The idealism expressed in all of this card’s symbols is not solid enough to assist one to feed a family or earn a living. Financially, the reversed Star is a call to reexamine your budget. You may be feeling like you want to contribute to better the planet and humanity. If a card were to be dealt sooner, it might land in the past position, later and it could be in the future position. This shows the futility of fighting the inevitable, and how acceptance of our fate can simplify matters. Look into your finances and you will soon find ways to reach your goals. The arrival of this card in a Tarot reading shows that you have a beautiful, soul-honouring connection with a loved one. Cards combination description High arcan Lovers and High arcan Star combinations: - The hearing of voices. Pouring water onto the earth can also be interpreted as a contribution to the circle of life. This motivation can be the push that you need to make your aspirations a reality. If you want to stick together, the two of you will need to revisit old and unresolved arguments. Conversely, your job might be a perfect fit for you, but your negative outlook makes the days feel like weeks. In the future position, the Star indicates that you are at a relative low point in your journey. If these two pair up in your reading, your idealism will find a manifestation in the world to great success. When The Star is in the same reading as The Hermit card, your excitement is hard to share with anyone. If you are single, you won’t be for long. The Hermit can also mean that you are feeling disconnected from those around you. In the sky are eight stars, each with eight points. Under this light, the woman concentrates on the pitcher she is pouring into the pond, while the pitcher she is pouring onto the grass is just as precisely releasing its water. In the past position, the Star card represents a very optimistic choice you made some time ago. You should pass all your physical exams with flying colors. The Star (XVII) represents creativity, hope, and optimism. It is only through proper discrimination that we can find the solution. You may even be ready to give up on love entirely, but this will not help you in the long run. Are you in a calm state and feeling hopeful? Take a chance. Her foot stretches forward onto the water. Perhaps you were recently dumped, or you have moved to a new town where you don’t know anyone. The unclothed woman represents both purity and vulnerability. Lovers upright AND Star upright Tarot cards combinations Tarot cards combinations. When paired with the Star, the combination signifies great success as a result of your optimistic outlook. Following this passion might turn into a successful career sooner than expected. When we give, we create energy – represented here by the ripples and the streams. The Star is connected closely to The Chariot card, as they are numbered #7 and #17 respectively. If you are feeling lost, the impractical side of this card took you to a place that did not fit in well with everyday realities. If you have any minor medical concerns, a simple check-up will put your mind at ease. The water landing in the pond forms concentric ripples. The upright Star card is a lucky pull in most readings, indicating that the choices you are now making will lead to favorable outcomes. The water hitting the grass forms streams in every direction. The Lovers card combines with the Tarot to make you quite blind to any faults that your partner may possess. If you are single, The Star is an indicator that you are ready to let go of any baggage you have been carrying from past relationships. As the VII Major Arcana card, the Chariot is closely tied to the Star (the XVII Major Arcana). You might have once loved your job, but it no longer satisfies your ambitions. Either way, the Star in the past position is a sign that you need to move forward and challenge yourself anew. However, being overly optimistic can lead to taking on too much responsibility, making extremely risky deals, and being overly trusting of others. A financial opportunity will present itself. When paired with the Star’s optimistic outcome, the results are skewed towards financial success. Remember that The Star is otherworldly – the concerns of this world are not arranged in the same priority. Cards in a Tarot reading do not exist independent of each other; the cards joining this or any other card in a reading all influence the meaning of each other. We must work to incorporate our visions of how the world should be with the reality of the way the world is. The gold star dominating the scene lights up the night in a magical way that the sun never could. When The Star is in the past position, it refers to a good idea you had that began a series of events that led to your present circumstances. Lovers. The Lovers card refers to pairing up with another person, typically in a romantic partnership. Optimism in the face of overwhelming odds is often the result of inexperience. When we have hope, we have something to live for, somewhere to move towards, someone to love – even if it is ourselves. When The Star is in the present position, you are on the precipice of making big plans. The seven points represent the seven chakras, while the eight stars remind us of the Strength (the VIII Major Arcana) that’s needed to maintain a positive outlook. Maybe The Star inspired you to pursue your dream of being an artist, but that led to an overpriced art school that did not teach you any new skills. Perhaps you quit your job to pursue your artistic