His opponent kept lashing out, each blow fueled with more power than Rick could generate in an entire day.

Desert World was a copy of White’s True Illusion: Desert World. Mike stomped over to them, his aura fading slightly but his eyes hateful. The three Birthrighters hadn't gotten exactly the fight they wanted, but as they looked back at Rick lying on the floor, they seemed satisfied to have shown him his place. Yet as Mike examined it, his face twisted into a sneer. He might be poor, but he had his dignity. Song Shuhang first encountered a True Illusion while he was just a First Stage Beyond Mortal, by inadvertently entering White’s True Illusion: Desert World. https://cultivation-chat-group.fandom.com/wiki/Song_Shuhang/Cultivation?oldid=14652, Song Shuhang started his path of cultivation due to. Instead he focused on the Defensive Lucore within him. Background Closing-Up (后台闭关; Hòutái Bìguān) was a unique closing-up mode belonging to Song Shuhang. Song Shuhang was accompanied by Li Yinzhu, Doudou and Soft Feather physically, and 28 members of the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group joined in their nascent spirits. The technique should have slammed his opponent to the floor. Shuhang’s mental sense also being blocked when White realised that the former was chatting using the Cultivation Chat Group. Royal Road® is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. ", "Obviously I won." Moderators. Language Label Description Also known as; English: cultivation_method. He also fully refilled an energy-drained Fourth Stage Mi Lulu without any significant drop in his energy. Online. Mike kicked at Rick again, exactly where his ribs were sorest, and Rick barely choked back another grunt of pain. Yet when Mike kicked him, he found himself grabbing the other man's leg and beginning to pull himself up. When his opponent laughed and began a series of weak jabs, he decided to just take them. It felt like pain, but he thought it had improved. Which is why he really should have stayed down. 7 Level ch. Even if the blow had landed, it had nothing more than physical force behind it, so it wouldn't have done any good. His entire body ached, he was pretty sure several of his ribs were broken, and blood from a cut on his forehead was running down into his eyes, but he forced himself up. The leader turned to Rick and gestured for him to step out onto the mat. It didn't seem like a man of his bulk could move quickly or quietly, but somehow he had crossed the room. [Source]. As Mike pulled off his jacket and let his lucrima aura blaze up around him, Rick wondered if it would be enough. 0 references. It's still for me to worldbuild in, but now we have the wiki! Statements. Rick couldn't hold back a cry of pain as he was flung across the room. It might not be anything special to his opponents, but Rick was proud of his defense. "Hmph. S.No Name Stage Grade Chapter Four Extreme Scripture Sun Heart Sutra Taiyi Heart Sutra Buried Dragon Scripture Pure Heaven Sword Scripture Heavenly One Soul Art I paid good lucrim for the chance to kick someone's ass, so I hope you don't fold right away.". Abruptly Jimmy was standing beside them, holding out a fresh towel. 8. This information was omitted by Godbrandy’s translation. Mike put up his fists and hopped back and forth a few times, inviting an attack. In order to force Song Shuhang to properly closing-up, White once forcefully load the former into a specially made stone coffin. View All Moderators. Radiance in Primal Chaos. Although the pronunciation and meaning are the same, but they were written differently. RSS; About the author 2 Fictions 0 Posts 0 Threads SarahLin. The wall was reinforced by ether enchantments for the sort of fights that took place here, yet the force of the blow shook it and made a few cracks expand. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But a moment later he recovered from his surprise and let out a growl, propelling himself upright on aura alone. Yet Rick found himself struggling back to his feet. ", "It doesn't matter." As estradas romanas (em latim: viae; singular: via) eram uma infraestrutura física vital para a manutenção e desenvolvimento do Estado romano e foram construídas a partir de cerca de 300 a.C., através da expansão e consolidação da República Romana e do Império Romano. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. We might as well continue this little match.". Tyrant (霸) came from Tyrant Song (霸宋) and Demon (魔) from Demon Emperor Hezhi (何止魔帝). As he left, he caught a glimpse of Mike staring at him. Before he started his cultivation, he was briefed by North River on the pros and cons of the Cultivation World, and whether to become a loose practitioner or joining a school. Strangely, as he fell unconscious he heard a woman cry out in dismay, but he was out before he could recognize the voice. 13 ... Cultivation Chat Group Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Across the room, Jimmy glanced up from the counter. As soon as his friends retreated, Mike kicked him in the side. "Just saying.

permanent key ID. "But you're not gonna win unless you can hit me!". In this mode, closing-up, enlightenment, to listen to the law, eating and drinking can be done simultaneously. Part of him wanted to grab for them, but he knew that would just invite the Birthrighters to mock him. Possibly enough for it to be rated IV instead of III, which would be significant progress. "Where do you get off using tricks? Jimmy slowly herded the group toward the door. In fact, for a miserable little school like the House of the Cosmic Fist, any attention at all was good attention. Song Shuhang breaks all the established rules and customs in cultivation.

Mike let out a roar and charged at him, swinging in a wild haymaker with huge openings. "It's over!"

This seal also containing a wisp of Destruction of the Heavenly Way’s information. It’s also paired with Tyrant Ru Seal.[15]. He knew that the smart thing to do was stay down. The blow knocked Mike back a step. awakened by Song Shuhang.

", One of the Birthrighters standing in back laughed. "But no harm done.

A few days after he was promoted to Sixth Stage True Monarch, he has an enlightenment of the ability. There was nothing he could do to avoid spending almost half of his strength on the foundation that allowed him to fight, but he poured the remaining 53% into his defensive core. 1 Synopsis 2 Characters 3 Events 4 Locations 5 Creatures 6 Cultivational Abilities 7 Cultivational Tools 8 References Not long after the Siege of the Burial Mounds, Chang Ping went out night-hunting for two weeks with a few members of his sect. Song Shuhang obtained his first Saint Seal when his Third Promotes Fourth Heavenly Tribulation was upgraded into Seventh Promotes Eighth Heavenly Tribulation due to the machinations of his enemies. Another blow crunched into his shoulder and Rick couldn't hold back his grunt at the pain. 5 Level ch. Ancient Saint Seal: Tyrant Dragon [霸龙] This title was taken directly from Shuhang’s Dragon Net ID. 4 Level ch.542 5 Level ch.638 6 Level ch. So he endured the barrage of punches and tried to ignore the signs that his body was failing. Author also put in a reminder that its Song ONE and not Song One.