In this episode Dave explains the concept of a Black Swan, an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. It literally took me 5 minutes and we were ready to go.

problems develop for water utilities, methods for controlling and reducing In this episode Jon talks about the history of sewers, including the origins of sewers 5,500 years ago in what is now Pakistan, the introduction of clay pipes in Babylon, the Roman Empire’s improvements, and that the Dark Ages led to its rebirth. In this episode Caitlin and Allison explain that the utility needed to continue construction during the coronavirus pandemic to meet a legal deadline for combine sewer system remediation. What is the most important chemistry rule? Even if your toddler isn’t talking much, he is taking in everything you say, and his language skills are developing. In this episode Adam explains A roller is even more interesting. The neutron asks, "Are you sure?" This activity was amazing!, Words On Water #116: Andrew Minogue on Increased Security of Water Tanks,, Words On Water #115: Ifetayor Venner on the Value of a Variety of Experiences,, Words On Water #114: Valerie Lucas on Connecting With the Public and the Rise of Women in Water,, Words On Water #113: Kelly Trott on Funding Solutions for Urban Water Challenges,, Words On Water #112: Sonja Michaluk on Winning the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize,, Words On Water #111: Dr. Jackie King on Receiving the Stockholm Water Prize,, Words On Water #110: Jackie Jarrell on Priorities as WEF President,, Words On Water #109: Adam Blaser on the Role of Concrete Tanks,, Words On Water #108: Susan Moisio on Climate Change Impacts on Sanitary Sewers,, Words On Water #107: A Digital Roundtable on Fit-For-Future Utilities,, Words On Water #106: Kevin Marsh on Forecasting Flows with Machine Learning,, Words On Water #105: The Importance of Workplace Culture,, Words On Water #104: Preview of WEFTEC 2019,, Words On Water #103: How Higher Temperatures Impact Water Treatment,, Words On Water #102: Role of Communications in Building the Next Gen Workforce (A Podcast Mashup with Water In Real Life),, Words On Water #101: Benefits of Vacuum Sewer Systems,, Words On Water #100: A Father and Son Conversation About Water,, Words On Water #99: Dr. Sally Brown on Communicating About Biosolids,, Words On Water #98: Greg Quist on Sewers, Smartphones, Satellites, and Southern California,, Words On Water #97: Jon Schladweiler on the History of Sewers,, Words On Water #96: Teresa Penunuri on Developing the Next Generation of Employees,, Words On Water #95: Adam Lovell on Water Utilities in Australia,, Words On Water #94: Lori Weigel on Public Opinion on Infrastructure, Affordability, and Reuse,, Words On Water #93: Bryan Stubbs on Cleveland’s Blue Economy,, Words On Water #92: Lori Harrison and Jon Harrison on Why Water’s Worth It Children’s Book,, Words On Water #91: Jim Cooper on Demystifying Intelligent Water,, Words On Water #90: Joone Lopez on Building the Workforce for Today and Tomorrow,, Words On Water #89: Saul Kinter on Developing Validators for Biosolids,, Words On Water #88: Fariha Hassan and Brit Merola on Dewatering,, Words On Water #87: Adam Tank on Communication for the Next Generation,, Words On Water #86: Indra Maharjan on Energy and Innovation in Ontario,, Words On Water #85: Steven Drangsholt on the Many Types of Mentorship,, Words On Water #84: Mel Butcher on the Status of Women in the Water Workforce,, Words On Water #83: Marcus Quigley on Advancing Stormwater Management,, Words On Water #82: Jenelle Watson on Going Net-Zero in Melbourne,, Words On Water #81: Cam Davis on Elected Office and the Great Lakes,, Words On Water #80: Mohammad Abdulatif on Water in Saudi Arabia,, Words On Water #79: John Van Nostrand on Flow Metering,, Words On Water #78: Tom Ferguson on Innovation for the Next Generation,, Words On Water #77: Adam Davis on Public Opinion on Water Services,