Driving. With the current hoop sat so low, it wouldn’t protect your head. This can be a real pain the ass if you’re not a dealer and may require a DVLA inspection so always check before you part with your money. Design study for a highly futuristic, sculptural, autonomous vehicle. The ZTR does have a light that will (kind of) illuminate when you’re almost out of fuel but its not very helpful. These trikes are obviously made on the cheap but there are some parts that should at least use quality parts…(unfortunately not in this case). If you want to learn about riding/driving the ZTR and some basic information on the gears, dashboard and steering etc, I’d recommend starting by reading this page which explains the most important parts of the trike.

Once I had the moulds, I could cast them in a heavy duty fibreglass. Of course, it begs the question of what about reverse gear but I’ll be using the same reversing techniques as a bike engined Catherham I’ve built before – a starter motor…. The basic dash design involved a lot of climbing in and out of the ZTR to check that it doesn’t hinder ingress and egress, and also to check you don’t knock your knees or anything else on it (the space in a ZTR is incredibly limited). I also happened to have an old float fuel sender system from an earlier kit car so I’m using parts of that to help create a seal in the tank. This will save me from breaking down through something as simple as a gear change. I plan to use something like the KOSO XR01S, since this is the current replacement model for the now discontinued XR-SA. Many of the trikes are LH drive (my first job will be to change this to a RH drive and I’ll document this procedure on another page) but some of the later models came in a RH variety.

Plus, since the trike is so close to the road (100mm ride height) there is very little absorption so you really do need to keep a very tight hold of the steering wheel. During my test drives after first receiving it, even some of the nyloc nuts rattled off so its worth employing both nyloc nuts and spring washers and regularly checking them. The castle nut is then tightened (remember, just a pinch with a spanner) and a new split pin is reinserted. For instance, when approaching lights, its worth moving up the gears as you slow down and as your about to stop, move into first. After measuring up, its far from a direct swap and will require numerous modifications but I believe it’ll be well worth it. The threads are not handed. While working on the steering, I replaced all the bushes and splines, along with fitting a (much) better quality steering hub column. This is partly due to a cheap carburettor and choke design but also because I suspect they turn the engines over at the factory, adjust them to run when cold and then ship them off. the vanderhall venice speedster is a three-wheeled, single-seat cruiser with sleek, simplistic silver vintage metallic body and shark-gill side panels. The lack of any temperature gauges means you have no way of knowing what the temperature of the engine is so it could be on fire and you’d only notice because of the smell. I then proceeded to cut out an access panel from the rear panel…. With the pedal assembly in place, I could calculate whereabouts the brake cylinder and its support needed to be. The ZTR Hypersport Roadster Reverse Trike, A Modification Diary of the Hypersport ZTR Reverse Trike, The ZTR “Hypersport Roadster” Reverse Trike.

This isn’t a complex procedure although I do suspect that you may run into trouble fitting them if you don’t plan to move the handbrake and also keep the old gearstick assembly. On the copy, the left and right indicators do not flash on the display (I’m sure for an IVA they are supposed to flash in sync with fitted indicators?) I created a sandwich system to prevent leaks. waterproof). Internship project done at Honda Advanced Studio in Los Angeles, Summer 2015. Due to the internal design of the tank, it is not possible to fit a resistive fuel sender that employs a float and instead you have to use a resistive dip-tube for a fuel gauge. The reverse trikes are a 2-seater three wheeled reverse “roadster” manufactured in China and are powered via a chain drive using a 250cc or 300cc Zongshen CB250 …

