I’m not sure if that’s simply because Favero smooths slightly more (something I’ve shown in other reviews). In just trying it, that seemed to put me in an easier (useless) gear. As usual, I put the bike up against a number of power meters to see how well it handled everything from resistance control accuracy, to speed of change, to any other weird quirks along the way.

Ok, with everything all built, we’ll get the bike fit to you from a sizing standpoint.

You don’t have to, but it’s super well built and I’ve found good uses for it.

Die umfassende Konnektivität des SB20 Smart Bike mit virtuellen Trainingsplattformen wie ZWIFT, Trainerroad und vielen anderen sowie absolute Fahreigenschaften sorgen für Fahrspaß und effiziente Trainingseinheiten. IOS 13.5.1 on my Iphone XR and Ipad Pro 3rd gen. SB20 connects to Rouvy just does not control.

Stages is pretty much on every forum from what I can tell tracking down anything that pops up.

A set of those is on the way to me as we speak.

And connect the bike to my Garmin forerunner 945 (ant).

If I had to do it all over again I would say there’s more controllable résistance settings and you don’t have to take your hands off the bars to turn a dial.

1.10.0 improved a lot of general things, so i think everything is a bit better in that release.

Practically speaking, it doesn’t matter a ton since most apps support their proprietary variants. I only use it for calibration and updates. Mine was adjusted by a technician and it seems to grind still. The after sales support so far is disappointing. Most important points for us: Need for mains power and durability. There’s a tiny bit of overlap from this section to others, but I think this is laying the foundation for later geekery. Ahh crap, I keep forgetting to add those photos to post. It’s currently only shipping mostly in the Netherlands, so that’s probably less appealing from a widespread standpoint. I do like the look of Kickr, but then was looking at the bike.. changing bikes can be a chore I guess. Our tablet holder was designed for iPad Pros, which has an opening of 270mm and will fit any iPad model in landscape, and even some in portrait such as the 11in and smaller ones.

Zwift and a Zwift Bike is an interesting thing. Deux étagères pour les smartphones et les tablettes. Fingers crossed supply chains open up again sooner rather than later.

Erg variability is still present, it is more than on kickR even taking to account the fake smoothing that is applied.

Or do you think that with that price tag around 4/5 k € it is completely out of the market?