This is Yukari’s Summer outfit. Your Charm will increase. Devil Arcana social link is maxed at level 10 and Beelzebub Lord of Hell can be created. ", So... that’s all? Nyx is the Shadow Mother. You get W Outfit Main, Main’s Winter Outfit. P3 Movie

Get your party together to go to the station. Even if you're tired or sick believe it or not there are still some things you can do to not totally waste the day.

Unlike The Journey, The Answer doesn’t allow players to roam around freely and make use of the calendar mechanic. Spent some time with Yukari but Lovers did not increase. Went to the Music Club with Keisuke; tell him ‘to tell his dad’ about how he did. Instantly kills all foes who are fearful. The Dark hour is over. Gather Pyro Jack, Jack Frost, King Frost and Queen Mab together to get Black Frost. Say ‘oh brother’ and Moon Arcana social link reaches level 8. Not much to do in the evening today so take Koromaru on a walk. Friday November 6th, Junpei visits Chidori.

He found me another Balm of Life. Next you need Decarabia and Forneus for Best Friends attack. Need helpnwith social stats in the beginning of the game. Sun Arcana reached level 9 today. Furthermore, if Elizabeth is designated as your battle support in, Besides Shinjiro Aragaki, Koromaru is the only party member in.

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They are weak against Bufu so bring Mitsuru. Here’s what most fans don’t know about the classic JRPG. Turns out Aigis goes to check on you during the night. Ken and Shinjiro are not here.

Instead, it outs them in a massive underground labyrinth called The Abyss of Time. Also you can sleep in class or stay awake for Academics. Mitsuru’s Persona Penthesilea turns to Artemisia. Water those flowers and you get Mitsuru’s Maid Outfit M. The rest of the day I went out with Fuuka. But Ken Amada ran away. You can stay awake in class for academics or sleep for a better condition.


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