But with everything else, it should be pretty clear. At Memory's Skyscraper, two Samurai Nobodies arrive and block Sora from Donald and Goofy. The two are transported to the Station of Serenity, and they share an intense battle, which was originally depicted in a short cutscene, but became an actual boss battle in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. He is seen with Xion and Axel, happily sitting together on the Clock Tower eating Sea-salt ice cream. During Sora's visit to San Fransokyo, Hiro Hamada talks about his brother Tadashi wanted to help people out and make a difference in their lives. His heart was ripped in half by Master Xehanort to create Vanitas and ultimately the χ-blade, so when he was defeated it's doubtful that he created a heartless/nobody being that he was not complete, and supported by the fact that his body remained intact.

His helmet also has two prongs on either side of his head which point backwards and angle diagonally upward. Shaking his head, Roxas sighed. This also points slightly to Vanitas who also didn't have a face until late in game.

Day 3 of the Roxas and Ventus week! As Vanitas prepares to land the finishing blow, Sora is contacted by Ven's sleeping heart. Master Eraqus wears a similar piece of armor, though more blue-green, and more obvious. Following these events, Xehanort brought Ventus to Land of Departure, where he could train as an apprentice to Master Eraqus. Though non-canon, Roxas makes an appearance in the Birth By Sleep secret ending "Blank Points". You could argue that the same thing happened to Kairi for the last part and she still created Namine, so perhaps that isn't the best support. After Sora sets off in search of Kairi, Roxas, Xion, and Lea return to Twilight Town, where they are joined by a reincarnated Isa, Hayner, Pence, and Olette atop Twilight Tower. It has two variations: one used in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and the other used in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Ventus, unable to use the darkness, was knocked unconscious.

When Sora sees visions of Kairi and Riku, they turn into Aqua and Terra. Right after the prologue ends, Sora hears Roxas call out to him, and wonders who it is before hearing Donald and Goofy do the same and waking up. I believe they've said that the second keyblade is Xion's, not Ventus'. Xehanort used the power of his Keyblade to unlock Ventus' heart. Insert Spiderman pointing memes. Riku willingly unleashes his inner darkness and takes on the physical appearance of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Ventus appears during Sora's visit in The World That Never Was.

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Roxas shares his memories and emotions with Sora following DiZ's last instruction by giving Sora his hatred. He gets it after he absorbs her heart. ". Ventus is also still alive somewhat as we see in the final cutscene of KHII, where we see Ventus/Roxas and Namine as ghosts of sorts in Kairi's and Sora's hearts. With a devil-may-care attitude in terms of recklessness, he can be rightfully selfish in certain intervals, but not selfish enough to not, in the end, return back to Sora willingly in understanding.

First, Aqua tries to tell Ven to go home, and then she and Terra get into a fight regarding the darkness and Eraqus's intentions.

Here, we need to accept the notion "heart shapes face." The whole time, Ven is left completely confused, as he'd never seen his friends bicker in such a way.

Roxas has shown enhanced endurance and durability, able to regain consciousness moments after being initially knocked out by Riku. A nobody normally takes on the appearance of the one who turned into a heartless, but because of Ven's heart Roxas took his form. Further highlighting this resemblance is Ventus's outfit, which is strikingly similar to Roxas's own Twilight Town clothes. (I'll get to that later). He even expressed some dislike for being compared to Sora early on due to their relation, which DiZ notes with amusement in their encounter. More proof lies in other parts of the series.

Xion then transforms into a giant armored monster. While initially using the same fighting style as Sora, over time, after acquiring his full power, he becomes far more aggressive than Sora by the time of Kingdom Hearts II, abandoning all the supportive abilities he had in 358/2 Days and constantly being on the offensive. He constantly rebels against what he's told is his "place" and is a strongly independent individual. He also states his connection to Sora was the main factor in helping him return to life. The official Japanese website refers to Ventus as the "Swift Wind Returning to Bonds" (絆巡る疾風, Kizuna Meguru Shippū?). A data version of Roxas makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts coded and is fought as the final boss. Ventus has an affinity for the wind and Light elements and mixes both into several of his techniques and magic attacks. These Nobodies had been sent along with Axel by the Organization, who had finally located their former member, in an attempt to capture him. Ventus utilizing his exclusive Command Style, Fever Pitch. There, he encounters Vanitas again, who taunts him into remembering how Master Xehanort broke their heart in twain. The trio then looks into the sunset and together say Sora's name in unison. He also looks identical to Ventus, due to Ventus's heart having been within Sora's heart when Roxas was created.[2]. The first being Roxas and the second belonging to Ventus, but not being able to identify the third as Xion's. He defeated Saïx before accessing his full power, came out on top when Xion attacked him despite her enchantments, and soundly defeated Axel when he regained his memories and was able to once again access his full power. While in link with Ventus, they can use swift and quick commands, reflecting Ventus's swift fighting style. The two introduce themselves to one another, and Mickey tells Ven about the Star Shard.

This is absolutely and unequivocally true. In addition, Roxas proved himself to be more than a match for Riku, not only having him knocked to the ground when both of them used only a single Keyblade, although Riku managed to take advantage of Roxas's eagerness to knock him out, but immediately wounding Riku enough to finally force the latter to use his inner powers of darkness to win the fight after he had both his Keyblades. The light part and the dark part, ying and yang, Ventus and Vanitas. Upon arriving at the Old Mansion, Sora and the others feel frustrated over not being able to find any clues on reviving Roxas. Xemnas prepares to kill Xion and Lea for their treachery. During the exam, Master Xehanort rigs the test, and the orbs of light attack Ven and his friends.

Upon Saïx's loss, Sora questions why the Organization calls him "Roxas", and Riku reveals that Roxas is his Nobody, which gave Roxas the power to use the Keyblade. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Though their intentions are rather ambiguous at the time, Vanitas decides to give Ventus some incentive to leave his home.

What a Nobody is, is the husk of the body that is left behind when a heart is released from a body. The first time he uses them, they appear as two Kingdom Keys, his and Xion's, which quickly transform into the Oathkeeper and Oblivion.