If it shows a YES response, you can then ask a series of questions about whether the item is in the house or at work, in the car or wherever else you think you may have left it. It could mean a lot of things.

She circled clockwise as usual. I just visualise a scale from 0% to 100% in my mind, in the shape of a semi-circle, just like in the chart and the pendulum moves according to my mental chart. }, energy, time, inner knowing, pendulum, intuition, maybe, yes, no, amplify, information, question, Sometimes Universe throws us off a tool to get us out of our comfort zone. Moonstone dowsing pendulum is very good when you want to connect with higher level beings and for issues dealing with emotions and relationships.

Once you get the answer to how you receive yes and no, the process of using a pendulum can begin. Clickety-click to order yours here! The key takeaway for me from the workshop was that like anything, the more we connect with a tool like a pendulum, the more “accurate” it becomes, and the more we can trust the answers it provides.

Even ask the pendulum “is there a different scenario that you could answer with yes or no?”.

A rose quartz dowsing pendulum is very good for chakra healing and for dowsing on emotional matters. Then ask a question for which the answer is an absolute NO. “I ask that this pendulum relay answers from my Higher self/spirit at all times, unless I request otherwise. Moonstone dowsing pendulum is very good when you want to connect with higher level beings and for issues dealing with emotions and relationships. Like any spiritual tools, it’s important to cleanse your pendulum, as you would a crystal, before using it. To see if this is the issue, try asking your pendulum if it can answer this question now. I like to ask a few “warm up questions” for which I know the answers, to ensure that my pendulum is providing an accurate reading. Does that surprise you? Read on to see why….

Link to post Share on other sites. So you know I like percentages. To do this, steady the elbow of the dominant hand, that is the hand that you write with, on a table or solid surface, hold the pendulum by the ball at the top of the chain or string or thread, and then ask a question for which you know the answer is an absolute YES (such as, “Is today Monday?” (if the day is actually Monday). General health-related questions, You could ask about things like: You can also use a pendulum to pick an item from a list of choices that you have written out. So why won’t my pendulum just say yes or no? If you don’t want to sage your pendulum, you can use cleansing techniques like sound, crystal bowls, tuning forks or Tibetan Bells. Is this possible, or am I reading too much into my own influence? This has been an extremely wonderful article.

Now hold your pendulum out.

I don’t understand your answer. That deep inner knowing may be influenced by external energy and intuition, so it may have the ability to answer correctly questions to which you have no way of knowing the answers.

This post gives an overview of pendulums, how to use them, and what sorts of things you can ask them about.

If you would like to explore the wonderful world of pendulums, I stock a range of pendulums in the Gift Shop. • Asking your pendulum about your partner’s job, raise, travel delays is also great to do, just remember that your pendulum is connected to your higher self.

Dowsing offers you to connect to an innermost wisdom; it can … The answers your pendulum gives are the best information it has at that time, based on the energy that is flowing through it. Now I know what ways my pendulum will swing for me – meaning I know when it says ‘Yes” or “No.” If you are new to this, you have to work out what ways the pendulum will swing for those 2 commands. It may be that some of those things need to happen to reduce the number of variables that can influence the answer before your intuition and pendulum can be confident about the answer. Is this a no? Whether a food or food group is good for me Your pendulum can’t hear your intuition.

Sometimes, though, all of that other noise is still too much, and even your pendulum can’t hear it over the din of you. So all you do is ask “Show me Yes” and wait for it to swing in a direction – remember which way, then ask again “Show me No” and watch as it shows you the direction of know. Afterwards, the CIA determined that Cameron was a risk to national security, and he was forbidden to leave the United States.” (Source: History of Pendulum Dowsing). window.history.go(-1);

It has the ability to foresee the future and give us information that we don’t know. There are also some, Answers to questions I am not sure about – (You know the ones – the biggies!). The pendulum becomes an extension of our intuition (which I believe is connected to Source / The Universe / God or whatever higher form you recognise it as) – it just happens to be a visible way of confirming or not confirming things that we probably already know within us. She spun stronger counter clockwise. A few years earlier, he had demonstrated his special dowsing talent to the U.S. Navy, successfully map dowsing (locating on a map) every submarine in the Navy’s fleet. Here they are, with suggestions about how you might get a, Butterfly Resonant Images: They may not show butterflies, but they transmit their energy. The answer to that question isn’t available at this time.

Working on questions for others may give you conflicting answers. As with crystals, the burning of sage or smudging, purifies the energy both of the pendulum and in the room you’re working in, and can remove any negative energies or entities. To find something, I find for me the Yes command is a circle around and around, and a no command is swinging back and forth – But as I said before, each one of us is an individual, so you much work out which way the pendulum swings for you. In fact, that may be why you’re using a pendulum in the first place – to amplify your intuition so you can actually hear it. It should be different/opposite from the YES response. I use pendulum dowsing all the time for –. I have even used my bunch of keys on my key ring, when in a Supermarket to ask a question as I had forgotten to wear my gold chain. Try grounding, clearing, meditating or any other quieting practice you use before you ask again. For example, say you’re looking to buy a house and you’ve seen five houses that you love. I’m lucky when my pendulum talks to me. It is seldom requested by clients and is highly belittled. You will find once you start dowsing, you will get a feel for what works for you.

Do you have a way to show me maybe? Then, that person asks a question.

Dowsing offers you to connect to an innermost wisdom; it can be a fun and simple way to begin to measure energy fields and is an excellent way of speaking directly with our, The term “pendulum dowsing” is often used to refer to the search for specific targets, while the term “pendulum divining” is most often used in reference to seeking precise information. What I like to call your deepest inner knowing. What does that mean? The first thing you do, to reassure yourself how it works, ask it some easy questions that you already know the answers to. function goBack() {

You know it will just be cheeky in return. You can ask if the item is under something, sitting on something; you can ask directions about where it might be, or is it in this room or that room?