If you consider the excessive vibration too, its highly likely all your hard work will just fall off on your first journey. Like most of the trike, it’s from a quad/ATV and is a lever positioned above the gearstick, connected via a sleeved cable to the brake calliper on the rear wheel. To top it off, you’ll find no water or oil temperature gauges, the engine, radiator cap and battery are completely inaccessible without removing all of the rear fairings (takes a good hour to remove them), there is no earth strapping on the fuel filler or tank, UK pumps won’t fit the fuel filler, some of the body panels are usually cracked and there is serious amounts of overspray all over. The handbrake is again simple affair. Speed is determined by a magnetic sensor fitted to the rear axle. The best way to modify the tank would be to weld a new neck but the tank is aluminium and I’m only qualified in welding MIG, not TIG so I didn’t want to risk it. Well, beyond looking pretty cool behind alloys, when you brake hard the kinetic energy results in heat. After checking out the cooling system and its arrangement, the system is prone to air locks and although there are fans fitted to each radiator, they could fail without any warning so I want to fit a water temperature gauge to keep me informed of problems. I’m pondering about fitting a solenoid in place of the gearstick and using electronic paddles to the steering wheel so changes can be done direct from the wheel. The reverse trikes are a 2-seater three wheeled reverse “roadster” manufactured in China and are powered via a chain drive using a 250cc or 300cc Zongshen CB250 Engine. Cutting an engine access hatch into the ZTR Trike. I plan to remove all the fairings, modify them, take copies in fibreglass and then respray them. This not only add additional support for the assembly but in the event of an accident it will prevent the steering wheel from bending upwards and breaking my jaw or crushing my chest. As in the above picture, I have the option of using the gearstick or the paddles to change gear. From the numerous owners contacting me, they’ve reported suspension components working loose, exhausts falling off, steering components working apart and I’ve personally experienced body panel bolts vanishing, suspension component bolts working loose and aluminium fixing straps stressing and snapping. The drivers display consists of nothing more than a small digital display covering the absolute bare minimum of what’s required to pass an IVA (VOSA’s requirements for a car to be roadworthy) and ECC. You will then be required to register it with the DVLA before you can drive it. However, on a standard vehicle its not entirely necessary unless you just want to reduce braking effort at the pedal. You pull the stick up to move up through the gears; 4 – 3 – 2 – 1, into neutral and finally up again to reach reverse. In fact, without careful consideration, fitting a larger disc and/or callipers on the front will increase your braking distance…. The reason I chose to replace them was because the original shock absorbers are oil and with such a light front end, when travelling on particularly bumpy roads (as in the UK), the oil shockers suffer considerably. The ZTR Fuel Tank Modifications (full of water, not fuel). The trike pedals are very small and “slippy”. The front panel after a clean up and a spray: The original seats fitted to the trike are, for want of a better word, crap. Read more about the benefits of the Reverse Trike 3-Wheel Confiugration of the ZTR Roadster However, due to the configuration of pipes and radiators it is very easy to create airlocks if you’re not careful. These, like most of the ZTR, are not a straight swap with the original. I would describe the engine note as loud, rattly, and raspy, you can certainly be heard coming down the road but its a little on the overly bright side for my liking. Finally, I welded the supports for the steering assembly onto the front bulkhead frame and re-fitted the steering assembly. More importantly, though, despite the marketing on Zhenhua and Loncin, the engines are trash. You must have the cover open to toggle the hazard lights on and as soon as you close the cover the switch clicks off. Since their introduction they’ve been shipped to many countries throughout the world where the importers have rebranded them to “ZTR Roadsters”, “Hypersport Roadster Reverse Trikes”, “HSR Reverse Trikes”, “Zhenhua Rev Trikes” or whatever other catchphrase their marketing departments can dream up. Firstly, there is no fuel gauge. and it has no fuel gauge (unlike the KOSO). I’ve opted for a water cooled twin cylinder Honda 500cc. Since there is no water temperature gauge fitted, you either need to fit a gauge or be 100% positive you have removed any air from the system before driving off. The panels of the ZTR are all moulded from 3mm ABS. The steering wheel itself is nothing special. The arrow above points to the 3mm thick steel strap I welded in place to offer further support to the steering assembly. The manufacturer refers to it as a "roadster," but in technical terms it … I’ve found a suitable replacement for the engine and will be replacing it asap! The trikes lack any rear reflectors, and being over 1.3m wide it must have 2 fitted (equally spaced) in order to pass the MOT so one of the first jobs should be to get hold of a couple of stick on or bolt on reflectors! With the edits I’ve made to ZTR in regards to changing from LH to RH drive, the brake pedal movement is reduced by 20mm or so (due to a number of factors) and therefore I decided to upgrade the brakes to increase the co-efficient applied force. ZTR Trike Roadster is a reverse trike, The vehicle has a single rear drive wheel and two wheels in front for steering, similar in layout to a modern snowmobile. The speedo isn’t accurate and appears to becomes more unreliable the faster you go. So if there is a difficult gear and the paddles are incapable of moving the gears, I can move it manually by hand. The tank holds approximately 10 litres and features a cheap alloy cap connected to rubber tubing that extends down to the fuel tank. I will reposition this when I begin work on the trike.

Thanks to an autonomous entity, it allows the user to simply create a vehicle designed to meet his needs.The EON system is based on the duo horse/carriage.