Julian's biggest money-making scheme involves smuggling the hash using the shopping carts at a local mall.

The good times are killing them: A bank error in their favor sends the boys on a spending spree.

Bubbles battles a bad case of nerves at his open mic gig, and Lucy weighs a startling offer from Tom Arnold.

Bubbles pours his life savings into Kitty Shakes while Julian and Ricky drive off to steal packages.

The boys return from jail to find the park has deteriorated, with a brand new park being created beside it.

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And you know who I'm talking about. A tapeworm is taking the grub right out of Ricky's mouth, but when the parasite swipes his weed, that's the last straw. Later, a reality competition comes calling. When Orangie, Ricky's goldfish, dies after being given too many shooters, Julian and Bubbles try to replace it with another before Ricky finds out.

Will he be following Lahey out the jail gates, and back to Sunnyvale? Add new page. Mike Smith who plays Bubbles, began co-writing episodes from season four to six. Don't worry, Bubbles will make some calculations.... "Ricky, if I die trying to get this fucking weed silo down, I'm gonna fucking kill you...".

In order to ruin their relationship and prevent Sam from taking over, Julian bribes J-Roc to cast Sam in another of his low-budget adult films.

Official description: "The boys are back on the loose as Bubbles, Julian and Ricky head south of the Canadian border for some outrageous American adventures. In the show, he can be neutral sometimes and an antagonist in other times, although he's one of the few characters who the Boys almost never like. Producer Barrie Dunn who also plays Ray, co-wrote all episodes during the first two seasons, as well as co-writing one season three episode. Honestly, it's impressive for ANY show to earn this high of a score, and we're super impressed with these boys and their trailer park for earning this score. Lahey tries to squeeze his way into the beer business. |

On the anniversary of his dismissal from the police force, a drunk Mr. Lahey puts on his old uniform and even a wig in an effort to relive his glory days. Nobody can understand what you're brrrrrrzzzzzss-sayin'! [3], On March 5, 2014, it was confirmed that Netflix would air seasons 8 and 9.

"Long Story Short... A Bear Ripped My Cock Off and Ate It".

And what's that stain on the Ghost of Christmas Past?

The gang must rustle up dough to cure Bubbles’s kitten of hookworms, even if that means becoming movie stars. Bubbles is back in the park and working on a new business; Julian is trying out his psychological tricks; Ricky wants to make a new start with his family. Bubbles organizes a huge stag party for Julian and Ricky, but when they hear police sirens approaching, it turns into an escape operation.

Sam Losco John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, Mike Smith, Norm Hiscock, Michael Rowe.

It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. "I Can't Take That Fucking Thing Down With a Gallon of Gas!!!!

Still in Orlando, Bubbles and the boys go to a big cat park.

Bailed out of jail by Randy, Cyrus and his gang head to Sunnyvale to go after Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles for getting them busted and taking their hash.

In this season finale episode, Julian discovers that Sam Losco is engaged to Barbara Lahey. An excited Bubbles becomes "The Green Bastard," a wrestler from "parts unknown." Ricky sends Jacob and Trinity to his car when he hosts Susan for a romantic dinner that turns chaotic. : Bubble's new brewing business is taking off, but things aren't going well for Julian and even worse for Ricky, who claims he has a big announcement. Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: Europe (2016), Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: USA (2017), Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series (2019–present), Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series (2019–present), Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day, "Only On Netflix: Canada's Incomparably-Entertaining Trailer Park Boys Return For Seasons 8 & 9 Beginning This Fall", "TRAILER PARK BOYS here! "Will You For To Be Fucking Married To Me?".

Suck Them Out of the Tip Of My Fucking Cock". Still shaken up, the gang gets ready for Trinity and Jacob's wedding. They both felt that they were better off with Lahey in charge (since he was drunk and they could get away with more things with him in that state) and so they conspired to spike Sam's food with magic mushrooms just before his campaign speech. Old-school hash brings back memories of grade school, when young Julian, Ricky and Bubbles met, smoked and retaliated against a bully with a pellet gun. Sunnyvale’s sketchiest get scammed by grifters posing as tax agents. Ricky barbecues for his family with devastating results. Julian offers to partner with Barb so she can keep the trailer park, but they need Mr. Lahey's cooperation over his deciding 1% share.

