Will777. e.g. ", to attempt to flatter someone by habitually agreeing. "", ""Could you tell me where the washrooms are?" and J... What is the difference between man and men ? (slang) To attempt to flatter someone by habitually agreeing. A co-worker told me she once nearly quit her job because someone replied “k” to a request she made.

OK 3. alright Which one of the above is the most polite way to say? What is the difference between bare and empty ? "Sure, they're in the corner over there. (of persons) worthy of trust or confidence; "a sure (or true) sign of one's commitment". Has difficulty understanding even short answers in this language. See Wiktionary Terms of Use for details. As adjectives the difference between ok and sure is that ok is (informal) (ok) while sure is physically secure and certain, non-failing, reliable. 12-26-2015, 01:21 PM An affirmative expression; an answer that shows agreement or acceptance. As interjections the difference between yes and sure is that yes is used to express pleasure, joy, or great excitement while sure is yes, of course.
Fit or worthy to be depended on; certain not to fail or disappoint expectation; unfailing; strong; permanent; enduring. Letters 'a/b' are natural answers and 'c' is quite formal for the context, isn't it? Certainly knowing and believing; confident beyond doubt; implicity trusting; unquestioning; positive. A vote of support or in favor/favour of something. You are right in saying that 'of course' can be used informally to give permission or say "Yes" in a way that shows you are very certain - but "Would you like a drink?" You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Member Info. asthma and illness, How do you say this in English (UK)? Please add askdifference.com to your ad blocking whitelist or disable your adblocking software. the first : yes sure If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Sure What is the difference between Get it off my chest and Blow off steam ? For me at least, the two-word response For sure is usually equivalent to I agree 100% with what you just said.But as an Englishman I'd usually just stick with the one-word form anyway.

"The bailiff had a sure grip on the prisoner's arm." convinced. 0 0. Be part of the HiNative community while on the go! Sure considers the offer that has been made in good faith, and says, “You’re inconveniencing me.” Sure assumes the question really means “fuck you,” and responds “fuck you” in kind. JavaScript is disabled. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Sure, you can do this for him, if you want. What is the difference between Something’s off and something is wrong ? Yes ), ""Do you want me to put this in the garage?"
Here’s another thing: Dictionary.com says “sure” comes from the Latin for “free from care.” Dictionary.com does not mention it’s also from the Latin for “free from giving a fuck about you, motherfucker.”, “Utilize” is the worst word in the English language. Sure says “if I must.” Sure is the Mars Rover of passive aggression — an envoy to see how far you can really go before the other person snaps and says, “You know what, you’re being an asshole.” Can ask simple questions and can understand simple answers. How do you say this in Simplified Chinese (China)? As a interjection sure is yes, of course. I ve experienced the "sure" response to questions that need a direct answer that later I ve noticed from that person an aversion to commitment. La valeur sure des Hamburgés. Today I'd like to go over something which seems very simple but can be quite confusing: when to use "yes" and when to use "sure" as a response. Sure is used as “yes,” though it never means “yes.” Sure is a thumbs up to your face, and a jerkoff motion behind your back. (colloquial) To agree with, to affirm, to approve. What is the difference between surplus and superfluous ? As a adverb sure is without doubt. A guide to the moral alignment of each affirmative phrase. Imagine this scenario. All three answers seem normal to me, Tenacious Learner. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. ok . e.g. "The workers voted on whether to strike, and there were thirty "yeses" and one "no". I don’t blame her.) main thak gyi aaa, Display based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law.