Gidday mate, I recently bought an 06 RM125 for woods / trails and it is a blast! The bike saw many year of riding and racing until 2012 when my wife transitioned to an RMZ-250. You might need to drop the pilot jet one size, and add a tooth to the rear sprocket when the first set wears out. Note: the motor was built back in 2010, the head was ported / polished, millennium did the coating Nickel Silicon Carbide.

If you can do this, the engine is competitive and will work with you. Kudos.

Fall off the pipe and you start from scratch. You have to keep the RM up in the rev range. The first in the range was introduced in 1975 with the RM 125M, This bike was plagued by mechanical issues (nearly all seized) and a half year model, the RM "S" was rushed out along with a kit of the "S" changes for M owners. They all have very good intensions, and only want to help you with their suggestions. (1) Power: It’s good for a 125, but not as good as the YZ125 or KTM 125SX. (1) Handlebars: Last year Suzuki had cheap knockoff aluminum handlebars. 2020 AMA MOTOCROSS NATIONAL POINT STANDINGS AFTER ROUND 8, THIS WEEK AT GLEN HELEN: REM MOTOCROSS, CAL-VMX VINTAGE, OLD SCHOOL SCRAMBLE & SRA GP. The Rm125. Bill’s Pipe also reconfigured the silencer to line up better with the new Polisport RM Restyle plastics kit. I ride in the mountains in NC and WV and have no problems with hills on my 125. As a mature adult, the 250 is more appropriate (IMO remember folks! If we were to throw all the 250Fs in the mix, that leaves the RM125 eighth on the list. The frame and swing arm were stripped and powder coated gloss black. To make the most of the RM125’s power profile, the best strategy is to fan the clutch on the exit of every corner. The 2006 Suzuki RM125 in the studio. The 100 cc Rm100 was discontinued in 2005. [citation needed], Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles needing additional references from November 2015, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 16:11. The little yellow zinger has good bottom-end snap and decent midrange pull. A 53.3mm bore x 53.3mm stroke result in a displacement of just 124.8 cubic centimeters. In addition, we reached out to Spec Bolt and ordered a full bike replacement kit using their Nickel Wurks hardware. The RM125 has a bigger piston ring knock pin, a narrower reed valve intake passage, a reshaped intake reed valve air guide, a narrower crankshaft, a new exhaust chamber shape and a revised ignition map. The chassis is also new, including an updated swingarm and new, revisited braking system, with new rotors and brake pad material. © 2020 - Dirt Bike Magazine. I've trail ridden 125 2-strokes before, and they work just fine. Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved.

I've never come across a hill that my buddies could climb that I couldn't. Check out this link,

Motorcycles within the RM series continue to be manufactured today, the famous RM125 was discontinued in America in late 2007 . That’s one heck of an improvement. The bike is derived from championship-winning machines, and is loaded with race-ready components, despite its diminutive dimensions and displacement. PMX RACING 2004 RM125 PROJECT: TWO-STROKE TUESDAY. However, since you may have a potentially good deal on a 2005 RM125, IMHO you should get it.

