♦ TSYS - TS2 Green screens & their functionalities ♦ Automation and Manual Testing ACCOMPLISHMENT Launched three credit card products (Fido, Platinum and World Elite) under my leadership. Our talented team is excited to talk with you about your unique situation.

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Our solutions erase the seemingly insurmountable challenges that come with business ownership. 0000031170 00000 n 0000003174 00000 n

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0000072476 00000 n TSYS PRIME card and payment software solutions make it possible for millions of buyers and sellers to move money around the world with trust and confidence. trailer Improved 50% of execution efficiency by implementing selenium for web based testing. 0000003829 00000 n We are a leading business advocate, introducing the industry’s first Merchant Bill of Rights to promote fair practices on behalf of business owners. 0000009894 00000 n

APPROXIMATE NUMBER OF COUNTRIES WHERE PRIME IS USED TODAY, APPROXIMATE NUMBER OF GLOBAL TEAM MEMBERS, Reduce fraud and increase conversions for customers making payments online, in-app and via digital wallets.

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After you have submitted your information, a TSYS representative will contact you. xref

endstream endobj 598 0 obj <> endobj 599 0 obj <>stream As a leader in the financial tech industry for decades, we have listened to entrepreneurs to understand their needs and deliver what they want. 0000030807 00000 n

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0000001296 00000 n Serving more than 400,000 businesses from Main St. to Wall St. It’s time to trade your hamster wheel for a hammock. 0000032715 00000 n TSYS has not experienced any difficulties in processing Eurodenominated transactions. time and resources, Precisely manage margins, build Customer Support Form.

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On September 24, 1999 TSYS opened up its new Riverfront Campus in Downtown Columbus.

One TSYS Way Columbus, Ga. 31901-4222 +1.844.663.8797 tel, Linked In-TSYSFacebook-TSYSTwitter-TSYSYouTube-TSYS. ���s��at�

0000004553 00000 n �� �� Streamline operations to TSYS Credit Card Driver for RES 3700 3 Features Features The following features have been implemented in the CaTSYS Driver: • Communication Channels • HTTPS • Prepaid Card Support • Partial Authorizations • Credit Card Balance Inquiry • Authorization Reversal • Time out • Un-used Authorizations • Zero Dollar Verification • Auto Offline Authorization

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Saved 95% of effort and thousands of dollar by implementing a data conversion tool using VB scripting. 0000032746 00000 n

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0000015824 00000 n 0000003680 00000 n 0000013756 00000 n 0000147389 00000 n You receive the best customer support in the industry. Know what your customers want and always have it in stock for the right price, place and promotion. TSYS' PRIMESM Mobile Banking supports greater personalisation and cardholder empowerment through APIs. Behind every payment is a real person, trusting us with their money. 0000002629 00000 n we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. 0000007457 00000 n TSYS also began to see progress on TS2, testing the program in 1993 and converting the first of its clients, First Omni Bank of Millsboro, Delaware, and its 750,000 accounts to the new system in 1994. ©2020 Total System Services LLC. <<3A16787628C498479DB580126FB0E67D>]/Prev 888384>>

Every Heartland Secure™ transaction is protected by industry-leading, end-to-end encryption technology and backed by a comprehensive breach warranty. Then in 1994, TSYS launched TS2. When Brazil's government deployed financial assistance during the pandemic, thousands of people with no banking access were left without help. ��`��8�bQ�~����ߝک(�xw=�ᴍ��hS�Շ�9]��c?��mQ�N}HC�p��.�6C�Tz�L�ת������G������EyM^�7� ���~!kxs�YeK�`Gv`!���3��Z�Z�=6��d^��`�Y�Y�Y�Y�X�8��Ћc�C�����������:��p�,2�Lg��0S�)�d

As of October 2000, TSYS' TS2 processing system is capable of processing Euro-denominated transactions. Our single platform PRIME SM solution is intuitively designed to keep issuers at the cutting edge of innovation. Spend more time growing your business instead of running it. 0000078460 00000 n Heartland Payment Systems is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA, and The Bancorp Bank, Philadelphia, PA.

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endstream endobj 600 0 obj <>stream Fill out the form below and For all other Merchant IDs, Click Here. Front front-of-house to back, from kiosks and mobile point of sale to guest apps, gift cards and loyalty, we’ve got you—and your customers—covered.

provide better experiences, Work smarter to get more out of your staff, Looking for customer service? (F-12) Having successfully converted … You work hard at building a business.

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0000006059 00000 n The TS2 platform also propelled TSYS into international markets, establishing relationships and new customers in Mexico, Canada, Europe, Brazil and China, and garnered interest from some world-famous companies. 0000035080 00000 n H�|V�nG��W���d���Z��ؐ�a-�

587 0 obj <> endobj what you’ve built for yourself, family and community? 0000008674 00000 n For Merchant Support: +1.800.654.9256. Visit our support page. Don't you want a partner you can trust to help you do that and protect 0000014616 00000 n t���I)������xf������9b��T��V�t4��� Ɛ�������z���1�Q�a*��2��Lkx�3x2�3(4H)01�NaZ�8��!C2�Iý�/�0�0�5�1p90|`8�����1��UC��-����{P �o7(�1�F� G��

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