With a background in both science and arts, Michelle writes extensively on a range of topics including innovation, startups, corporate culture, esports, business development, and more. One last tweak is the change in the headset strap. There are three sizes players can choose to suit. Do you want something that’s 29 grams lighter in the 400 series? I can go through 12 hours in a single day, albeit a long one.

Again, by way of comparison, the Astro 50 at three times the price comes in two variants — one for PC and Xbox, and one for PC and PS4. It represents the only wireless headset I’ve found that I can use on every platform I use for gaming, whether that’s PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and even (unofficially) the Nintendo Switch. ©2020 – Nacon | NACON™ is a registered trademark.

Does the RIG 700 HX gaming headset live up to its bold ultra-lightweight claim? Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Often considering himself to be the world’s biggest Timesplitters fan, Aaron is a freelancer that eventually got over this obsession enough to try other games and occasionally write about them. “Plantronics” is no more—at least in theory.

RIG 700HX only: Ensure the switch on the back of the adapter is set to "PC." Even inside the box, it’s really light! This was something that led me to leave the headset on out of pure laziness. We tried this out in the best way possible with me using the lower notch for my comfort level, my wife using the middle, and Holly’s 5 year old son Gavin able to wear the headset on the highest notch. Having acquired Polycom in 2018, Plantronics took the opportunity a few months back to ditch its old name and rebrand as “Poly.” Why’d they change it?

Of course, this does mean you don’t get the cool ‘flick up to mute’ feature most gaming headsets boast, but doing so is as simple as holding down one button. The RIG 800LX was designed to last 24 hours per charge, respectable but not very remarkable. You’re not wearing these out and about, and muting the microphone is more of a pain this time because the button’s so small.

Branding change or not, the RIG line continues to feel like it’s been kit-bashed together out of spare parts. This dial is the secret sauce of the Rig 700 HD.

On top of this, each earcup can be adjusted to one of three pegs either side, allowing you to easily adjust to your head size, so it’s reasonably versatile too. I was utterly surprised to hear the clarity and cleanliness of the snaps of twig breaks, not to mention the ominous sounds that floated around me.

Michelle is a Content Producer in the realms of innovation and technology. First off, the Dolby Atmos support in the RIG 800LX has been stripped out for the RIG 700HD. Detaches for solo sessions. Instead of a manual off switch in the down position, the 700 series has a single button to be held for power on, off, and sync. Reviewing the RIG 800LX, I wrote, “The $150 price tier is a bloodbath these days...and competition is fierce.” Two years later that’s truer than ever, and Plantronics just can’t seem to catch up. Hayden writes about games for PCWorld and doubles as the resident Zork enthusiast.

This wireless headset has up to 12 hours of battery life. If you plan to purchase it, you should most definitely remember to power it down. The receiver is a USB device, the Switch dock has USB ports, so I figured why not?

Up to 30 ft of Wireless Range: Step away from your game and stay connected with the fully dedicated wireless audio connection with the RIG 700HD headset and wireless base.