It's good to hear you have things working. If this is true, then why do we still not have a correctly functioning version of Corsair Link? The control panel contains 4 dots allows you to drag and adjust the Smart Speed slopes. I tested with, SIV reports all 9 of my RAID and USB attached disk temperatures, CL reports none, SIV reports all 6 of my motherboard fans, CL only reports 4. Some users like AIDA64, others HWiFO, others OHM, others SpeedFan, ... With CL hardware CL was the only option and I fell users should have a choice. Nene Leakes Grandkids, The new Smart Fan 5 software is user-friendly and extremely powerful, bringing out of this world level of control over each part of the cooling system. Loaded into windows, SIV was installed, and yet my fan speeds were still fucked. Appears the only thing it does is automatically disable the Enhanced Power Management vs having to do it manually. Hey everyone my RGB Fusion software is just not changing colors unless I go into the actual PC and do it but not the app, I lose out on like 5 patterns and I've been trying to look up fixes for two days and haven't had luck does anyone know a fix? how is that possible. If you wish to use SIV to fully control your AIO Devices then you need to specify the -AIOCTL command line qualifier typically using a shortcut. Emily Macdonagh Wedding, CL only reports the GPU RPM. Metso Company Profile, The Issue with CLINK and Windows 8 has nothing to due with chipset nor mainboard. My guess is that the code controlling the speed of the fan is not in sync with the code reading the speed. Walmart Account Online, SIV reports all 4 of my CL Minis. Even power-hungry water pumps used in complex custom loops will be taken care of with ease by the 3A hybrid fan headers found across the board. SIV can use any temperature source to control PSU Fan Custom Curves. Croatia National Park, Interlocking access to Corsair Link hardware, the history: 22-Sep-2014 - I propose a lock and ask for CL3 to support this, see, 01-Aug-2015 - I created a thread showing all of, 19-Nov-2015 - Corsair specify CL4 uses "something similar", see, 27-Jan-2016 - CL does not use the, 24-Feb-2016 - I learn that CL does implement a lock, but it's a named Binary Semaphore. Added Abit KW7 + ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Encore + TUF Gaming X570-Plus + BIOSTAR B350GT5 + Centaur CHA006 + DFI LP UT X58 +

When there is an issue with SIV this is typically addressed with a SIV Beta release within a few days. Has happened 3 times before, but today the issue went further though, and after trying to reinstall SIV I ran into problems booting windows. Can not I use it? Other than having no onboard sound working and that glitch this is a nice board. I also point out all the errors in the Corsair supplied specification. Arverne View Apartments, cawzie : I have a new X570 Ultra.I am trying to get things to work. How hard can it be to write code to set a speed, take several readings until the fan is reporting a relatively stable RPM, and repeat 10 times from 100% to the point the fan stops or is erratic? Yet my CPU OPT said it wasn't running at all, so I had to reset it to 2000 RPM and thankfully it was still functioning. Make sure you don't override your BIOS setting of 100% for the CPU Fan header with the SIV app. 90377 Sedna Temperature,

There's also HWiNFO64 which monitors a lot of things on the board and CPU. It cannot control the fans on the H100i v2 or at least not in the way you want. You will have to backup your data and re-install Windows x64 versionI am having BSOD when installing the App Center on X399 Aorus Extreme motherboard. The second time this happened was just about a month ago. Explain as why anyone should use your SIV software with their Corsair Hardware. Looking to get in on the instant camera fun? To funny, i've had a working LINK since the release of Windows 8.1 in 2013 on multiple computer without issue. thank you for the response... yep was a psu issue... Hello. Any fan that I connect (are ended the times of “not compatible” fans) and, with any sensor in my Motherboard or GPUs or connected hardware I want (even are ended the times of “firmware” problems and this is indeed exceptional SIV, really!) Along with the time delay feature that should yield much smoother case fan behavior.Thanks for SIV and thanks for pointing me in the right direction!To "close the loop" on this, as they say, I was able to accomplish 80% of what I was hoping for using the existing Synthetic Variables feature, which is good enough for me! We tried every model and think the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 strikes the right balance between price and feature - the Instax Wide 300 is our choice if you crave a larger format. I would recommend you go to MSDN and search for USB device suspending and not charging when it presents itself as Human Interface Device (HID). Slight update for anybody reading this wall of text: changed Windows power settings from Balanced to Performance, changed fan curve to about 40% workload while idle. Find out how the Olympus M.Zuiko 12-100mm F4 Pro does as a travel companion on a trip to Oz. Fan speeds are stable at the moment, but it took some work. Menu->Windows->Parameters->Error Reporting, SIV Unicode Release Kit for Windows XP and later systems. please help me frankcasslest: I have zero experience with this..I just leave the RGB on the all colors changing but I would imagine there is some kind of driver you need and some software you need to control it all...I have seen Colonelhop give solid advice on this...alternety: I suggest you fire up a thread on the left here under AMD Motherboards subheading AM4. Had Corsair used a Muted this would be impossible as the thead cleanup code in Windows would set the Mutex state to, 19-May-2016 - I recieve an e-mail from Corsair which specifies ". Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170 Gaming K3 (rev 1.0). When -AIOCTL is specified SIV will if needed automatically do the EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled registry change and restart the USB device. New versions of SIV use the same saved profile information as earlier ones. EVGA 134-KS-E377 + Gigabyte 7IXE + MSI MS-7A40 (B450I Gaming Plus AC) + MS-7576 (880G-E45) + MS-7B12 (MEG Z390 Ace) motherboard support. Some CL issues, from Device Manager Right/Click and choose. I tested with, When I tested against CL3 SIV typically used about 4% of one CPU @ 1.30GHz and CL3 used about 70% @ 1.70GHz which is about 20 times as much. Cartwright et al.

Problem 2 is the UEFI/BIOS does not properly control fan speed either. But even with its 45MP sensor, 20fps bursts and 8K video, its not without its flaws. CL only reports one and some CL v3.2 releases and CL4 report none.

"why do both fans have different rpms and why is 90% higher rpm than 100% rpm"  -- I've seen that as well. 26-Jul-2016 - CL thread is created, see, 08-Aug-2016 - I discovered that CL probably fails to correctly implement the defined locking semantics, see, 14-Aug-2016 - SIV V5.13 released which uses, 16-Sep-2016 - CL is released and the issue I reported on 08-Aug-2016 and not been addressed, see, 10-Feb-2017 - CL is released and the issue I reported on 08-Aug-2016 has been partially fixed, see, 21-Mar-2017 - CL is released and the issue I reported on 27-Feb-2017 has not been addressed, see, 06-May-2017 - I update this post with the itemised list showing all the.