Depending ​on what you are trying to make, you might want to use glue to keep the units together at the angles necessary to give the model its shape. Then, make a guide crease by folding the paper in half down the vertical middle and then unfolding. Items similar to Triangle Paper Origami: Two People On A Bike on Etsy Taking up to 12 hours to create, each piece begins as an idea sketched out on note paper.

Note where a three-fold axis appears in the picture on the left. Different shapes are created by the angle at which the units are joined together. When in doubt about the weaving, you can use this rule to check. There are six four-fold axes, as shown above left, and eight three-fold axes, as shown above right. By determining the symmetry of the shape, and its axes, you can begin to “intuit” the weaving in less visible areas, which will prove essential in many of the more complicated models presented later on in this volume. Dana is a freelance writer and designer who specializes in origami and paper crafts. To assemble the units, slide the tab of one unit into the pocket of a second unit until the line made in Step 6 aligns with the edge of the pocket. The tabs are the two points that were created by the fold in step 3. Express Your Creativity and Develop Math Skills By Learning Origami, Keep Forming Units to Create a 3D Origami Design, An Easy Origami Ghost Craft for Halloween, How to Fold an Origami Business Card Holder, How to Make an Origami Airplane From a Dollar Bill. Each triangle is made from a rectangular sheet of paper, and you can mix multiple paper colors and patterns to create your design. The paper proportions are 1:4. Thus, you can personalize the designs to your taste, and you can even make custom designs to give as gifts or use as decorations. This type of origami is created using multiple triangular units that are joined together to form a continuous design. A small amount of glue is used to ensure that the units remain connected at the desired angle. Fold the bottom two points up, so your paper is shaped like a triangle. Each triangle represents one face of a tetrahedron. A vase or bowl is a fun model to make because you can play with different colors and patterns of paper, rather than sticking largely to one color to create a lifelike animal. When I finished, I realized more triangles could be added, and thus increased the model from eight to sixteen triangles. The result. Place one rectangular piece of paper horizontally in front of you. To make your first 3D origami unit, cut a sheet of square origami paper in half.

Then, fold the left and right sides up as shown in the photo below. Origami Triangle Box Instructions For the origami triangle box, you will need 3 smallish pieces of square paper. When finished, confirm that everything is correct. If you see bending or other distortion, there is probably an error somewhere. For the origami triangle box, you will need 3 smallish pieces of square paper. Many large 3D origami projects are animals, such as a 3D origami swan.

Modular Origami I chose this model to be the first in the Wire Frame section because it is relatively easy, though it appears complicated. To make a 3D origami model, you slip the tabs of the second unit into the pockets of the unit immediately before it. There are four sets of four parallel triangles, as circled on the right.

An example of one such pair is the yellow and dark blue, as circled in the lower right picture on the opposite page. The tree also could be decorated with stick-on rhinestones, markers, or other embellishments if desired. Ripping the paper from 6" squares makes a ~7" model. Fold down the left and right sides to make a point at the top as shown in the photo below. Weaving Instructions This is one completed unit, You need three. We are currently rebuilding the design of Origami-Fun! 1. As the symmetry of the shape becomes apparent, you should be able to guess where the three- and four-fold axes are on the other side of the model, using the octahedra below for guidance. This completes your first 3D origami unit. Shown above are eight frames. Mountain-fold along the center line, and unfold partially. Browse other boxes like the Origami Triangle Box. 4. The schematic as shown below shouldn’t really be necessary; it is included simply to illustrate the underlying geometrical connection. Don't worry, everything is still here, and we'll be done soon. This project could easily be used as a Christmas tree ornament or a gift topper. This tutorial explains how to make the individual triangular unit. Again, the set of four triangles is tetrahedral, and has four three-fold axes, which represent the vertices of a tetrahedron. The tree in the photo below is made with five units joined together and finished with a folded rectangular trunk. Carefully flatten the central ridges of both units. 2. The circled frames are the new ones, the right picture showing one of the new three-fold axes, and the left showing the view from the exact opposite three-fold. Assembling the last four triangles is probably the easiest part of the weaving process. If you can't find what you are looking for - please search for it. The two-fold axes, three of which are annotated on the right, will appear six times, aligning with the edges of a tetrahedron. Fold your triangle in half along the middle crease. They can be one sided, as the white side ends up being hidden. Each triangle is made from a rectangular sheet of paper, and you can mix multiple paper colors and patterns to create your design. New three-fold axes should appear inside of four of the eight existing three-fold axes. In this case, you need to make the triangular sheets of paper before … Fold the top corners toward the bottom point, then open to create these creases. Golden venture folding, more commonly known as 3D origami, is an intriguing form of paper art. Our 1st book is out now • Find out more & order a copy ». One challenge in creating large models is you will need to form lots of paper rectangles. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space.