1200 278 1.40 110 Set Pieces: Chimeric Armet, Chimeric Half Plate, Chimeric Gauntlets, Chimeric Sabatons. Caged Fury

The armor is worn by Fighters, Warriors and the Mystic Knights.

226 Location: You can find all the set items at the the Everfall and a few on Bitterblack Isle. This armor matches the look of the one worn by Gran Soren soldiers. 0% 100% Swords

290 36 95 Location: It is sold by a vendor inside the Ancient Quarry, only after it has been cleared by the Arisen. 100% 136 105


237 Knockdown


350 100% 100% 330


0% 258

Dragon's Wit ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Aneled Meniscus There is no headpiece for this set but you can either a Chain Coif or Clerical Cap. 251 0% Location: All pieces can be purchased from Alon with high affinity. Magick Set Pieces: Sallet, Tunic, Half Plate, Gauntlets, Cape, Cuisses and Leggings. Dragon's Dogma Wiki Guide with Quests, items, weapons, armor, strategies, maps and more.

Knockdown 0%

174 211 35

1.83 Slash %

170 1.54

If you have any information regarding the armor sets in Dragon’s Dogma, share with us in comments! Location: This is in the Armor Pack: Demon’s Protection DLC. 1.43. For a Mystic knight the "best" armor and clothing magnify magick and str attacks. 100% What's the best armor for mystic knight and where can I find it. 237 The good thing is that as you proceed further in the game, you can upgrade your armor … 141

202 Common Archistaff 100% 126 Dragon's Risen 99 Location: Unlocked by completing the game in Hard Mode.

Sanguine Stalk 1.36



1.32 0% 230 Stagger 0%

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Location: The Crimson Jerkin is part of the Armor Pack: Divine Protection DLC and buy the rest at the Black Cat in Gran Soren.


215 304 Location: This is part of the Demon’s Protection DLC armor pack. Stagnant Surge

Shortbows Archistaves Yes @. Solar Providence 24 40 0% Strength

Strength Location: You will get this by finishing the Online Ur-Dragon.

100% It is also a part of the DLC Pack A Coiffure You Can’t Refuse where you can find it in Arisen’s inventory. Weapons can be upgraded through Enhancement, Dragonforging, and Rarifying. Hollowed Dragon 84 This category refers to collections of different pieces of armor put together to form a complete set. 1.81

Longbows Abyssinal Greaves Stats (Enhancement Level 4), Abyssinal Coat Stats (Enhancement Level 4)

0% 179


183 For a list of armor sets, and an overview, see Armor, Clothing and Weapon Sets. For information and stats, the following article will serve the purpose. You can also get it from Montebank at The Black Cat in Gran Soren. 99 340 46

0% 116 Watch Dogs: Legion Review – Taking DedSec in The Right Direction Innit, Torchlight 3 Review – Acceptable But Forgettable, The Invincible Targets 4K With “Smooth” Frame Rates, Uses DualSense Tech For “Complex Interactions”, Haven Dev Discusses Combat, Enemies, & Dragon Ball Z Inspirations, Dirt 5 Designer Talks “Exciting” Post-Launch Plans; New Playgrounds Items In The Works, Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.07 Released, Fixes Graphical Issues, Makes Improvements, New Among Us Improvements Coming Soon, Accessibility, Anti-Hacking, And More, Debilitation Resist: (Torpor: 21%, Possession: 21%, Petrification: 21%), Debilitation Resist: Poison: 63%, Silence: 63%, Cursed: 63%, Debilitation Resist: Blindness: 63%, Sleep: 63%, Skill Stifling: 63%, Elemental Resist: Dark:2%, CF: 10%, Fire: 2%, Debilitation Resist: Poison: 6%, Sleep: +7%, Debilitation Resist: Poison 8%, Sleep: 9%, Debilitation Resist: Poison: 8% Sleep: 9%, Elemental Resist: Fire: -4%, Thunder: 4%, Thundershock: 20%, Iraklis [Longsword] or Dragon’s Dogma [Sword], Jade Bangles or Gleaming Bangles [arm armor], White Hawk Tunic and White Hawk Leggings [underclothes] or Silver Chainmail Set [heavy underclothes], Signs of Valor (or Chilling Razors) [daggers], Riveted Boots (cut down leg armor with copper plate), Dragon Knight’s Cloak (or Adventurer’s Cloak), Magnanimous Cloak or Feather Cape [cloaks], Crimson Jerkin or Silver Cuirass [chest clothing], Debilitation Resist: Skill Stifling 16%, Strength Lowered: 21%, Debilitation Resist: Stregnth Lowered 24%, Skill Stifling 24%, Debilitation Resist: Strength Lowered: 36%, Skill Stifling: 32%, Debilitation Resist: Skill Stifling 12%, Strength Lowered 18%, Debilitation Resist: Strength Lowered: 39%, Skill Stifling: 27%, Debilitation Resist: Lowered Def 70%, Cursed 46%.

