A quote from the Space Wolves (8E) page: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000/Tactics/Space_Wolves(8E) worded it very well: >With the Chapter Approved update, Grey Hunters are now the same price as these (Blood Claws). They are more systemic, which you can determine by just reading the Curse of the Wulfen rule. Press J to jump to the feed. Like the THB option, cheaper than two of the base gun at only 35 points. As of the 02/27/20 FAQ, you MUST change from Devastator to Tactical on turn 2, and then change to Assault on turn 3 or 4. Their bolters, bolt rifles, auto bolt rifles, and bolt carbines can fire as if they had Pistol 2. It includes extensive lore, detailed painting guides, as well as: a comprehensive collection of Space Wolves iconography and Company markings, allowing you to forge your collection of Space Wolves into a glorious army of Fenris. You can have 5 units of 10-12 Fenrisian wolves, 3 thunderwolf cavalry, all with an extra attack, hammers and bites, and still have room for 4 x 5 man wolf guard units with frost axes storm shields with arjac and wolf lord all with Jet packs with 4 attacks EACH! Doing it for 40k would be quite easy and lucrative, but I suspect less lucrative than having people buy new Codexes and CA every year or so. Axe gives it +1 Attack +4 Strength -3 AP and D6 D, so 5 Str 10 attacks hitting on 2’s because this guy is an angry, grizzled veteran on a mobility scooter. share. All the rules I need to play my army in one place? And that unique flyer ~6 points down goes for a dollar less than a Storm Raven gunship (really saving up for that Nuln Oil).

Against the infantry targets you have a serious chance at one-shotting, the C-Beam Cannon suffers from costing so much.

But it's not that amazing compared to Plasma Guns which have higher strength and more -AP. Just like their legendary progenitor, the Primarch Leman Russ, Space Wolves are fierce and aggressive warriors. This guide is mostly out of date at this point. Taking the Plasma loadout, however, saves points and requires closer positioning of the tank.

Consider taking them if you have a hole to fill in your list.

Yes, it’s still expensive, but it is undoubtably one of the best anti-horde units in the game (barring titanic units, of course), and arguably flat-out the best anti horde unit you have access to. Awesome looking exclusive models. Here are some of the most efficient units we have access to that are unique to the Space Wolves. In games with more casual players, thier statline can make them a nice DISTRACTION CARNIFEX. That's the value of positioning. In Shatter mode this will, for 45 points, outdo two lascannons for 50 points, as losing a point each in strength and AP is more than made up for in doubling its attacks, and the difference in damage is not only slight, it also deals predictable damage, making it invaluable in many contexts, such as shooting Quantum Shielding. The original link I provided here for the Companies of Fenris book brought you to the GW page where you could see the Apple Store Downloader, however, the link does not appear to be working anymore.