[44] Russo said that although he loved working at Sirius, he missed talking sports with Francesa.[45].

Full Story. [24] On August 5, 2008, they would do their final show together at the New York Giants' training facility in Albany, New York. Twice, this team, out of nowhere, has knocked us off. [96][97] The show was directed by Daniel H. Forer and debuted on the air on ESPN as a one-hour documentary on July 13, 2017.

ONE LOUSY GODDAMN TIME! [62], Mike and the Mad Dog was No. As the mercenaries closed in, fears mounted for thousands of Europeans trapped in the city. Both Russo and Francesa have admitted to not being experts in hockey, but playoff games involving the local teams were discussed and noted NHL guests sometimes appeared. Death But Russo kept quiet until the end.

The Mets! The Richard Burton character in the movie “The Wild Geese” was modeled on Mr. Hoare.


1 in the market among men between 25 and 54, which notched a 6.9 share in 2007, up from a 6.2 in 2006. Rivera's onetime New York Mets counterpart, Billy Wagner, also used "Enter Sandman" as his entrance music. [88] The announcement was made on September 23 at the 2000 National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show in San Francisco, California. I think it would be sporadic — maybe one day a week, maybe something around big events."[58].

After seeing plenty of backlash, Francesa and Russo later tried to downplay it as a "tongue in cheek" thing that was never serious. Cause of Death Tampa was the permanent residence of George Steinbrenner, and is the spring training home of the Yankees, and the location of the Class-A Tampa Yankees of the Florida State League.

In soldiering, one volunteer is worth 10 draftees, Mr. Hoare liked to say. Lyrics below:[102], Mike and the Mad Dog...Sports Radio 66, W-F-A-N.

His son Chris wrote a laudatory biography, “Mad Mike Hoare: The Legend” (2018), exploring the adventures of a man he called an officer and a gentleman, “with a bit of pirate thrown in.”, ‘Mad Mike’ Hoare, Irish Mercenary Leader in Africa, Dies at 100. [39], In an interview with Bob Raissman on June 30, 2012, Russo said that the decision to part ways with Francesa was the biggest one of his life, which was made by himself. Both Francesa and Russo were coy about their future beyond the summer. In 1981, when he was 62, Mr. Hoare again made headlines, leading a gaggle of over-the-hill mercenaries from South Africa, Zimbabwe and several European nations in a bizarre attempt to overthrow the Socialist government of the Seychelles, an Indian Ocean island republic. The show started with its theme song and then with Russo's intro. Nobody beats 'em, we stink. Other Hoare books include “The Seychelles Affair” (1986), “Mokoro: a Cry for Help!” (2007), and “The Road to Kalamata: a Congo Mercenary’s Personal Memoir” (1989). We were fighting like cats and dogs. [2], Regarding the relationship between Francesa and Russo, Francesa said, "It was an arranged marriage and almost a quickie divorce." But a customs agent spotted a gun muzzle and a firefight erupted.

However, Rivera was not bothered by it. Mike Hoare, an Irish soldier of fortune who led white mercenary forces in civil wars in Congo in the 1960s and a ragtag band of commandos in a farcical aborted coup in the Seychelles in 1981, died on Sunday in Durban, South Africa. Mike can put me on that show forever—I DON'T CARE! ... And then to think my last words to him were that I don't think about him very much. This will give the illusion that Wolfie died, but the trophy and.

There was a great deal of shouting, and during a closed-door cool-down meeting with WFAN executives they nearly started throwing punches.

He returned to South Africa in 2009 and lived in Durban and Cape Town. He recounted many of his travels in “Mike Hoare’s Adventures in Africa” (2010).

Think about this for a second, if you're a Giant fan. I tell you, Saturday, I was so upset. Ah, come on, will ya please? Francesa says, "We always brought that intensity, that bravado, that fierce individual personality to our show, and that's what I thought made it so good.

As Mike opens the door, Wolfie pops out to confront him. I've got Ernie Kashonas callin' me up and going crazy, Marlin this, Marlin that, Marlin fans are nowhere to be found, and now I can't win a game in that park in front of 65,000 people. The Florida Marlins have been in existence for ten years. He was released three years later under an amnesty for aging inmates.

His wish eventually came true when the Giants won the 2010 World Series. After hours of combat, 44 mercenaries escaped by hijacking an Air India jet on the tarmac. Nevertheless, Russo also exhibited a vast knowledge of sports. Mr. Tshombe again hired Mr. Hoare, who recruited and trained 500 German, Italian, Greek, Belgian, Rhodesian and South African mercenaries, each paid $364 to $1,100 a month, to lead Congolese forces against the rebels. Francesa was the more cerebral of the pair and Russo would defer to him in most arguments.

I'm getting at 43 years of age. Not to mention Busch Stadium in '87. The next day, Francesa went on the air and blasted the Rangers fans for their behavior.