It was based on a necked-up and fireformed.220 Russian case (another target round). 6mm BR Rem. It was based on a necked-up and fireformed .220 Russian case (another target round). 257 Roberts Ack Imp. Chambered for 6mm PPC-USA is Not offered at this time. The 24 Nosler is exceptionally accurate and mild mannered and has cleanly taken numerous midsized big-game animals. Hornady’s 80-grain GMX and 103-grain ELD-X and the Speer 90-grain Hot-Cor all are accurate and deadly. In the 1970s, Remington experimented with a .308-sized case that was about 1.5 inches long and had a small primer pocket (like the PPCs). Most reloading manuals have loading data for the 6mm PPC. It debuted in 1955 and has been immensely and justifiably popular ever since.

I had a Remington Model 700 BDL Varmint rifle rebarreled with a heavy stainless-steel barrel chambered for the round, and it lived up to its reputation. Of course, handloading the 6mm Creedmoor is a reloader’s dream.

6MM PPC -- The Benchmark of AccuracyDeveloped by Louis Palmisano and Ferris Pindell (left and right in photo), the 6PPC is the King of the Hill in short-range benchrest competition, the most accurate cartridge ever invented. It is “advanced” for the AR platform. The .222 Remington, introduced in 1950, was top dog in benchrest circles until the advent of the PPCs, after which, the 6mm PPC was used by virtually all serious benchrest competitors. Sako offers a factory load using a 70 grain HPBT Match bullet at a MV of 3200 fps and ME of 1481 ft. lbs.

continues to ride the crest of the 6mm-caliber wave, the tried-and-true 6mm Rem. Its case is bigger and its report louder, but it is deadly effective in the field. There prices seem ok for that caliber and the type of bullets they load in that caliber.

Try to find some factory loaded Sako brand ammo. It’s small, and its availability is limited, but its accuracy and ballistic performance really qualify it for the “Great” category. The 6mm PPC was designed in 1975 by Ferris Pindell and Louis Palmisano for bench rest shooting.

Handloaders can duplicate the ballistics of either using similar HPBT match bullets at MV's in the 3100-3200 fps range. 107 SW Columbia St | Bend, Oregon, USA 97702  |  Toll Free: 1-800-285-3701  |  catalog@nosler.comNosler Showroom / Open to the Public:  Monday - Friday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm PSTCorporate Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm PST, Copyright 2013 - 2020Nosler Inc  |  Privacy  Use  Order Processing, Nosler - Bullets, Brass, Ammunition & Rifles. for decades and have experienced no odd problems with it. Many shooters necked the BR case down, and a 6mm version ultimately became the 6mm BR Remington.

Accuracy was up to par, and shooters took to the rifle-cartridge combo like a duck, well, you know. :lol: A forum community dedicated to Sharpshooters and Sniper enthusiasts.

Some have long and storied histories, while others are just now making their own legends. JavaScript is disabled. Her 6mm Creedmoor rifle is light and handy and shoots like a house afire, and recoil and muzzle blast are modest. Many handloaders like the 6mm Rem.’s sharper shoulder and longer case, and while it’s not nearly as popular as the .243 Win., it is nonetheless a great 6mm round.

remains a solid performer with today’s high-tech bullets, new powders, and fast-twist rifle barrels. Cartridge: 6mm PPC. The 6mm PPC was designed in 1975 by Ferris Pindell and Louis Palmisano for bench rest shooting. Addional photos available upon request. Benchrest (BR) shooters will go to almost any length to shave 0.001 inch off of their aggregate average, and there is a diverse assemblage of 6mm wildcat rounds for BR shooters. Accordingly, the firm introduced two loads. Company literature in 1955 described both bullets as “Soft Point.”. Low recoil is also noted. Come join the discussion about optics, modifications, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Based on the .204 Ruger, which was created from the .222 Rem. The hunter can add about 100 to 150 fps of additional velocity to most game-weight bullets. Mag., the 6mm-204 essentially recreates the 6x47. SOLD Manufacturer: Sako Model: 75 They still do. This is intended to be a complete caliber list of all Ruger No. Interestingly enough, my history with 6mm rounds began with the 6mm Remington. It is often impossible to get the 6mm PPC to feed from the magazine of even a custom made bolt action rifle.

This is the “Great” short, fat 6mm PPC that was developed by Dr. Louis Palmisano and Ferris Pindell. Fred Huntington, founder of RCBS, developed a then-new 6mm cartridge by necking down the .257 Roberts case. 175 Gr. The 6mm PPC is a very stubby round, with a case only 1.503 inch long and a rim diameter of.445 inch. Please visit us again. All rights reserved. Our 6mm PPC data was worked-up using standard production Sako brass with the necks “outside turned” to fit our tighter, bench rest chamber. They run the gamut from tiny benchrest numbers to those with larger cases that essentially duplicate many factory rounds. And its performance is effective with a variety of bullets. It uses the ever-effective Hornady 100-grain RN InterLock with H4350 powder.

Norma Brass is bulk packed from the same lot. It is reported to be very accurate, but its aura is eclipsed by the shadow of the 6mm PPC. And it made the “new” round available in the very attractive and accurate Model 700. The Nosler trajectory tables show the following for a 55 grain bullet at 3300 fps: +1.3 inches at 100 yards, 0 at 200 yards, and -6.4 inches at 300 yards. - 6MM Brass H Break-Off 8-32 Inserts & EPOXY, 12pk.

Nosler technicians found H322 to be the most accurate powder with both bullet weights; test barrel length was 22 inches. Remington surmised that the .244 would be used mostly as a varmint cartridge, with only an occasional application on deer-sized game, so the initial factory ammo was loaded with a 75-grain bullet.

There is no standard cartridge overall length for the 6mm PPC, which uses standard .243 inch diameter bullets. 204 Ruger, 218 Bee, 22 Hornet, 222 Rem, 223, 22 PPC, 22-250 Rem, 220 Swift, 6mm PPC, 6mm Rem, 243 Win, 250 Savage, … Our 80 grain Ballistic Tip® is the heaviest Nosler bullet that will properly stabilize in the 1-14” twist of the 6mm PPC. Wildcatters have had a field day with the 6mms, and the list of their creations is long. The benchrest crowd has not been overlooked in the 6mm derby, and one cartridge literally rewrote the record book. Both bullets produce deer-slaying accuracy. Buyer pays actual shipping. My friend wants to bring out his 6mm PPC, but he has lost his reloading dies (and his will to reload). While almost any combination of components seems to shoot well, my favorite powders are Hybrid 100V, Reloder 17, and Power Pro 4000MR. The following information for heavier bullets is taken from the Speer Reloading Manual #13. Loaded for 6mm PPC-USA is Not offered at this time. That flattens trajectories somewhat and applies a bit more punch to the game. It is accurate, produces good velocities, and the copper eraser stuff in this powder makes barrel cleaning a breeze. The current reincarnation of this round is the 6mm BR Norma, with essentially the same case dimensions. Mfr … The shoulder angle is 30 degrees. Mag. This PPC ammo is amazingly accurate. I tested a bolt-action handgun in 24 Nosler last year and was so impressed with the round that I had a Remington Model 700 originally in .223 Rem. Today’s fast-twist .223s and heavy bullets have made it effectively obsolete.