and make left or right turns, as instructed. But is it really a departure if your only staying in the pattern?

Do not confuse this with squawk, which means to tune the transponder code or transponder operating mode, such as Mode C, altitude reporting, a controller gives you. ", Cleared out of class [D] "Arrow 173ND," or "Katana Regardless of how you listen in, when you hear a new phrase on the frequency, make note of it and look it up when you get home. Report a three-mile This knowledge can help them in an emergency, and it helps prepare a recreational pilot for a private pilot certificate, if he decides to continue his training. Much of the phraseology will be new and confusing at first. Once you have a license (including a student pilot certificate):

3. During your training, you'll learn to work with tower and ground controllers. (In these examples, all runway numbers are interchangeable.). Like any new skill, it gets easier with time. tell you otherwise. Long, detailed transmissions ensure the controller receives the needed information, but these monologues also tie up the frequency. able.) Hanscom Tower: "Warrior 3572M, Hanscom Tower, in your area. Final note: Not all of these calls may be necessary, and in fact Early on it got confusing like that whos on first bit. It is predicated on known traffic and known physical airport conditions. (Note: in the following explanations, "ATC" means

followed by. Radio calls are not a substitute for awareness, so keep your eyes How to use: 1. controller.

They laughed about it and apologized for the chaos... Got a full route at startup, then reroute during taxi and then another one when ready for departure at the hold line.

Could I get a local area weather This call is permission to stop communications with ATC, usually because you're leaving their airspace and continuing on a visual flight. in order that everyone be aware of each other. After all, you're "cleared for takeoff" not "cleared for departure". This is the standard It allows you to replay the transmissions you didn't get on the first pass, and it gives you a chance to review how well you used the right words during your flight.

If the controller is working five other airplanes and needs to issue timely control instructions, he can't do it until you release the microphone button. Imitating others is often how we learn to use the phraseology correctly—and incorrectly. This is often followed If you work with approach controllers in or around Class B or C airspace, ask them to hand you off to Center instead of terminating their radar service. Always repeat this instruction back to the It may be followed by the pilot's request for the controller to provide assistance in avoiding the traffic. THAT IS CORRECT—The understanding you have is right. radar contact. Don't turn from downwind to base yet. Make sure you know the airports name your controlling at (ex. Not a member? "Report a two-mile right base to runway two-three." If you have a question, "verify" is the word you use to ensure you have the right information. off and are outside of controlled airspace.

MINIMUM FUEL—Indicates that an aircraft's fuel supply has reached a state where, upon reaching the destination, it can accept little or no delay. touch-and-go, or go-around. RADAR CONTACT—Used by ATC to inform an aircraft that it is identified on the radar display and radar flight following will be provided until radar identification is terminated. YOU: Whom you're talking to An experienced pilot recognizes the word group and knows that an altitude follows.

Later, he/she will give you to another controller on 6. report the right downwind to runway two-niner." Most ATC communications you hear will be for IFR traffic.

For example, you say, "Verify Hometown Tower on one-two-three-point-four," if you think you misheard the tower frequency. Most things a controller will say are standard APPROACH (or tower) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Use Around here, it's is simply somebody sitting at the FBO desk waiting to fuel planes your area. The pilot may have to turn to, or continue on, a specific compass direction in order to comply with the instructions. on the direction that the Dash 8 is traveling. Log in with your AOPA username or create a free account to access this and other free educational resources.

Confirm... The controller responds to your initial radio call with, "Trainer one two three four, standby." A taxi clearance: if cleared to taxi TO a runway, you are allowed