Hope you found some resolution ☺️. These are not wages you could have been making if you were employed. It says my first day of eligibility was 3/22/2020 which is completely false as my first week was 3/26/2020. My first and only check had a benefit pay date of 5/30. I just got my card and my account balance is 0. We also have a guide to understand and contest your weekly unemployment amount.”. You need to file claims for every week you’ve been unemployed, even those that occurred prior to you filing the application. “There are general numbers and an online chat assistance,” she said. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This is the Pennsylvania Treasury department establishing a connection to your bank account if you signed up for direct deposit. Looking for work is not enough. If you make less than 30% of your weekly payment, you will still receive the full benefit amount for that week. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We're a news organization that helps you navigate your local economy, (Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay). Once that runs out, beneficiaries will be switched into Extended Benefits (EB) for 13 weeks. Simon-Mishel said that for eligible recipients, the additional $600 from the FPUC is retroactive for individuals still waiting to receive it. Before I got my card I filed and it was paid on the 6th and then the 19th of June. Hey I am in Pennsylvania. “In order to qualify for more you would need to provide documentation of earnings for 2019,” she said. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. According to Simon-Mishel, PUA recipients can expect to receive a base rate of $195 a week and could possibly receive more. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA): PUA is a temporary federal program called Pandemic Unemployment Assistance that is part of the CARES Act. The online resource (PUA) asked me if i was "still unemployed" my last week of work (starting on 3/22/2020.) Self-employed workers, independent contractors and gig workers — but it’s a little tricky. The time to learn is now, Data, analytics and evolution are driving audio innovation at Entercom, People have really been hurting since it disappeared, 12 common questions about the process of applying for PUA. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But I received a email from pua stating I am eligible. If you just received your card recently the 6th should be a paper check and the 19th you wouldn't have received yet on the debit card because today is the 19th and that is the day they sent the payment. The links below provide additional information on … I filed the following week and it says it was paid 6/08. All pending issues have been cleared- although it still states “unresolved issues: yes”.

Then they switched to debit cards. People can seek out their local legal aid organizations. “We understand that the system may still be requiring them to enter employment history, which can be confusing when you are your own employer,” Simon-Mishel said. She added some people have already filed weekly claims where they reported their potential earnings incorrectly, because the term was not defined for them. I filed as such for PUA sometime last week, as my unemployment was deemed ineligible. It has been 3 weeks I have not got a determination from unemployment. Workers are encouraged to apply for PUA only if they are eligible. Cookies help us deliver our Services. For some, these claims are not available yet. My claim has shown "Unresolved Issues: Yes" since I first filed it but with no explanation or indication how to resolve it. Filing weekly claims is the only way to receive PUA payments. It then claimed me ineligible for PUA benefits and then put in an automated issue. My claim has shown "Unresolved Issues: Yes" since I first filed it but with no explanation or indication how to resolve it. That program has officially ended because funds ran out, but the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry stated Thursday that it would continue to pay eligible applicants retroactively for those five weeks. So, who knows?! Obviously I checked no. Unemployment is about your entire employment history, so if you were working part-time and filing for benefits, you’re required to report weekly earnings, even if it’s from a new job or in a different state. On my pua dashboard it is saying 1 unresolved issue. So if somebody has been waiting since March, April or May and have not heard from anyone, reach out to them. The eligibility issue was resolved in a mass system fix. I filed on 23rd . EB can only work by way of online claims. I've since filed two more times and each time I have gotten a benefit pay date and a transaction #, but to date I have only received one payment. I also have a unresolved issue on my account... what should I do? “The PUA system is set up with a self-certification model, so benefits come more quickly than regular unemployment,” Simon Mishel said. Regular unemployment compensation has also changed.