Indian Army is the most professional and deadliest army in the world. Hope so we get to kill more of them. I am the only female in my family to have honorably served in the Air Force. They are demons!

Those who are able to meet up with the time frame also have to meet up with the 4-mile run in 30 minutes which follows. The trainees for this Special Forces unit are made to perform training exercises in extremely cold conditions, shirtless. This training known as the Endurance became known worldwide when it so happened that 3 aspiring members died during the training process.

They are specifically picked out for the best. It’s okay though, most don’t want to be recognized or described fully because how can you be clandestine if everybody knows who you are. Even then our special forces are more than enough to handle that situation. We tried our best to end the game with ground troops in japan but realized quickly that we are just throwing our U.S lives away every time for barely any net gain. The Navy is the most powerful branch, but all branches contribute to its power. All over the world are men and women who do not have the mental fortitude to join the regular army, not to talk of its more advanced units. They have to run, perform exercises like sit-ups, and even wrestle with each other in those frigid conditions. These are the most feared troops and the best trained. These men and women represent the most disciplined and capable amongst us, both physically and mentally, in high-pressure situations. Coast Guard is America's oldest continuous seagoing service as the Continental Navy was disbanded before the US Navy was formed. By far one of the most versatile and deadliest forces in the world, and those black cats people are talking about, they are also known as terrorist hunters. The best trained army, but unfortunately with low funds. The British army with 1 million men are unstoppable. They leave at the drop of a hat, and are always ready to serve. This army boasts of a standing combat strength of about 1.483 million and is the largest in the world, closely followed by India. Aspiring Navy SEALs are made to stay five and a half days in the cold, doing extreme exercises, performing training programs on coastal environments, etc. Your email address will not be published. Gurkhas rule! The 25 kilometers incline upwards every 400 meters, and these aspiring members have to complete it in 48 minutes. One of the worlds most elite amphibious forces, specializing in front line combat, 32 weeks of training in intense conditions and then 15 weeks as a recruit longest infantry training in NATO. They are nearly identical to the United States in terms of training and technology, but in terms of willingness to fight, the Israelis know that they are fighting for … Required fields are marked *. Due to our crap governments the British Army may no longer be the best in the world but the British Soldier certainly is still the best. During the eight months of training, the men are required repeatedly, to cover a distance of 36 miles in 12 hours only. Another plus, before any of the branches is always the US Army. The toughest special forces training in the world. It's also the reason we celebrate our biggest military victory - Vimy Ridge. Best in the world.

The training regimen these men and women undergo in order to toughen them up is one that would make the average man and woman curl up in a corner after simply watching a video of it in practice.

You can't get any better than this.

While they refuse to disclose their training methods, it was suggested by Harry Moffitt that there were more deaths recorded during the training process required to join, than during actual operations. The Navy does not just operate on water but on land as well. We have more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined.

Composed of military personnel from the Canadian Forces, JTF2 undertakes a range of operations.

Don't get me wrong, Marines are a great branch and are the most feared, but are no where near as strong as the Army. I recall their 3rd Light Armour Recon overcame obstacles and Iraqi forces so furiously and were so far out in front an Army pilot aproaching from their rear mistook them ...more. According to him, a white bag was placed over his head before he was stripped of his clothes and thrown in a cell where he was put in stressful positions for a long time without the option of sleep. You guys are crazy to put the U.S Navy at number 5. The average trooper is generally more versatile than in most other militaries due to their ability to train in several different skills that are normally reserved for specialized units (ie. Australia military land forces and its Australia defense force, recruits must undergo 80 of basic training in order to be a full time soldier for the Australian army. It's a subsection of the US navy.

The kopassus one of the most deadliest elite army in the world, one of the toughest army and was a SAS southeast version. Your email address will not be published. Desert Storm is a good example of that! You see video of the landings in Normandy, Guadalcanal, and many other place. Nothing to loose, Everything to prove.