Until retiring, Martin Dally spent most of his 25-year career at University of California-Davis directing the sheep research programs. “Theoretically, the more genes that the foundation ewes share in common with the purebred Valais Blacknose, the fewer generations will be required for the offspring to look like the real deal.”. “Currently the USDA does not allow importation of embryos or live sheep, so ‘breeding-up’ is the only legal way to have this breed here in the U.S. right now,” Mary Jean says. Email: valais.blacknose@laurelhighland.com, © 2019 Laurel Highland Farm & Equine Services, LLC

The meat is low in fat and the sheep are easy lambing. Join our mailing list.

The local newspaper had a front-page story and Barton said there was a lot of interest. We are participating in the breed up program which takes about 4 generations. “The Scottish Blackface, of course, adds genetics for black faces and black limbs, as well as horns in both sexes, mountain hardiness, Roman noses, and plenty of fleece. Gould-Earley says she spoke with a vet at USDA and was told the rule change is a priority for them. Is this a joke?” I began to look into and found that they had just been okayed by the US for import. We offer both Scottish Blackface Sheep, Valais Blacknose Sheep in the US and Valais Blacknose Sheep Semen in the US and Canada

The cuddliest and most affectionate sheep you will ever meet.”. Required fields are marked *. VBS/Scottish Blackface F-1 Ram SOLD. Home: About. And now, they're available right here, in the United States! The native Swiss society, called Oberwalliser Schwarznasenzuchtverband, (translated, “Upper Valais Blacknose Breeding Association”), was founded in 1948 and reports a reproductive rate of 1.6 lambs a year. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. But for a lot of people this will be irrelevant—the sheep are as cute as a button and many will likely be destined to become family pets. The wool is exceptionally good for felting. Nonetheless, we went ahead and acquired suitable foundation ewe lambs in early 2015, hoping that by the time the lambs were mature that semen would become available. However, a couple of years ago, I saw an article about a couple who had just received their first shipment of Valais semen. “Our lambs were born in one of the wettest winters we have had in our area, but with our amazing midwives on hand at every birth, our lambs thrived,” breeder Robyn How says. Tel +1 (570) 320-0254 Gefällt 8.021 Mal. The Masters of Cuteness are HERE! You can be part of this historical event by purchasing one of our 7 F1 (first generation 50:50) wethers as a pet.

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The syndicate worked with Steve Jones and Richard Pilkington from Denbighshire to bring in embryos and semen and paid £5,390 (US$7,532) for an outstanding young ram that had previously been selected for semen collection for New Zealand. Can you help me please? The success rate of AI in Sheep is about 60%. NJ Valais. “We aim to breed them here in New Zealand with our long game aim to sell purebred embryos to the United States within the next two years,” Barton says. That was the reaction when the sheep made their first public appearance at an agriculture show in February. Martin Dally operates Super Sire Ltd., which offers genetics for the sheep industry. “This saga began in late 2014 when we came across a video of these sheep and we have been working on finding a way to acquire them ever since,” Mary Jean says.