× I fail to see anything wrong with that practice. Add to Cart. $61. Did Icks come by the crate, Mr Warks? Australian Business Number 79 662 719 408. JavaScript is disabled. Started Tuesday at 05:04 AM, By You can post now and register later. Bill125812 This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Our local lemonade was Joe's from South Gippsland. Anatoly Beaver-Hausen, YouTube archival videos, the ‘Fit of Passion’ project, 1990s. It makes sense though, the spindle hole is very small... My post was an attempt to add to the conversation, but you single it out for ridicule. To shave or not to shave, is this still a question?

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Display as a link instead, × Rings a bell as being one of them. Clive I suppose we all gotta start somewhere.

MM86 The point of this gormless reminisce? Learn how your comment data is processed. I think you're the one who should go back to bed.... We've all been "screwed " by paying inflated prices - but I really did lose it . mm.pulp I thought yours was a bizarre post. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk. All Rights Reserved. Our publication is supported by its audience.

Night Moves reminds me of my wife back in the day when we hitched around Europe.

If the seller doesn't want to pay then they don't.

Started Monday at 05:19 AM, By "3AK- where no wrinklies fly." Tarax due to bottle cap competition and tv shows. (Conversely, I recall the 1970s, when the Melbourne pop station 3AK ran a promotion ‘3AK Where No Wrinklies Fly’, which featured a naked and hirsute youthful Adam and Eve artwork – which we loved because our elders found it shocking.

I'm in the "if there's someone wants to buy this..." camp. If they had a real interest in the hobby then they would scan and share freely. Ian Lyons

Might seem like trivial nostalgia, but the choice made may well reveal personality trait development in later life. Started January 24, 2019, By Been going on for years. Item Number ZZZ009203-PO; SIZE 18 5/8" x 29" Condition Fair; $122.

It occurs to me that mostly only porn actresses were completely ‘smooth’ back then. ????? We used to return the bottes for 5c and buy firecrackers! (directed to the Victorians out there of senior vintage) - Armstrong steps on the moon - which lemonade were you drinking at the time? Off the Page, On the Stage: Poetry and Performance (2002), Poetry Book Reviews published in AMBR, AWBR, and Ulitarra (University of New England) 2000s, Poetry book reviews published in Thylazine (2007) and fiction, nonfiction and poetry reviews at www.thecompulsivereader.com (2006-8), The Alternative Movement and the Australian Literary Scene (2000), ‘Homeward Dove’ Reviewed in Autoharp Quarterly, Fit of Passion – Public Performance of the Poetry of Gender, Interview with Liz Hall-Downs by Coral Hull, published in Thylazine, 2001, Review of ‘Fit of Passion’, Pym Schaare, UQ, 1997, ‘The Trouble With Harry’ Liz Hall-Downs & Kim Downs, 2003, ‘We built our own home on the disability pension’ by Liz Hall-Downs, ‘Who Needs Cows When You Can Have Koalas?’ (2003), Conscious Razing: combustible poems (1986), Fit of Passion by Liz Hall-Downs & Kim Downs (1997), People of the Wetlands / Wetlands haiku (1996), Writers of the Storm: 5 East Coast Poets (1993), The #MeToo fiction: ‘Fears – Size/Quantity – Margins’, self-published, 1986, Writing About Disability – an experiential perspective, ‘My Arthritic Heart: notes of a work in progress’.

Started Sunday at 02:09 AM, By This has to be a new low in opportunistic exploitation of vulnerable fanboys. Rare as hens teeth. Ooogh I think 5KA was "Konstant Music" at one stage. I'm going to go back years in creating a motto for RR but one that comes to mind is an old 3 AK promo from the early 70's when it was Melbourne's top rock music station. Started Monday at 01:22 AM, By 1st Printing $122 $61 $61.00 Fair; TOUR/SHOW 3AK's Summer.

Free shipping and exclusive concert streaming for members. ( Log Out /  Why should anyone scan something for nothing to give away because "they had a real interest in the hobby" ? Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk. See if your flight has been delayed or cancelled and track the live position on a map.


People buy and sell OBIs, which are nothing more than a piece of cardboard with the relevant words, for more than that. As a feminist, it’s frustrating to be continually told that I ‘hate men’, so this poem attempts to model some healthy sexuality into the discussion.

I posted a piece on the subject, with the following observation.

There are sellers who harvest articles and posters, even ads! tim_tam87 or was it Tarax's "hi-bubble, hi-bubble, hi-bubble, hi-bubble lemonade, get a lift with Tarax, hi-bubble lemonade!" Started Monday at 07:41 AM, By Clear editor. Do you save all of your rude replies for me or did you get up off the wrong side of the bed this morning? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Will you vaccinate with Conoravirus vaccine when one is available? And of course the "noo UW" from the 1960s with signs plastered on double decker buses. A conversation within an online writing group brought this poem to mind. Where No Wrinkyls Fly. Great times.

Why should someone provide something free if they want to make a bit of money? What on earth is wrong with people cutting adverts out of old magazines and trying to sell them to other people who want to mount them as posters?

