Here is a quick summary of different types of cars and what they say about the men who own them. So what does your car say about who you are? This man is the author of his own story, but he likely will never find a publisher. Can you spot yourself anywhere on this list? Despite the flagging economy, savvy buyers are still investing in vintage gems and enjoying a handsome return. A sedan says you’re a family man and you care. While sedans appear to be strictly for the conformists of the world, the man at the wheel of a sedan sees himself as fair-minded and in favor of everyone being free to pursue what they like. He settled for the car and he settled for you, too. Where women are more likely to develop a fond sentimentality to their car, a man’s passion for his vehicle is typically primal and unwavering. It isn’t the convenience, safety, or storage space that …

The reason is usually because that car reflects something within the man's personality and his desire to buy it is his way of responding to that reflection.

Women and single fathers are the most common buyers of mid-sized cars. There are certain types of men who just seem to "go" with certain types of cars.

Does your car reflect your personality? Financially successful young men, or men going through the typical mid-life crisis (sometimes married but more often divorced), are the most frequent buyers of sports cars. The relationship between males and their cars is an intimate experience that is blissfully low pressure, undemanding and pure. Make sure it's the message you want people to receive. Consider what type of car you have and how well you think it reflects your personality based on this guide. In reality of course, vehicles have far more significance than simply providing a convenient way to get to and from work. A truck says you’re the most awesome, helpful person in the world.

Check to see if your man’s car shows up on this list and keep it handy if your psychic tells you that you will soon be meeting a man for the first time. It certainly does, especially with men. A man who drives an American car brand is more comfortable with a woman who has her own individual identity. You think clothes make the man… Must-have muscle cars that can fetch a market value of over $400,000 include the ’69 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, the ’71 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda and the ‘69 Dodge Hemi Charger Daytona. Some would say there's also a correlation with Jeep Wranglers and a man's statement about his sexuality, as the Jeep Wrangler has bizarrely become known as a 'gay' car. While the environmental benefits to driving a hybrid or electric car are a plus, the main motivation for buying these green vehicles comes from the cost of savings on gas and federal tax credits associated with the purchase. So what does the car you've invested all those dollars and emotions in say to others about your personality? Been to a neat, new restaurant? 4 Must-Watch Webinars From National Psychic Week, Psychic Predictions and the 2020 Election. Cars from Asia, primarily Japan, represent a relationship with women that hinges on a defined role. It was right down there, between UPS drivers (who ranked higher) and mail trucks (coming in at dead last). Stereotype: Jeep guys are outdoorsy. The stereotype: Oversized SUV guy is an arrogant meathead who doesn't care about the environment, has no respect for money, other people’s safety or personal space. There might, in fact, be too much drama, as you are relegated to a co-starring role in any relationship with him (potentially behind his car). Hatchbacks are usually very small cars. He wants to be right a little too much, though, as he will continually point out to you and your friends and your family just where they are wrong regarding issues of how they maintain their households, how they raise their kids and how they vote in upcoming elections.

The country is the motherland and a girlfriend eventually supplants the mother. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer.

When a car salesperson tells you a car is "really you," he or she usually means it. But the kind of car a man drives tells you a lot more about him than his income. 0. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, Whoopi Goldberg Says She Lost "Everything" After Anti-Bush Comments, What These 8 Cars Say About The Men Who Drive Them, Kanye West Wins 60,000 Votes In U.S Presidential Election, "Big Brother 22" Winner Cody Calafiore Explains Why He Evicted Nicole Franzel, Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Sully Mustache For Uncharted Movie, The 10 Craziest Things Neil Patrick Harris Has Ever Bought. Drive a three-row minivan? If you want to live up to high standards, move in with a man who drives a hybrid. They’re mild mannered, hard working, middle class Joes of average income, and they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everybody else. These cars are usually highly rated for safety and are not flashy in appearance at all. The country of origin of a car will tell you plenty about the man and his relationship to his mother. Whether purchased with a purposeful eye to make a statement or purchased without a conscious knowledge of why, the type of car a man drives does say a lot about his personality. He wants to see the right bands and know the right people. This probably explains why the latest international research on car buying trends found that women tend to opt for substance and practicality when choosing a car, while men prefer vehicles with great aesthetics and high performance features. The type of car he drives reflects how he sees himself.

1; 2; Page 1 of 2. Also remember, whether you purchase your car with intentions of making a statement or justly because you found yourself drawn to the vehicle, the type of car a man drives says a lot about his personality. A man who drives a beater loves you because you will do. The country is the motherland and a girlfriend eventually supplants the mother. Men who drive mid-sized cars usually have young children. If he succeeds in making you feel this way, don’t get too comfortable, because he will expect things, once established, to always stay the same. But you can't beat the trunk space, and there’s always a handy place to put your coffee. It's particularly  good for handling tricky environments like snowy cities. Of course, owning such an expensive vehicle is considered an enviable status symbol, but the common perception is that these gas guzzling monstrosities are crude and blatant errors of judgement that the owner will (hopefully) eventually grow out of. The stereotype: The truck driving man is a guy's guy who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and is far too cool to even care what you think about him. And he is. They don't need it to carry a lot of people, since it will usually just be them driving it on their own, or with one other person. The science: Extolling the virtues of a Hummer is a tough sell. The stereotype: The minivan guy is a kid-toting, sandal and sock wearing, multitasking uber dad who is so off the market he doesn’t remember what the fuss about actually being on the market is all about anymore. Enjoy it once, because SUV man will only take in new experiences every so often, so unless it makes his list of three favorite places to go, there will not be a return trip to that new, cool place for another half-decade. This is the kind of guy you settle for when you have given up on your big dreams and are just trying to make it day-to-day, month to month. They just want all the luxury upgradestheir money can buy to make driving the car a relaxing, and even decadent, experience. Author, blogger, writer and professional plate spinner. You have to know how to do it all, and do it well when you work from home with two children underfoot. He is also never too hassled by a committed relationship or thoughts of the long-term beyond this weekend. An expensive sports car says you’re a douche bag and don’t care. A man who drives a classic car is diligent and fastidious, a hopeless romantic and someone who considers his relationship to be part of a grand drama. So what does your car say about who you are. Typically, men who make a lot of money and want to enjoy it own luxury cars. Shares. The Men’s Health Better Man Project—2,000+ Quick … As the stereotypes go; while women tend to personify their cars, giving them pet names, specific genders and personality traits, men actually covet and cherish these piles of metal and steel. He is probably more vain about his intellect than his appearance. If your girlfriends find out that you are dating a guy that they do not know, one of the first questions they will ask you is “What kind of car does he drive?”. The stereotype: The hybrid guy is a granola eating hippie whose bike is in the shop, so he reluctantly chose to drive his hybrid to the closest tree hugging ceremony.The science: Consumers who purchase a hybrid vehicle are less emotional about their decisions and more practical. You might simply be trying to gain attention. From Fiat to the Beemer, Lamborghini to Rolls Royce (with the exception of Yugo), European cars are driven by men who either are players or perceive themselves to be players even though they are not successful at it. By Markham Heid. Never mind change a tire, or any other Porsche parts when something goes wrong. The science: As muscle cars are typically vehicles that were manufactured between the 40’s and the ‘70s, where an engine has been replaced to up their speed, many of these cars are considered classics now. What Your Car Says About You; What Your Car Says About You.