The constant insulting from his mother about him not being able to be like his father and failing to meet up to her expectations had forced him to call the local chat radio station, Chatterbox FM, and complain about his mother's constant berating. He is the only Protagonist who is not enemies with the main antagonist as Massimo Torini is instead enemies with Salvatore Leone who serves as Toni's Deuteragonist.

Love has Toni meet explosives expert 8-Ball who provides him with a van laiden with explosives, which he plants in old subway tunnels under Fort Staunton, a Forelli turf, before detonating them causing the area to be completely destroyed, allowing Love to rebuild the area. Killing DB-P, Black Lightman, and Faith W. Stealing a van with evidence linking Donald Love to the Leone Family, and killing Miles O'Donovan's men guarding it, Helping the Southside Hoods kill numerous Forellis and take over Wachita Gardens, Destroying the Yakuza's weapon depot and tank and killing several Yakuza members guarding them, Killing Avery Carrington and his Colombian Cartel guards in order to steal his architectural plans of developing Fort Stauton for Donald Love, Killing Ned Burner and stealing his evidence of him and Love killing Carrington, Stealing two hearses with the bodies of Avery Carrington and Ned Burner for Love, Stealing an Yakuza weapon shipment for Toshiko Kasen and Phil Cassidy, Destroying several vans transporting money from Kazuki Kasen's casino, Killing several Forellis who attacked him and Toshiko, Killing numerous members of the Colombian Cartel attacking Donald Love's mansion, Killing several members of the Sicilian Mafia attempting to kill Salvatore on his way to court to stand trial, Killing Masimo Torini and his men on Portalnd Rock alongside Salvatore in order to rescue mayor Miles O'Donovan, Robbing a laundry under the Triads' protection, Hiring Claude to destroy three laundry vans, Hiring Claude to steal a briefcase from the Triads, Hiring Claude to kill three Triad warlords, Hiring Claude to destroy the Triads' fishing factory with a truck rigged with a bomb, Toni Cipriani is also the only protagonist who worked for Salvatore Leone who did not turn his back on him. Cipriani grew up in a Mafia controlled neighbourhood and later became involved in the criminal underworld before joining the Leone Family. Donald Love is eventually found to be in league with Salvatore and Toni, which makes him unfit for the office in people's eye.

The Sindacco Family were also targetted at this time when Toni began to work for corrupt police officer Leon McAffrey, which included killing a number of Sindacco mobsters, helping the Uptown Yardies acquire and then maintain control of Newport. This page was last modified on 17 May 2015, at 04:12. In GTA: Liberty City Stories, circa 1998, Toni has a burly build and light skin. The surname 'Cipriani' is a possible reference to the Itailian dish occupying the same name. A short while later he receives a phon… Toni, after being made, receives a phone call from his mother informing him that she had called off the hit but complains that she should not have had to go to sucuh lengths to force his upward movement in the family hierarchy. Grand Theft Auto series protagonists by Universes 2D Universe GTA London 1961 and 1969 Claude Speed / GBC 3D Universe Claude Tommy Vercetti Mike Carl Johnson Toni Cipriani Victor Vance HD Universe Niko Bellic Johnny Klebitz Huang Lee Luis Lopez Michael De Santa Franklin Clinton Trevor Philips GTA Online Protagonist Status Michael Madsen voices Toni in GTA III, whilst Danny Mastrogiorgio voices him in Liberty City Stories. However, after completing the storyline mission "The Sicilian Gambit", during the ending cutscene, Toni seems to be a little troubled and hesitant for not being paid by Salvatore the couple of million dollars he promised. In 2001 Toni continues to work for Salvatore Leone and help his mother run her restaurant. This is a list of crimes comitted by Toni in both GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA III, as well as crimes that the player may commit while playing as Toni. During this time Salvatore Leone is arrested and placed in prison on Shoreside Vale. In the cutscenes his upper body is more downward a bit chubby, but in the in-game appearance he is shape more muscular. Toni now finds himself as a low-ranking goon that has to once again gain favor with the Don, in order to secure a leadership position in the family. In GTA III, circa 2001, Toni's appearance has changed drastically; he has lighter brown hair with grey stripes and a much fatter and heavier build. Toni and Salvatore chase Torini and rescue the Mayor from Portland Rock, killing Torini in the process. Toni left Liberty City and decided to lay low abroad after killing a rival made man (presumably Forelli or Sindacco family) under orders from Salvatore Leone. Biographical information

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Salvatore is eventually released from jail, after being escorted to the courthouse by Toni, due to the Sicilian Mafia wanting Salvatore dead.

Maria, during this time, begins to fall in love with Toni but, realizing he has no money, reaffirms her interest in Salvatore's money.

Momma's RestaurantePunk NoodlesJoe's PizzaCapital AutosHogs 'n' Cogs Toni is a member of the Leone Crime Family in Liberty City, who was forced to live abroad after killing a made man from a rival Mafia family under orders of his boss, Don Salvatore Leone. Much of his efforts in achieving his goal of reclaiming his place in the Leone hierarchy include battling two other Mafia families, the Forellis and the Sindaccos via several means, allowing him to be "made" halfway through the storyline after killing the Liberty City mayor, Roger C. Hole. Toni is also known for making unfortunate choices, due to his hot temper. Toni Cipriani was born to Ma Cipriani and an unnamed father, who was a member of one of the city's mafia families. A peace deal between the Forelli and Sindacco families is also ruined by Toni, who also kills a wiseguy who was heading to Forelli Don Franco Forelli to inform him of Massimo Torini's plans to take control of the city. For this, his work for the Leone Family and twice rescuing Salvatore he is made despite his concerns following O'Toole's 'ceremony'. Toni, upon entering a freighter, is attacked by various men with chainsaws but survives, managing to kill Vincenzo in the process. Shortly after Salvatore is escorted to his arraignment by Toni who kills a number of Sicilian Mafia mobsters attempting to murder Salvatore before helping him end the Sicilians plans of taking over the city by killing their underboss Massimo Torini and 'persuading' the Mayor, Miles O'Donovan, to work for the Leone Family. As Liberty City Stories allows the player to change clothes, Toni can wear up to 16 different outfits, ranging from casuals to mascot costumes to luxury suits.

Toni assists the Southside Hoods in taking control of Wichita Gardens, a Forelli neighbourhood, and then kills Sindacco Don Paulie Sindacco, before attacking a Yakuza weapons storage and destroying their tank.