He was the father of Jupiter, who usurped him to begin his own dynasty, which is why Saturn is often associated with endings. House Ruled by Aquarius: Eleventh They can be quite noble in their deepest nature, but also may come across as critical and demanding. This sense of independence is not a value you should give up, but rather, something that you should seek an equal love for in your partner. It can be hard to get Aquarius to really listen to you. It was a joyful festival of light, and just as full of happiness as a modern Christmas. The powerful and unique properties of each planet have a direct influence on the characteristics of people born under the sign ruled by that planet. Uranus signifies the strange things in your life, as it is your key planet. As always, the factors affecting personal compatibility are highly varied, and cannot be distilled to just one astrological point. People with many Fixed signs tend to be stubborn and difficult to sway from their intended course of action. Saturn shows how, when the mind and the emotions come together, the world can be changed and brought to a higher plane. (Planets in water signs, or a strong Moon may mitigate this tendency.

In fact, it rules money, age, hard work, the material world, and a cautious attitude.

Uranus ruled the skies in a time “before time,” where there were no limits on primal power. Christopher Renstrom. Sure, you probably already knew about your sun sign, but that barely even scrapes the surface of all that you are. Aquarius is also the sign that rules astrology. Your views on the world are frequently diametrically opposed and held with equal amounts of philosophical vigour, which leads to a lot of clashes.

Water symbolizes intuition, emotion. You can share your sense of pragmatism and steady advancement towards change with them. Aquarius can get stuck in the air sign trap of approaching emotions through logic and reason. They dream the world into being with their future-oriented conceptions. However, there are plenty of times when an Aquarian does want a relationship, but can’t quite figure out how best to go about reconciling her unstoppable individualism with sharing a life with someone else. Try to leverage this into a career that keeps you intellectually stimulated. (Some notable exceptions here, like Rush Limbaugh.). Save 30% on Astrology Software for Mac & PC As always, it is of utmost importance to do your own research and consult the rest of your chart, to gain a better sense of the impact of both planets on your life. They have opinions, but they might not tell you what they are unless you ask them. Freedom doesn’t have to mean loneliness, after all. They can also appear to be more involved with work than with other people, although they truly value social contact.