.

These men came together originally as a support group for minorities who faced racial injustices both socially and educationally at Cornell, then eventually turned into a prestigious fraternity. What are the last five words of Chapter 1?

Which members of lived at the home of the mother of the fraternity? Where did the first initiation take place? Who designed the second fraternity shield? A Phi A … Appoint a chapter historian; collect the dues from its own alumni members.

First editor was Raymond W. Cannon. Alpha Phi Alpha, the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity in the United States established for men of African descent, was founded at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York by seven college men who recognized the need for a strong bond of Brotherhood between African Americans. Who were the first 2 honorary members, and their dates of induction?

December 4, 1906 at Cornell University, Ithica, NY.

March 28, 1910, Syracuse University, Syracuse New York. Jones became the first executive secretary of the National Urban League. Who proposed the colors of the fraternity?

Who is credited with the establishment of Epsilon chapter?

I inspire the musician to play noble sentiments, and assist the chemist to convert ungenerous personalities into individuals of great worth.I destroy all ignoble impulses.I constantly invoke principles which make for common brotherhood andthe echo resounds in all communities and princely men are thereby recognized.

On what day and date was the decision made to become a fraternity?

What is the date founded, and seat of the original Iota chapter?

So take an honest inventory of your character within. Give the name of the church and news article that was read on November 13, 1906? 421 North Albany Street Ithaca, New York 14850. Who's residence was the first meeting place held? Write the Greek Alphabet in Upper and Lowercase letters. DuBois, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Edward Brooke, Martin Luther King, Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Andrew Young, William Gray, Paul Robeson, and many others. Who spoke on “the lack of unity among the fellows?”, How much was the fine issued for “the lack of proper spirit?”.

New York; There was a misunderstanding concerning the place of meeting, part of them were in New York and the other part in Richmond. It's like we've lived our lives together,though we meet for the first time. It was voted later in the year, however, that after the entrance of the Class of 1918 no freshmen were to be admitted to Alpha Chapter. If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtueOr walk with Kings nor lose the common touch,If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,If all men count with you but none too much;If you can fill the unforgiving minuteWith sixty seconds worth of distance runYours is the Earth and everything that's in it,And which is more - you'll be a Man, my son! Find out how you can intelligently organize your Flashcards. A dark suit, a long sleeved dress shirt, a conservative tie (preferably black, gold, or combination), dark socks, and black dress shoes. The Sphinx Magazine, published in 1914, is the second oldest continuously published black journal in the United States.

Epsilon Chapter, Ann Arbor, Michigan,; December 27, 28, 29, 30, 1911, What were the puposes expressed in the incorporation, The purpose of the organization as set forth in the instrument "shall be educational and for the mutual uplift of its members as expressed in its constitution, and in general to do and perform every lawful act and thing necessary or expedient to be done or performed for the efficient conducting of said society as authorized by the laws of Congress.". December 20, 1907, Howard University, Washington D.C. Who is credited with the establishment of Beta chapter. Founded on Dec. 4, 1906, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is the first historically African American intercollegiate greek-lettered fraternity. What is the date of the second initiation?

Describe how brothers vote in Alpha Phi Alpha: Open hand to denote affirmative, Closed fist to denote negative. Who are the Delta Epsilon Lambda Charter members? What is the year, location, and host chapter of the 5th Convention?

And he learned too late, as the night slipped down, So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit. He later returned home to Washington, D.C., where he taught in public schools. While continuing to stress academic excellence among its members, Alpha also recognized the need to help correct the educational, economic, political, and social injustices faced by African Americans.