A 250cc two stroke would be better as they last longer than the 4T and are more fun to ride for recreation. The engine is still a mid-and-up maven. The Suzuki rm125 & rm250 began production in 1975 and continued until 2008. So how did Suzuki separate themselves from the dying herd? I'm actually your exact specs to a tee. I take my 11-year-old son (TTR90E) riding with me very often, and although I ride a 250 2-stroke (RMX250), I wouldn't hesitate recommending an RM125. The dated suspension was disassembled, ultrasonic cleaned, valved and reassembled using their latest components.. Mix and Match your component colors. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. These repair manuals are specifically for the do-it-yourself. It can still be set up on the soft side for lightweights (by taking most of the compression out in both the forks and shock), but it comes from the factory set up stiff enough to handle normal-size riders. For the suspension I turned to our good friends over at Lainer Suspension. This bike has gained popularity of the high-efficiency motor with a maximum power of 38 hp (28 kW) at 11.250 rpm. No doubt I'll go back to a bigger bike when I'mnot fit enough to ride the 125, but in the meantime I'll be the guy with the BIG smile on his face!! The 2006 RM125 is a great entry-level machine for young riders making the jump up from the mini ranks, or for someone in the market for a fun bike that will be cheap to maintain. However, a 250cc 2T will give you all the torque you need. I've had every other size (2 stroke and 4) around and the 125 isd THE most fun I've had in a long time. I just sound funny goin up. If you normally do long rides, you might want to spring for an IMS tank. We also let builder Shiloh Angues tell his story about the build. Dirt Bike Magazine - Best selling off road motorcycle magazine. Oh yeah, make sure the throttle is wide open. For your height and weight , you'd probably want the 250 , since you wont outgrow that for awhile , you might get tired of the 125's power , who knows! The bike is a 2004 Suzuki RM125, my wife Jill has owned it since 2005. ASK THE MXPERTS: ARE BROKEN HUSQVARNA AIRBOXES COMMON? Uphills when a slower rider gets inthe way!! Since that day the bike sat under a sheet in the garage until November 2019 when we decided to build it for the upcoming world 2 stroke championships. You can find an 18-year-old bike and when it’s done, pass it off as a new one. The rm125 & rm250 was discontinued due to the decrease in demand for 2 stroke motocross bikes.

I ride a RM125. How did Suzuki accomplish this feat? Preceding the RM lineup was the TM series, which included the TM 75, TM 100, TM 125, TM 250, and TM 400. This bike lives to jump. By Last week, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a very special Suzuki RM125, which swap and Alex Ray raced at the Wiseco Pistons Two-Stroke World Championships, hosted by Fasthouse. Uphills. [citation needed] The 2007 model had an approximate output of 38 horsepower (28 kW) at 11,250 rpm, and 24.7 nm of torque at 10,500 rpm. THIS WEEK’S BIRTHDAY BOYS: A DUTCHMAN, A SOUTH AFRICAN, A PRIEST & A NORTH…, MXA RAW VIDEO: JEREMY MARTIN ON YAMAHA, MOSIMAN ON GASGAS, PLUS WILSON & MCADOO, JUSTIN BARCIA VIDEO: RIDING HIS TROY LEE DESIGNS RED BULL GASGAS MC450, BREAKING NEWS! ), At the end of the day, get a bike (any bike) and ride and enjoy, No offense to 125 riders, but to me 125's seem to be fine if you're 14 years old. Next, we headed to the internet and sourced all the OEM parts from Rock Mountain ATV and some ProX parts from eBay. TIM GAJSER WINS 2020 MXGP 450 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, TLD REDBULL GASGAS 250 RIDER MICHAEL MOSIMAN ON HIS NEW BIKE, THE AMERICAN DREAM: JARRYD McNEIL’S JOURNEY & BACKYARD FREESTYLE COURSE, MXA TEAM TESTED: PRO CIRCUIT 2020-21 YZ450F TI-6 EXHAUST SYSTEM, MXA TEAM TESTED: JUST1 RACING J-FLEX GEAR, MXA TEAM TESTED: KTM POWERPARTS 60-PIECE TOOLKIT. It’s exciting. Its all about knowing how to utilize the power you have and being handy with a clutch.

If you read the original posts then read your responses you will see they dont' really line up. Some of the parts included on this build are as followed : The story of the Suzuki RM250 isn’t just about a single motorcycle. Last week, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a very special Suzuki RM125, which swap and Alex Ray raced at the Wiseco Pistons Two-Stroke World Championships, hosted by Fasthouse. I can climb any hill that my 250's/450' buddys climb. As the poster said above knowing to to use the power is the key. only thing that bothers me about my 125 is the amount of fuel i can hold. its awesome in the woods imo. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. i just came of a KX100 so you all talkin about hills bein hard on a 125 is pretty funny because i tackled any hill i wanted to on a 100 and the 125 is way easier to rip up hills. Before race day, we got situated on the unique bike out to Milestone MX Park and shot some RAW clips of Alex Ray ringing out the machine. The Rm250 was discontinued by the 2008 model year.