Offer ends soon.". I check eBay occassionally to gasp at the prices it commands.

Sounds like something that National Lampoon would do. I view it as another subtle hint that the world has lost its bearings.

AWA Orthofidelity Stereo 25 with Commonwealth Electronics Turntable.... What connection for Balanced DAC to Single Ended Amp, JVC N5 VS EPSON 9400 UPGRADE (FROM PANASONIC PTAE8000), FS: Definitive Technology BP7006 Bi-Polar speakers with built in sub-woofers, Official Interstate & Overseas SNA Ambassador. One of my few unfulffilled music cravings is the DCC issue of Bob Seger " NIGHT MOVES". Back seat of XY falcon at the drive-in with a Mt Waverley High schoolgurly(I was Syndal Tech boy(awful awful farking school)). Where No Wrinkyls Fly. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Love the poem, as I said in said conversation. Poster. tesla13BMW I recall 2HD and 7LA were also "good music" for a time; any others that were "beautiful music"?

May 19, 2017 in General AV Discussion.

eyeofnewt Started Yesterday at 02:05 PM, By

(2007), Fit of Passion by Liz Hall-Downs & Kim Downs (1997), Writers of the Storm: 5 East Coast Poets (1993), Conscious Razing: combustible poems (1986), People of the Wetlands / Wetlands haiku (1996), ‘The Trouble With Harry’ Liz Hall-Downs & Kim Downs, 2003, Off the Page, On the Stage: Poetry and Performance (2002), Uncollected Spider Poem, published in ‘Linq’, James Cook University, 1998, Archival Poem: ‘I hope you’re warm now’ (Sylvia Plath tribute), My essay published in ‘Verity La’, May 25, 2020. Concerts that ruled, Concerts that sucked. Could be wrong, but didn't it appear in the 70's? If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. 3AK's Summer.

Does turntable motor rumble if incorrect motor caps are used? Credit cards which earn frequent flyer points is a popular way to earn frequent flyer points. Spider27 The headline read: It was, by a considerable margin, the highest circulation issue in their history. Seger gives me good memories of when I worked in a bar in the Red light District in Amsterdam. (Conversely, I recall the 1970s, when the Melbourne pop station 3AK ran a promotion ‘3AK Where No Wrinklies Fly’, which featured a naked and hirsute youthful Adam and Eve artwork – which we loved because our elders found it shocking. ) Related Items. ( Log Out /  By Millions of Posters, Photographs, T-Shirts, Vinyl, Magazines and more spanning over 50 years.

But I do have a flyer that features Qantus and 3AK with the "Where No Wrinklies Fly", gotta be worth ...umm, $500 or  double? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Writer, Performer, Musician, Conservationist, Feminist, Proud Cripple, and Parrot Lover. Not sure how many left though. I have observed you to be an habitual detractor. Nothing you have said adds to this conversation, it only detracts. You can be a radical woman and still love men, and sex. Started Yesterday at 05:51 AM, By When Dad was in the car the radio was tuned into the horse races but when I was sitting there by myself I could listen to 3XY or to 3AK “where no wrinklies fly”.

One of my few unfulffilled music cravings is the DCC issue of Bob Seger NIGHT MOVES. Could only be made more sad if posted here as a Sold ad. Kangarucci I grew up in Foster - our local lolly water factory was literally 50mtrs across the paddock from our kitchen window - family owned business Collis and Sons.

Beer, Spirits & other Alcoholic Beverages. Wasn't Passiona in the Coke/Fanta camp or was it a Cottee's product RF? Started Sunday at 07:13 AM, By

I don't see the fascination of either (OBI or divider cards) but some people want 'em, I guess.   Your link has been automatically embedded.

TONYCH31 $44 - $391 $22 Jimi Hendrix Experience Poster; $114 $57 SNACK Benefit Poster; $198 $99 Crack Down Benefit Poster; $86 $43 The Doors Poster; $84 - $1,870 $42 Led … No point really, just saw Evil's post and the poor bugger having to endure Seger but at least it was worth it apparently. This has to be a new low in opportunistic exploitation of vulnerable fanboys. Count on the odd fool with money huh? I remember once reading an article about scams, which mentioned a mail order ad that appeared in an American magazine in the 60s. from old music mags and sell them on ebay at ridiculous prices. Started August 30, By © Sound Media Group. I think I wrote it around 1994, and it appeared in the collection, ‘Girl With Green Hair’ (Papyrus, 2000). Oh, and bring back the Bush! at Wolfgangs.com. Started Sunday at 06:00 AM, By Strategies for Cheap Business Class to Europe, Flybuys Hacks to Earn Free Flights for Shopping at Coles, How to Get Free Qantas Wine Premium Membership, What to Expect Flying QF1 from Sydney to London via Singapore, Best Credit Cards for Overseas Travel including 28 Degrees, Compare Australia’s leading Frequent Flyer Credit Cards, AFF Gathering #14 in CBR on 4 - 6 December 2020, MEL Corona Wake [Olive Tree, Wed 4th November @8:00pm].