Get up to speed for the rest of the series with Matt Edmondson's mid-series round up. From taking cheese to France and ordering too many chickens to designing calendars and selling art, we love it when it all goes wrong.

Read on to find out all you need to know. The teams decide on Italian meatballs and Scottish stew, but before heading north there is a spot of market research at one of London's fancy street food fairs. Sercret code for Block stack literacyplanet. In the battle to sell, the teams start to forget the challenge. ExpressVPN:  the best all-round VPN for streaming, comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 3 months free As series 12 draws to a close, this episode profiles the remaining job applicants. Twelve candidates are left in the running to become Sir Alan's apprentice. In the boardroom, business plans are evaluated and ad campaigns are assessed, but there can only one winner. A few old faces return as the two finalists choose key colleagues to try to help them secure the £250,000 investment, and it is straight to work as they set out to build a brand, make a TV advert and create a company fit for Lord Sugar. Lord Sugar's top-end French chain store is characteristically stoney-faced. In the boardroom, even the winning team gets a telling off. The complete guide by MSN. Alan Sugar sends the candidates off to Bruges to create a high-quality tour of the beautiful Belgian city that passengers would be happy to pay good money for. Lord Sugar challenges the candidates to act as talent managers. The fight for Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment continues with farmyard fun, as this task sees the candidates open their own farm shops. © Lord Sugar's four advisors scrutinise the candidates' suitability to go into partnership with the Boss. Lord Sugar tasks the teams with creating and producing the spirit of the moment - gin. As the competition continues, Lord Sugar instructs the candidates that this week's task is to set up and run a corporate box, and sell merchandise to the masses at the Women's FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London. The teams pitch to the experts who mark both business concepts out of ten in four crucial categories: customer service, the meal, branding, and whether the idea could work on the high street. Another of this year's prospects discovers it's the end of the road as Lord Sugar sends them packing with the words 'You're Fired'. Their task is to set up and run a handyman business. In this special edition of The Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar challenges two teams of five celebrities (one male team, one female team) to see which one can raise the most money for Comic Relief. Amazon Prime Video reminds us we don't own the TV shows and movies we buy. Lord Sugar instructs the candidates to tap into one of the UK's biggest markets - pet products. The remaining four candidates are split into two teams to develop and present a new type of fragrance. It may seem to be a relatively simple task, but Sir Alan has asked for one particular item that the teams may have to look extremely hard for. Hear from the winner, the runner-up and the boss himself as they look back over the job interview from hell. Marks are revealed in the boardroom.

For some selling comes naturally, but for others it's a humiliating struggle. With the final in sight, the candidates are all desperate to impress. After eleven tasks, it's finally time for Lord Sugar to choose his business partner.

There they are joined by some of Lord Sugar's closest associates, ready to put the candidates through their paces in a series of tough interviews, with each candidate going head to head with a business heavyweight in an attempt to prove their worth. Fourteen candidates compete to win the prize of a highly paid job with Alan Sugar. The candidates must come up with a unique piece of flat-pack furniture, before producing prototypes and pitching their products to retailers. A new group of candidates set off on their first task - selling collectables at Wimbledon Car Boot Sale.

With the pressure on to exploit both the lucrative breakfast and lunch trade, it's not long before the tension rises and the blame game begins. The candidates must create an advertising campaign to persuade UK tourists to visit Finland. Lord Sugar nurses hopes for high returns, but in the boardroom they are dashed by dismal results. Products are purchased and hopes for big profits are pinned on a collection of mops, MP3 players, fake tan and false eyelashes.

With only 13 candidates left tensions rise as both teams must design and produce a calendar to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.