endeavors, and are now living comfortably off of your passion. Will it be rewarded or penalized? Bells ringing in the mind. Conversely, leaving your comfortable job may have resulted in financial ruin. You will most definitely convince a few people. This inspiration to create is the manifestation of hope that is the core energy released by The Star card. If you have any business acumen, this is one of the best card combinations in the entire Tarot deck. Making a few small investments should pay off down the line. This card is especially lucky in this position. Have you felt that giving more of yourself and your resources would help make the world a better place? It also indicates a trial or difficult choice, such as the need to leave a failing relationship for a new one. Use our tarot combination calculator ( tool ), to find combinations automatically, Star upright AND Two of Pentacles reversed, Temperance upright AND Star upright AND Four of Swords upright, Wheel of Fortune upright AND Star upright, Lovers upright AND Wheel of Fortune upright, Lovers upright AND Hierophant upright AND Three of Cups upright, Lovers upright AND Three of Swords upright, Lovers upright AND Four of Swords upright, Lovers upright AND Ten of Pentacles upright, Lovers reversed AND Ten of Pentacles upright, Lovers upright AND Two of Pentacles upright, Lovers upright AND Ace of Pentacles upright AND Ten of Cups upright, High Priestess upright AND Lovers upright, Fool upright AND Lovers upright AND Queen of Cups upright, Five of Swords upright AND Lovers upright AND Devil upright, Three of Swords upright AND Star upright AND Temperance upright, Four of Pentacles upright AND Lovers upright, Three of Pentacles upright AND Lovers upright. Holding a clay pitcher in each hand, the woman is pouring water from one out into the pond in front of her. The water poured onto the earth flows back into the river, while the jug poured into the pond is simply added to the whole. Every Tarot reading assigns a meaning to the place that a Tarot card lands. The duo indicates that you are being overly optimistic about a relationship. No comments.. Only registed users are able to comment, Can't find combination? While the general good outlook of the Star card might seem like a positive pairing with Lovers, this is not the case. It might feel like the deck is stacked against you, or that close friends are ready to stab you in the back. The Star is typically interpreted as a yes, however what you desire might come to you in unexpected ways. If you are in a good place right now, you can thank the intuition and improvisational skills of The Star. Lovers and Star. Your future love life looks positive and now is a great time to meet people. When paired with other cards, the optimism of the Star is the characteristic that predominantly shines through. Artists and musicians who live in isolated areas that are not familiar with new expressions see this combination often. It might take you some time to find your voice, but the world will be better off when you do. Flirt with abandon around an available, attractive catch. Have you turned a corner in feeling sad and are starting to see some hope in a long-term situation? Your current situation is the result of this unbridled optimism. Your mind is in the right place and you should listen to your intuition. On its own the Chariot invokes control and success through hard work and perseverance. Perhaps you should move in together or even pop the question. If you’re in a relationship, you might be going through a rough patch. Central to the composition is a large golden yellow star. The dark night of the soul is finally over. Be open to new opportunities and ready to capitalize on them when they present themselves. In the future position, the Star indicates that you are at a relative low point in your journey. Reevaluate your situation and try to approach your job from a different angle. A new idea of where to take your life has dawned. This could be a promotion, a prospective client, or a job opening overseas. You might rediscover the spark that brought you there in the first place or decide that it’s time to move on. This blind support could be what he or she needs to become the best match for you. Star and Lovers. Now is a good time financially. It will ultimately lead you to where you want to be. While the general good outlook of the Star card might seem like a positive pairing with Lovers, this is not the case. Overlooking their faults is unfair, both to you and to them. Upright Lovers. Pairings often denote the outcome of the Star’s optimistic outlook. Are you inspired toward a new creative path, be it artistic, spiritual or entrepreneurial? You may want friends to take notes about how they feel when looking at your situation. The future is bright, your day is soon to come. Don’t lose hope, love will come to you when you expect it least. Star tarot card love meaning: The Star is a very positive card in the tarot, but it is also a tarot card for unpredictable action. You feel a growing distance between you and your partner — maybe even boredom and disillusionment. Overall, the Star card in the present position calls on you to seek advice, but also to believe in yourself. Tackling these issues once and for all is the only way to move forward. This is a process of the soul emerging like a butterfly from the cocoon. The pitchers are symbols of potential and this scene of the woman releasing their contents underscores how The Star card rewards those who are generous at this moment in their life.