(function() { You will not find a more honest and reliable advocate of the sport anywhere. This engine is fairly new to the market so long term reliability data isn't yet available, but pilots seem to be very happy so far. The Polini thor 100 had the same power out of the same cubic volume as well. Roland claimed having 35 engines operating for more than one year before market launch. I was afraid of heat possibly damaging the fuel tank but nothing like this happened. To give you a little help, I've listed the top five engines based on my own experience, a Facebook poll, popularity, and lots of online research.

on the market combined with the greatest mechanical reliability and comfort”. This little engine was first introduced way back in 1989, and was developed specifically for the Per Il Volo Miniplane. The eos would be neater. The SCOUT is light even with the Moster. And the 20.5 HP is fair enough. Reliability: Obviously, I cannot tell after first flights.

Yes, the engine is very light. +44 7788 931 511 I have to replace the spark plug, as it is not shielded and interferes with radio, PPG meter and SafeStart. The EOS has pretty neat max RPM, too. And the Poloni Thor 130 just grew larger while keeping parameters proportional. This, combined with its high power and proven reliability makes it a great all rounder. This paramotor engine has proven itself as a unit pilots can rely on. just good news about Wasp and paramotoring, Robert Ferrero just good news about Wasp and paramotoring, Robert Ferrero The RV3 is the third generation of this engine and since first launched in Dec. 2017 the concept has undergone several amendments and now has reached finest quality and reliability. ). This website uses cookies. Manufacturer has promised to use “R”-type spark plug in future. PARAMOTOR BRANDS.

Electric Paramotor VS Gas: Which is the best for you? No more sticky out exhaust like the moster. Id like to know wich is the best engine for a 180 lbs pilot looking to travel the farthest. Roberto or his business associate Paul Shotan.

+44 7784 123 694 Would you like to hear all the latest from Wasp Paramotors? EOS 150 - EOS 150 ICI mod. I’ve seen multiple 130 EVO units blowing out the flash starters in under 20 hours, and the bigger engines melting pistons, even after receiving upgrades from Polini. s.parentNode.insertBefore(fbds, s); Once this testing phase is over we will announce it in BIG LETTERS! })();

This engine has been testing for some time now. This makes it one of the lightest (maybe the lightest) paramotor engines on the market. They also have a clutched version that is available as a 180 cc or a 200 cc unit. fbds.async = true; I think they’re a great engine and will definitely buy another when the time comes for a new engine. I am not a fan of getting a lot of power out a small volume engine through high RPM. The connector for fuel line looks literally funny – i guess it fits a 4 mm fuel hose. We are back after a while with some new informations and the latest footage of a first true four stroke for a paramotor. I had to adapt it for 6 mm fuel lines that are standard for paramotors. I started flying light aircraft back in 1998, and I’ve been paramotoring at every opportunity since the start of 2013. engine weight 14.4 kg with exhaust power 27 HP fuel consumption 2 litres per hour (86kg pilot + paramotor on 22sqm Ozone Viper 3) prototype by EOS engines Austria (www.eos-engine.com) Installed in SCOUT carbon paramotor (www.scoutparamotor.com) Tested by SCOUT team (pilots Miroslav Svec and Peter Szabo) « 4-Stroke EOS 150 - EOS 150 ICI mod. I am surprised too. Overall the Moster is a super reliable, powerful, low maintenance engine. Only 2.2 litres per hour.

But the Slalom is a fun wing and the more power is required in tight turns to get the fun-factor. window._fbq = window._fbq || []; The motor starts easily, even it was cold below freezing point. The trick is the weight. This website uses cookies. The new EOS 150 ICI RV3 ! As expected, the power is not enough. Vittorazi recommend changing the ring every 25 hours, but mine has needed changing sooner due to breaking up. I’m 5’7” 155# and I’m in very good shape for a 60 year old man. Vittorazi is an Italian engine builder that was founded in the mid 1980's. But don't let this put you off, even a total newbie can easily rebuild the top end of a 2-stroke engine. The power to cubic volume ratio is almost same as of the TOP80 which is known for its reliability. Different paramotor hook-in (hangpoints) systems compared and explained. For such a small engine the EOS 100 Booster puts out an incredible amount of power, and produces a massive 61 KG of thrust with a 130 CM propeller. Iceland: The best paramotor adventure ever. EOS 100 ICI RV5. _fbq.push(['addPixelId', '653263094801102']); The Top 80 is produced in Italy and has been a top choice for competition pilots for many years due to its low weight, and low fuel consumption. Very informative article and I wished I read your articles before I bought my Blackhawk Lite 125 a little over a year ago. +44 7788 931 511 Only one hole in a piston until now: a fault fuel bulb caused limited fuel supply and the motor ran lean. I haven't flown one, but speaking to owners tells me that reliability is fantastic, with no serious problems to mention. _fbq.loaded = true; This is not only annoying but also very dangerous, so choose wisely. The RV3 is the third generation of this engine and since first launched in Dec. 2017 the concept has undergone several amendments and now has reached finest quality and reliability. window._fbq.push(['track', 'PixelInitialized', {}]); Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The rubber mounts are half the size of Moster’s. The business brings to the market place many years of practical flying and engineering experience. 130 cm carbon fibre E-Props + Prop Covers + 12 Litre Fuel Tank + Eos Engine Guarantee 1 year / HE Engine Guarantee 2 years. ⚡ TRENDING NOW ⚡ THE COMPLETE PARAMOTOR PILOT'S BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE │ CLICK HERE.

The EOS is not smaller, it is just lighter.. Nice finish, All CNC machined.

thanks K-Paramotor! })(); _fbq.loaded = true; Simonini are an Italian company that offer a range of single cylinder paramotor engines and twin cylinder microlight engines. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. With props, bigger is better.

If so, this would a perfect engine for most pilots, even for the more hungry ones.

I have met Roland, the chief designer of the EOS engine and he was very nice and helpful. The original WASP designed products are driven by : safety first, practicality, reliability and durability combined with light weight … guaranteed.

For this reason it's my number 4, although owners of the F1 suggest that it could be the best paramotor engine on the market. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The Facebook poll took 1131 votes and asked pilots which engine they're flying, and there were 75 to choose from. The fuel consumption was 3,3 litres per hour with Ozone Viper 2, size 26. Its not just numbers, you can really feel the difference. The 180 cc is perfect for average to larger pilots, or really heavy pilots may wish to choose the 200 cc version.

Today Vittorazi is the leading paramotor engine manufacturer, with the Moster 185 being their most popular choice amongst pilots.