It doesn't transmit the "I am one with the road" sensation of a Miata or Lotus, the "I can do crazy things without getting in trouble" confidence of an Evo or a BMW with traction control on, the "everything about me is set up optimally for driving pleasure" of a Porsche, etc etc.

nope, the solstice is … If you want a decent cheap sports car, get a Miata or an S2000.If you want a slightly more practical convertible that is also fun to drive look at the convertible Mini maybe.

The awful advertising campaign with Griff Rhys-Jones didn't help the VX220 sales.

The penny didn't drop at first when I see this when I was on holiday in the Canary Islands a few years ago, of course Opel version of the VX220. Yeah I always thought the GT was a pretty car. So three 4 cars are exactly the same. They've got decent grip, but they basically just understeer, you can't control them the same way as a Miata. Also it was the inspiration for the Saturn Sky.

The guys I know with GXP's are usually right up there with the Corvettes and Elises vying for fastest time of the day. Die Farbe der Beleuchtung für die Plasmascheiben Version kann man auch frei auswählen.

Your California Privacy Rights | Do Not Sell My Personal Information One thing which is sure, I don't see any other 30k car which might even be an interesting alternative... Miata? Here you go, Jeremy's take from Top Gear on the ZR1: as much as I like top gear, you have to remember they look at the vette as the 'american brat' of super cars.

I wonder if I see the Pontiac version in bright yellow on American plates near where I live last year, lots of American cars because near to Mildenhall and Lakenheath bases? Absolutely brilliant cars. Here, 67.4 vs 70.... That's a gigantic 2.6 mph or 3.5% slower in the slalom!

Here's your Sky concept car,, :crazy::barf::leaving: Thankfully, sumbody wised up.. :cheers: Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution.

I would tend to think that would push new and used prices down at some point.Really though the main point (for all of these - any fun car really) is whether you enjoy driving it enough to put up with the shortcomings and price. SRT4 is sort of the modern cheap muscle car. And btw, does anybody have some comparisons on the track vs Miata, S2000, Porsche, Elise, etc?

The back looks mini SLR. ).I've driven a non-turbo Solstice and while it's not as sharp or practical as a Miata, I found the handling to be just fine for street use and actually preferred the ride.

I didn't think it had much personality one way or the other.

The balance of acceleration, handling, and braking is basically unheard of in a $30k car.