Dragon’s Dogma Armor Location Armor in Dragon’s Dogma is the only way to protect Arisen and Pawns. 116

Bludgeon %

Magick Shields For a Mystic knight the "best" armor and clothing magnify magick and str attacks. 704 0% I use the following on mine: GT: Dragonkin777,Shevaan-Sorcerer 200-- GT: baseballkidd99,Ragnarr-Ranger 200. 1.39 174



@ I meant Golden-but you could tell that in the picture LOL-did you view them?? Dragon’s Dogma, like many other RPGs, offer players the freedom to go for various armor types, which can also be upgraded over the course of time. Daggers © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

0% 554 Magick Archer to Mystic Knight Good Idea? 118 950

Location: You can purchase all pieces Post-game from Caxton and Alon, as well as from Barroch in Bitterblack Isle. Magick Bows Staves Location: Can be obtained from the Black Cat in Dark Arisen and is a part of  A Face of a Different Color DLC.

126 Ok iv been playing the game for a while but what does BBI stand for?

258 12

Evil Eyesight 100% Eclipsed Providence Rusted Archistaff 1.11 Thinking about starting a run this time and NEVER switching vocations. 0% 180 100%

350 Longswords Set Items: Helmet, Gauntlet, Body Armor, Greaves and Cloak Location: You can find it in Dark Arisen once you’ve reached Gran Soren.

100% You should be mindful of the available options before selecting. 100% Frozen Tomorrow

Weight 230


Location: Given to you as a disguise from Mirabelle at the beginning of Duchess In Distress so that you can walk through the front door of the Blighted Manse. 738

Slash % 253 0%


Weapons in Dragon's Dogma are limited by your Vocation. 278

140 Swordman’s Plate Stats (Enhancement Level 0). 100% Armor Set Statistics (Enhancement Level 0).

Stagger 100%

How can I get the Blackwing Bow for Magick Archers? Bludgeon % 1.22

180 You can also find all the set pieces in different parts of The Everfall. The set is sold by Renald in the Greatwall Encampment and also at the Caxton’s Armory. 0% Magick 23 28 2.55 151 33 Talarian White

3.34 100% 1.46


1.30 Trending pages. This is the same armor as worn by Julien. Values in parentheses are for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Click on each weapon for a more detailed breakdown of its stats and upgrading requirements.


Going back to the original Dragon's Dogma. Be sure to turn on Hard Mode from the start of the main quest in Cassardis.

The Griffen stuff is good - random chests in Bluemoon Tower, also sold by Alon (if you've done his quest and opened up the Ancient Quarry for travel). 274

266 100%

55 You can buy it from Alon once the Ancient Quarry is cleared out by the Arisen. 290 It is obtained by killing the online Ur-Dragon, Abyssinal Bracers Stats (Enhancement Level 4), Abyssinal Outfit Stats (Enhancement Level 0). Helical Archistaff Warhammers

Location: Part of the DLC Armor Pack: Divine Protection and then can be purchased from Montebank at The Black Cat in Gran Soren. 105(115) 100% Chimeric Armet 290 26 141 18 Grievous Horns

Values in parentheses are for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. This is the outfit worn by Duke Edmun Dragonsbane. 310 220 112 110

Shields Location: In Dark Arise, you can purchase it form The Black Cat in Gran Soren.