In fact, one linguistic study found that 40% of German words sound similar to their English equivalent. That’s not all: adjectives have 6 cases, pronouns have 7 cases and it has a complex way of declining numerals. To answer your question in a few words, I would say first of all find a good textbook and work your way through it. More commonly known as the Modern Standard Urdu, this language is normally associated with Muslims in Hindustan. But to Caucasian (particular European or English language speaker), Chinese would be very difficult. So, for a simple sentence like “I am going,” Swahili speakers would say “, Hindi is highly phonetic, which means it’s spelled the way it sounds – score! In fact, I have so far loved the challenge that Korean has presented me. In addition, Arabic is read from right to left, has a unique alphabet and requires you to learn new sounds. Are you from Iceland yourself? If you think that because it took you 1 or 2 years to get conversationally fluent in Spanish/French/Italian, it’ll take you the same amount of time with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, the likely outcome is that once you realize this is not going to happen, you will either get discouraged or frustrated, or you’ll think you aren’t so “gifted” with languages after all. However, although I haven’t learned German myself, I have heard from many people that they found it harder than Romance languages to learn, partly because of the difficult pronunciation and complex grammar. For Chinese speakers like us, we would find learning Japanese, Korean much easier. But learning is always possible with hard work! To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Japanese may not be a tonal language, but it’s one of the hardest languages to learn. Polish is also stuffed with consonants. Cantonese is harder because it uses more tones and traditional Chinese characters are, well, much harder than the simplified Mandarin Chinese! Same roots, same origins, similar languages, similar easiness. The Slovenian language is part of the South Slavic language group. That means there’s plenty of linguistic overlap! And with 35 different cases, we can see why!

그래? Just pay attention to patterns, I guess. The Defense Language Institute (DLI), for example, is a United States Department of Defense educational and research institution that has 4 categories of languages classified by their difficulty. In addition, Japanese can be tough because of its SOV word order and use of articles to denote information such as subject, motion, object and questions.

Yep, time is the issue isn’t it? They are extremely easy to learn. I agree that Korean is a wonderful language and worth the time invested into learning it despite some people being “allergic” to it because they hate K-Pop. Plus, Dutch colonists were a major influence on American English when they arrived in the 1600s. To kick off your language learning, it’s important that you ask yourself why you want to learn this language. One favorite Finnish word is söisinköhän, meaning “I’m wondering if I should eat something.” The silver lining of Finnish is that it’s fairly phonetic! Not only are there thousands of cognates, but also similarities in the grammar, syntax and vocabulary.

The only other materials available online date from the 1800s! Japanese uses many written Chinese characters (Kanji).