Reflective Essay On A Patient Undergoing An Acute Care Nursing Essay.

(Dellinger at al 2004). Though anti-emetics were prescribed to counter the effect of nausea and vomiting, their effect was not profound and this caused some delay in the operative process. The lack of research, trickles over to a lack of training and evidence-based practice performed, The aim of this essay is to discuss and explore the evidence based nursing care for a 57 year old gentleman who has been recently diagnosed with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). ‘Fluid resuscitation is replacing some of the circulating volume that has been lost because of capillary leak or oedema’. 5oC respiratory rate of 18 and a GCS of 15/15, eyes responded to light and the patient could lift both legs and arms on command. I also learnt that there is a psychological aspect to pain.

The catheter was inserted by the nurse under strict aseptic technique in order to avoid introducing infection. PRINCIPLES OF ACUTE CARE NURSING CUSTOM ESSAY Topic: Case Study Asthma All info accessed through Australian College of Nursing. I guess I must have been overwhelmed with sympathy rather than empathy for the patient. Morphine was used as a drug of choice in the management of Mr Jones acute pre operative pain. Pain could be divided simply into acute and chronic pain based on its duration (Shipton 1999). According to the RCN “Informed consent is an ongoing agreement by a person to receive treatment, undergo procedures or participate in research, after risks, benefits and alternatives have been adequately explained to them” (RCN 2005, p5). There is a psychological aspect to pain. The SHO was informed of Mrs Smith’s reason for admission which was a UTI, laceration to forehead due to fall and awaiting long term care. 10 Summative Assignment Guidelines. The nurse used the stethoscope to check for wheeze the patient’s lungs were clear and chest rise was symmetrical. Examples must be provided detailing how you have achieved the objectives.

During the first 24 hours patients often receive a high dose of fluids to restore their cardiac output and limit organ damage. 1st Jan 1970 Nursing Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. NICE Guidelines (2007) recommends that all staff caring for critically ill patients should be competent in monitoring and interpreting patient’s vital signs to enable appropriate treatment and interventions are conducted. In a study carried out by Matthewson at the elderly care unit at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, she concluded that nursing is the art of caring and as such we must listen empathically to what patients and service users want so we can give them the care that they deserve (Matthewson 2002). Brunner & Suddarth (2008) define oliguria as ‘diminished urine output, less than 400ml per 24hours’. Our course, Transition to Professional Nursing, is barely two weeks old and already I am being enlightened and challenged to expand my experience of nursing.