The weapons used to be given to each Custodes personally by the Emperor, a practice he's presumably stopped doing after his confinement to The Golden Throne and as such one of the highest heresies possible is to allow a non-Custodian to handle the weapon. Captain Nathaniel Garro was also able to defeat a Custodes during a training duel though unlike other examples the Custodes was portrayed as been extremely skilled; Garro outwitted him and won by playing to his overconfidence (Garro being awesome helped). Indeed, when the Emperor remarks that it is humanity's nature for brothers to fight brothers, one of His Custodians responds that he wouldn't know anything about it because he has no brothers. Some events indicate this is an incorrect assumption from the Astartes, as Custodians fight as an organized force in the webway and on Prospero and a Custodes called Aquillon also fought in perfect lockstep with Argel-Tal showing they are capable of fighting alongside others. To this end, the cloth colors in the examples are included in parentheses. It seems the 10,000 have not lost any technology, retaining all their units from 30k in 40k. Legend has it that, When Magnus the Red was declared a traitor, Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves was sent. Argel Tal stole some and used his daemonic powers to unlock them so that they could be used to kill loyalists, which at least is a sort of explanation (albeit a weak, hand-wave-y one), unlike the fucking bloody magpies who have working a Custodian bolter in their armoury, or the Greeks who have a Halberd (and let's not even mention the fucking Deathwatch). While the Thunder Warriors were eventually replaced by the far more stable and far less brawny Space Marines, the Custodians apparently still use those ancient methods (but geared towards producing far more stable warriors) and as such lack a gene-seed. They're everywhere, so why not?,000/Tactics/Adeptus_Custodes(8E) They also managed to restore their numbers to pre-heresy ones, so they are as numerous as ten Chapters combined. I am miserly with your lives, where I would spend so many others without a thought. You'll also see a World Eater was able to kill a Custodes by punching through his armour while being unarmed and unarmored (considering an Astartes cannot punch through power armour this is Goto levels of stupidity). This suggests the Dawneagle Jetbikes and Allarus terminators were created after the heresy. However, he does recognize that the Custodians are not a self-contained army the same way as Space Marine Chapters are, since that was never their intended function, nor are they possessed of any prescient gifts or supernatural abilities that would assist them against the Great Enemy. Accidental collateral damage from attempted selfies. They act on the opposite end of the scale to Grey Knights who fight against the warp on its own terms. In a somewhat dickish move, his preferred recruits for the Custodians were the children of his conquered enemies. Overall they seem similar to the Grey Knights, the militant arm of the Ordo Malleus branch of the Inquisition, in that both are elite, secret organizations with close ties to the Emperor and have a skill set as well as resistance to corruption that elevates them beyond Astartes. This is a non-combat role, and once part of the Tribunate a Custode is expected to serve at least a decade, where they turn all their prodigious skills to support the Captain-General strategically and diplomatically. The Custodes are apparently not as intelligent as previously assumed. Whoah. that now extend beyond those of guarding the Emperor’s person.

The guardian spear is majority black in both the haft and bolter, with gold trim, some silver mechanics, and a blue power blade. As penance they stripped off their armor, guarding the Golden Throne wearing naught but their helmets. This has worked out well for the Custodes as apparently they were starting to get a little stir crazy after 10,000 years of being stuck on Terra and were more than happy to get out and start purging the enemies of the God-Emperor in His name. Ra Endymion didn't give a shit about saluting Jenetia Krole because only the Emprah deserves it, but at the same time, he tried to look kind with the Soulless Queen's nine-year-old aide by giving her his winningest smile, which results in a fail of epic proportions. Adeptus Titanicus – Knight Command Terminals. Sister Tanau Aleya believes that there is no physical opponent that the Custodians could not destroy, thus it was the role of the untouchable Sisters of Silence to anchor supernatural or warp tainted enemies into the physical realm where they can be wounded and destroyed. When preparing for war, each Custodian prepares and inspects his equipment individually, rather than on military parade. Doing nothing with “we serve the Emperor not the Imperium” doesn’t fly, even for them, when they see the Emperor’s entire reason for BEING Emperor twisted and broken and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that they could have prevented it...but explicitly and willingly chose not to. Funnily enough, their tabletop counterparts in 7th edition showed even better teamwork than any of the Astartes rules, contrary to the typical Custodes style of fighting as individuals. Gemstones are painted silver and then a blue technical paint is used to make them gemstones.