Tom sets out on an adventure with Lucy, while Snoop tries Ricky's new concoction and Mr. Lahey plots a diabolical mission. ("Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard").

And Sarah has a proposal for Donna! Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard, Season 2, Episode 2. In Stockholm, the boys must eat a gut-busting meal of Swedish meatballs and fermented herring without barfing and make a save against a hockey legend. But can the gang handle success — and Randy?


Meanwhile, Lucy's pregnant and more demanding of Ricky. Ricky and Julian go in front of the parole board and reveal their plans for a crime-free future. Unfortunately, the shoot is interrupted by Mr. Lahey and Randy, who confiscate the tape and use it to blackmail Ricky and Bubbles. Meanwhile, Mr. Lahey and Randy try to catch the Boys' activities on tape.

A trap is set, then lethal farts lead the boys to a familiar face. Realizing that Sam poses a greater threat than Mr. Lahey, the Boys decide to team up with Lahey in order to ensure that he is re-elected and reunited with Randy. Ricky ends up facing a difficult decision, as someone has to take the fall when the authorities show up. Julian discovers that Sam Losco is engaged to Barbara Lahey, the owner of Sunnyvale. While Julian attempts to invest his share, Ricky squanders his own, demanding a new trailer from Lahey and ordering an expensive, "Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor", Mike Clattenburg, John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, Jackie Torrens, Michael Volpe. But when the bozo bails, Cory and Randy step up as party starters. Ricky takes drastic action when the power gets shut off at the rink.

And Sarah has a proposal for Donna! :

Meanwhile, Julian and Ricky have a new scheme to sell marijuana to the local prison guards, which they call "Freedom 35". Bubbles fucks up Ricky and Julian's Pong game because he has big news! Angered when Mr. Lahey doesn't finish their paperwork for search warrants against Julian and J-Roc, officers George Green and Ted Johnston attempt to kill him, Randy, and Phil Collins. It's all going to shit in jail!

What's even more, is that Ricky kidnaps Alex Lifeson.

Ricky brings his grandson home to the motel, but it doesn't go as planned, and Julian implements the first stage in his bid to get Sunnyvale back.

Julian agrees to mind Mrs. Peterson's dog Sparky while she undergoes surgery, but later leaves the dog with Ricky in order to run an errand. Julian puts his job in jeopardy.

The third time was when Bubbles and Julian took Ricky to him to repair his ball sack after Mo shot him in the privates and he held Ricky's dick hostage. "Who The Hell Invited These Idiots To My Wedding?". Register Start a Wiki. To throw Lahey off the scent, the Boys team up with J-Roc to open a brothel in Julian's trailer.

And this time, Julian's venture really is GREASY!

Portions of this episode were adapted from the plot of the Trailer Park Boys, "The Super-Duper-Industrial-Bubbles-Honey-Oil-Inator". [5], Between Seasons 10 and 11, this mini-series was released on Netflix. People who saw him in the forest mistakenly assumed he was a Sasquatch(or “Samsquamptch” as quoted by Bubbles) as he was incredibly hairy and living naked. Barb claims to caught him drawing stick figures on the walls. When the cops arrive, Ricky must fake his own death. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles head to the "tubey" thing to blow that cocksucker up. After finding out that Bubs misread the fine print about their hotel situation, the boys head to the astronaut training program at NASA. Mike Clattenburg, John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, Mike Smith, Iain MacLeod, After discovering that Ricky has been committing credit-card fraud in his name, Julian panics and leaves the trailer park for a while. However, he first has to deliver his product to Montreal where his rival Cyrus is waiting to close the deal.

With Mr. Lahey on the trail, Ricky must decide where his loyalties lie. Well, you had it coming boys, but at least everything that follows this confrontation is incredibly hilarious. It has been one year since the boys' successful "train ride" in, Mike Smith, John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells. Jonathan Torrens who plays J-Roc began co-writing episodes in season five and six.

The boys sell their entire honey-oil output to.

After 9 months behind bars, Julian, Randy, and Mr. Lahey are released from jail.