They will fit in virtually every basement or low mobile home ceiling. I would totally recommend this to anyone! I just had a question: I’m 6″4, would I hit my head while squatting in the Titan 2?

Titan basically does low-cost Rogue imitations. So it’s late August 2019 and I still don’t see much talk or reviews about the X2. That means the second section is just 10 inches deep.

In this case you aren’t paying much more over the Titan rack to get these. You won’t be able to tilt upright even an 82″ (6’10”) rack after assembling it, because of the arc when tilting it up. Due to it being made specifically to shorter and smaller spaces, the short rack doesn’t take up too much floor space, just 48” x 58”. Close call! I bought the X-3 Short Flat Foot power rack and I. Or get the extension kit so you can mount several storage posts on extra uprights the right way.

Spent hours trying to get it to sit flat with no luck. save hide report. Luckily, the X-2 has this feature, as does every other Titan power rack--except for their lowest end T-2 power rack model. They aren’t made for tall people. Other Titan racks all have 24-inch extension kits available in addition to the 10-inch kits.

Make your choice another way. It’s also a lot beefier, to help make up some safety and stability in lieu of being a full power rack. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.If you need immediate assistance, please contact Customer Care. The first thing I notice is the 9-gauge steel tubing. Two Rep Cave – Gym Equipment Guides and Reviews, Power Rack Attachments & Compatibility – Master List, Discounts for First Responders, Military and Veterans, Folding Wall-Mounted Squat Racks Comparison, FringeSport Mini Farmers Walk Handles Review, American Barbell Cerakote Training Bar Review, Ironmaster 5-75lb Adjustable Dumbbells Review, Rep Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set 5-100 lb with Racks – Review, Rogue Adjustable 2.0 Bench and Legend 3-Way Bench Review, Schwinn Airdyne Pro AD7 Review – The Original Fan Bike Before the Assault, Alternative Solution: Rogue SML-1 Monster Lite Squat Stand 2.0. choose from three styles of dip attachments.

However, if you wanted a second section for squatting and doing any other power rack exercises, then 10" is simply not enough. Read more, Extremely robust 2" x 2" frame made with 9 gauge steel; 3000-pound weight capacity, 1" hole spacing in bench zone where you need more precise j-hook & spotter bar positioning; 2" spacing everywhere else, Ridiculously low price for such a strong rack, Only a 10" rack extension is available (most Titan racks have a 24" version as well).

However, I've put it in the "cons" section, because that's how I see it. Thank you. For lifters such as myself, bolting the rack to the floor is not an option. Doing 5×5 in the gym and now deciding to get a home gym due to Covid.

Generally if you get a rack without them, like the Titan one above, it’s a desperate attempt to keep the price down. One of the bars is at the same height as the stabilizer bar, which the same height as the top of the rack.

This set comes with all necessary hardware, including J-hooks. Free shipping for many products! But seriously, could someone who has this rack get some calipers in there and measure the steel thickness for us? Qty: Get in-stock alert. The bar holders and safeties are all steel, no UHMW plastic liners to protect the bar and keep the noise down. I looked and couldn't find a comparable rack for less. The Titan T-2 Power Rack power rack is a staple for your home gym or garage gym. If you need to know the precise specs before ordering, I would get in contact with Titan support. Do you know what the bolt-down floor plates add to the dimensions on the ground? Here are all of the other rack specs, including those unique to the X-2 as well as though that match up with the X-3 and or the T-3 power racks: Here are some of the negatives of the X-2 Power Rack: Since this is such a new power rack, Titan only has a couple of optional accessories available to expand its capabilities. Browse by Topic Here at, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Those type of designs are at best annoying, and at worst dangerous if you aren’t conscientious about it. As I discussed earlier, the X-2 only has 10-inch rack extensions. Great product for the price.

And it’s an excellent choice, particularly if one or more of there are true: Lastly — after reviewing the X-2 accessories again — there is certainly fewer available than for the T-3.

99 $348.99 $ 348. Had to look at a picture for assembly. There are several of these.

Maybe they can't get access to the necessarily tools (i.e. View basket for details. Noah, I am in the exact same spot. Only time will tell.

How about overhead press, do the bars get up high enough?

Here at, we are committed to protecting your privacy.

If not, then you can very easily slide, tilt or completely flip the rack over while you're inside doing the exercise.

$348.99 $ 348. 9-gauge could be used for gusset plates, which this rack doesn’t have, but the tubing? They also have 10" extensions for just weight storage. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. This gives you enough space to slide you feet underneath if you want to use an extra wide (sumo-style) stance.

I say go with that and figure out some place outdoors to do pull ups where you can get a full range of motion without your feet hitting the ground.

They allow you to do band-resisted or reverse band exercises such as: You insert the band pegs into the desired holes on the power rack. So, what's this accessory all about? T-2 series racks have 2" x 2" steel tubes. I have a similar question-also a tall guy. Power Rack.

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The pull-up bar is 68.5-inches off the ground. While it doesn’t come with many accessories and features, it still allows users to perform various exercises to activate different muscle groups.

No power rack is complete without a pair of safety spotters.

However, with a short power rack such as Titan’s T-2 series, you can get all the benefits and perform a wide range of exercises including, but not limited to, military press, bench press, dips, squats, curls or shrugs. Unfortunately, the X-3 does not have a 24" rack extension. 100% Upvoted.

I want to purchase the Titan X3, which is 82 inches (6″8) and while your article says it won’t fit because it must be tilted at an angle to get up, I called Titan just now and they say that the rack can indeed be built from top to bottom without flipping it.

I like the positioning of the pegs, too. However, with a short power rack such as Titan’s T-2 series, you can get all the benefits and perform a wide range of exercises including, but not limited to, military press, bench press, dips, squats, curls or shrugs. and we have not verified it.

Not sure what the technical name for that grip is. NOTE: For gauge, higher is thinner; lower is thicker. The powerful steel frame is also strong enough to hold a capacity of up to 700-pounds.

Not worth shipping back on my dime because shipping would be be so high so i guess im stuck with it, First, for $300 you would expect basic instructions to be included in your package.