There’s no excuse for a week long outage with no communication and vague answers. I have family members working from home who need the internet.

Literally glitching so bad I can’t understand what they’re saying. You guys looking sus, @its_ya_lorn

1.5 hour call with Support today and no help. I have school work I need to do please. Someone plz fucking help. I definitely want credits! @KerryCranberry There’s no outage and no one knows what’s going on.

@ashmeedali Cable & tv service has been out for 5 hours now... @Ask_Spectrum what is the issue? (Also I’m working from home and it’s a problem). @Ask_Spectrum No. I also tweeted the same update 2 days ago. Useful comments include a description of the problem, city and postal code. @Ask_Spectrum my internet is out.

Over your lack of service. @Ask_Spectrum status on internet outage in the Grove city, Ohio area? @Ask_Spectrum I'm calling you guys out. The app is not working.

I constantly have WiFi connection issues on any TV, any device & every streaming service EXCEPT yours. @Ask_Spectrum Is there an internet outage in NYC ?

@GetSpectrum @Ask_Spectrum any update on the outage in winter garden? I've already dealt with your automated support system since yesterday. I had to go through two in-person techs and days of calls for them to finally admit that my router was bad and needed replacing. We have no internet. Will probably call today to switch if it’s not resolved.

@Ask_Spectrum will be looking for a new service today.

Way to mess up everything!!!

I need to work!

@Ask_Spectrum idk why this keeps on happening here I though it was the modem and router but everyone is having issues with spectrum. I am experiencing an outage where I am with my service, @Ask_Spectrum internet always bad at the worst moments, now there's an outage in my area, Has anyone else been having audio issues with @CNN the last few days?

@Ask_Spectrum bruh I need the internet for a rocket league tournament can you not disconnect every few minutes, @deepacidliver

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No hiding @GetSpectrum , why would your tech do this?

@GetSpectrum hour 4 of customer service calls, internet still doesn't work. @CGCassimus @marco400020 Your account at your fingertips. Nothing will connect, I have tried resetting my router multiple times. @Ask_Spectrum @GetSpectrum so, our picture keeps freezing for about 2-3 seconds every 5-10 minutes. If you would like for us to look into this issue for you, please provide the account details (phone number, full address and name on the account) in a DM. @jeffre992 @Ask_Spectrum Weird bc there’s a outage in my area of Orlando. @kanzaki_1234

@Ask_Spectrum I am having crazyyyy issues with your wifi tonight. @Ask_Spectrum and @GetSpectrum my Internet, Cable, and phone line is not working... Any Help??. @Ask_Spectrum I'm calling you guys out. #buffermuch.

Our internet has been exceptionally horrible as well. @mcolavito73 @Ask_Spectrum CNN is currently blacked out on my service on all televisions/cable boxes in my home.

My internet hasn’t been working at all.

What gives??? @Ask_Spectrum #SpectrumOutage #SpectrumDown, @Ask_Spectrum bruh I need the internet for a rocket league tournament can you not disconnect every few minutes, @Ask_Spectrum is there an outage in zip code 10011.

@deancollins @Ask_Spectrum @GetSpectrum.

@TheRealAlSnow Is that a network carried by @GetSpectrum, spectrum to me but you called to cancel in the wrong department. @Ask_Spectrum Central, WI down right now, is this an area outage? Why is the spectrum app the ONLY service I don't have any problems with?


I'm here to document my frustration with this poor service -- on Election Day. © Ookla, LLC. @Ask_Spectrum I appreciate that, but I can’t imagine you’re going to fix my issue when hundreds or thousands are experiencing the exact same thing. Please send help, Super great time for a nationwide Spectrum Internet outage. Just tried to pay my bill bit was unable to do so. @ErinBrayley

How long is this expected to last? @yo_JGil Having issues with @CNN not working on @Ask_Spectrum cable in zip 46123. @kellylync

They’ve monopolized all of Southern California with the upmost horrible internet service!

Your service is bull. @Ask_Spectrum My spectrum internet service has not worked consistently for 2 years.