Such a talented little bumpkin, well done Jon! Doesn't stop him from kicking ass though. The Golden Boys of the Emperor also received a much-expanded and stand-alone Codex for 8th Edition. Below this group are the Shield-Captains, who are the war leaders of the Custodes. A Custodes has also been shown killing 3 Heresy era Chapter Masters in a second and 3 Custodes killed 7 of the original Gal-Vorbak before been killed themselves. Adeptus Titanicus - Titan Command Terminals. Yet now the Emperor’s blades are unsheathed. the standard armament of the Custodian Guard. Imperial Fists? Beyond this, each Custodian gravitates to a particular strategic role, whether as members of the fast-moving Vertus Praetors, heavy support Allarus Custodians, or the grim Wardens. The Emperor first created these elite warriors back in the old days of his conquest of Terra, making them souped-up and more long-lived versions of the already hilariously OP Thunder Warriors. This aspect of the Custodian mindset is advantageous, given that the Captain-General of the order often shares a seat with the High Lords of Terra and thus allows him to navigate the political maneuverings of the Imperium's various agencies, while remaining an awe-inspiring warrior. Black leather isn't used in any official color scheme either, but black leather with some grey lines to indicate some light battle damage or wear could work. When Guilliman returns, he orders the old orders rescinded, and the Adeptus Custodes starts being dispatched to various war zones, including Guilliman's own Indomitus Crusade. Awesome? Thanks to the Carrion Throne and Watchers of the Throne novels, as well as getting their own codices for 7th and 8th Edition, the fandom FINALLY has something to chew on. The missing element in their deployment had always been the Sisters of Silence, noting that they were always intended to fight together.

These documents collect amendments to the rules and present our responses to players’ frequently asked questions. For ten thousand years they have stood sentinel over the Master of Mankind and defended the gates of his palace. The Adeptus Custodes finally received their own rules at the tail end of 7th Edition, with a mini-Codex that was bundled along with the Sisters of Silence mini-dex in the Talons of the Emperor boxed set. Small detachments of Custodians were tasked to. Newer models such as the Custodian Warden or Terminators also have more cloth material which is also (but not always, see below) this color. Essentially the Custodes are portrayed as having a different skill set and role than the marines as they were better warriors individually but did not work together as soldiers like the Astartes. Their chapter master equivalent being their Captain-General, and their equivalent of a Primarch being the Emperor of Mankind. Although Rogal Dorn had judged that the Custodes were spent as a fighting force, it can be assumed that the Custodes had recovered enough that, by the 32nd Millennium during the War of the Beast, a Shield Host numbering in the hundreds was on hand to intercept a strike group of Harlequins trying to get into the Imperial Precincts. Tribune Maldovar Colquan in Dark Imperium is a contemptuous bastard that harbours dislike and distrust of everyone ranging from guardsmen to Guilliman while Valerian and Navradaran from Watchers of the Throne are surprisingly tolerant and level-headed when dealing with mere mortals showing blatant weakness. This means wherever Guilliman goes he has quite literally the best bodyguards in the Imperium watching his back. The Ten Thousand walk the stars in numbers not seen since the Great Crusade, and woe betide those who stand in their way. As a side-effect, many candidates are driven mad or killed in the process of becoming a Custodian. This cloth color is also used in secondary colorings on other models -- for example, the Dreadnought or Terminator shoulderpads, or plates on the vehicles. CODEX: ADEPTUS CUSTODES Official Update Version 1.0 Although we strive to ensure that our rules are perfect, sometimes mistakes do creep in, or the intent of a rule isn’t as clear as it might be.